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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Earthquake felt here in Tagaytay, Philippines - december 31, 2014 at 5:29pm

Earthquake felt here in Tagaytay december 31, 2014 at 5:29pm

The quake was less 10sec. We felt the ground shaking and saw the light post wiggling

Have you felt it too?

Accdg to news, the quake originates in the area if mindoro and batangas

Its 5.4 magnitude quake that was felt in manila, cavite, batangas and mindoro

from Tumblr


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kata i4 smartphone 1.7GHz Octa Core Processor with 5.0-inch Super HD Display - now available in the Philippines


The much awaited Octa core processor line of Kata Digital is finally here! its the first ever Octa core and maybe a bigger in size than the other smartphone lines of Kata (they say its a close bigger to an iPhone 6) . I haven't seen it yet, but my blogger buddies already got the review unit this afternoon. Watch out for their blog post and also my own review of Kata i4.

Bike around Tagaytay–new year 2015 tripcation part 1


We went here in Tagaytay City last Sunday to have a week vacation and also celebrate our new year here, it will be our 2nd year to celebrate the coming new year in high altitude, the trip and staycation will also save us from firecracker smog. Its windy here and we only see fireworks display at night. I hope that everyone are safe during the new year celebration.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

20 cool stuff at Globe Gen 3 flagship store in SM North EDSA ANNEX


The new flagship store of Globe is now in upgrade mode, you can visit their Globe Gen3 store in SM North EDSA Annex. I was there to witness the opening and to see the evolved Globe Gen 3 flagship store, I’m so curious about it because the store is designed by Tim Kobe, founder and CEO of Eight Inc,. Tim and his company is famous for designing the Apple store in New York City.

I missed the 2 pre-events few months ago, giving a tease about the store’s new layout and its function to all Globe customers and subscribers. The store started its facelift last September, even if its under construction, Globe utilizes the covered tarp as an artwork canvass featuring our local artist with the store theme – Art, Community and Technology. (read Juan Manila’s blog about it)

The new store opened its door last December 15, 2014 and the 2nd store opened at the same day in Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro. The two store got its own event launch in their own cities and the program were broadcasted via online stream with the power of Globe internet.


TV celeb and host Bianca Gonzalez, Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, rep of SM Prime Board Director Hans Sy, SingTel Group CEO Chua Sock Koong, Globe Telecom Chairman of the Board Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala

Congratulations Globe for the opening of your Globe Gen3 store.


The event showcased our local DJ, here’s DJ Badkiss and later on we saw DJ Mars Miranda performed at the end of the launch, in CDO, we spotted DJ Callum at the video stream wall.


The event host of the day for Manila is the newly married Bianca Gonzales, here she interviews Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu and Globe Telecom Chairman of the Board Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala

In CDO, tv celeb Matteo Guideceli hosted the event with CDO event host Maxine.


Joe Caliro, Globe Head of Retail Transformation and Management said that the store can’t be copied because the store will change in the next coming months.

for me…that’s an awesome feature of a store


Ross Capili leads our local pinoy artist and talents to showcase their masterpieces at the Globe Gen3 Store. Their artworks will be embedded in the store and we first saw it during the construction days of the store, their artworks went interactive during the 2 pre events.


Various dancers from different kinds of dance art genre performed before the big unveiling.


Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu at the front door of Globe Gen 3

Okay, here’s my 20 cool stuff in Globe Gen 3 flagship store.


1. Tim Kobe designed the Globe Gen 3 store

- First of all, the store concept and design is a unique kind, he said that the store looks static, but there will be some dramatic changes in the coming months…it means more surprises in the next upgrade. The store will help the customers choose the best services and gadgets for their lifestyle. Even if you don’t buy or purchase a thing, you can still visit the store to try the interactive panels and displays, all for free.


2. Start of 2015 – featuring Music

I just read the press materials and it says that from the start of 2015, they will feature the music lifestyle first at the Globe Gen3 store. Expect lots of audio gadgets and stuff for music lovers.


3. Free touch and try of different new tech gadgets

Yes..if you don’t have a budget yet, then try the gadgets first here at the store. For me, the touch and try thing really helps me to choose what kind of gadgets I want. There are times that the videos in Youtube and information on the net is not enough for me to be convinced that a certain gadget is good.

Globe Gen3 store displays a wide range of tablets, smartphones, and audio gadgets.


4. Try new apps for DJ and music mixing

Here’s DJ Khai Lim showcasing that DJay 2 app powered by Spotify at the counter area of the store, she said that you can use the app with the Pioneer DJ Weego machine.


5. Interactive games

Everyone can also try the interactive motion games here at the store. Kids can also play for free.
Here’s a game that will challenge you to organize your apps and icons. Just your hands in controlling the virtual mouse arrow


6. NBA virtual shoot out

Virtual basketball…yeah!!!! is it powered by an XBOX? ??


7. Cooking games

For the chef wannabe


8. Payment machines

I don’t know what is this machine.but the screen says that it’s a payment machine…I think you can use your Globe GCash here to pay your bills.


9. Video calls for hotline with a customer service rep.

Here’s the future of video conference calls. Here at the Globe Gen3 store, you can now see your customer service rep. while you inquire about a Globe product or services


I actually waved my hands infront of the screen and then the girl customer service rep suddenly waves back at me ahhaah… astig!

Behind me, a guy said… “miss pwede ba kita ligawan!” hahhaa
da moves ka pa ha


10. Functional desk table and sofa

I super love this movable table!!! I recently visited a high end furniture store in Makati, and I saw the same design of this table. Awesome!!


11. Free internet

‘nuff said… yup. I logged my blog in every tablet hahaa.


Hope someone reads my article about the free voice calls of Globe and Line this Christmas holiday


12. Live sports highlights

I’m not into sports, but for sports aficionados, this section is for you.


13. Electronic customer queue

You name will appear on screen to see who’s next to be served


14. Google cardboard video head set aka cardboarded oculus rift

I was about to buy that cardboarded Google oculus rift-like googgles. I’m glad that I’ve tried it here for FREE


You can get this for FREE here in Globe Gen3 store for every purchase of a new model of Samsung smartphone


15. Try to be a DJ with this Pioneer DJ rig

I’m a frustrated DJ, I know how to mix some music and even produce an EDM set with an app, but I haven’t tried this Pioneer DJ Weego yet.


At the Globe Gen3 can try this and see if you are fit to be a DJ..
zomg..I want this.


16. Touch screen jukebox powered by Spotify

The jukebox machine of the yester years is back with a new look…
Its an iPad with a jukebox mock up and powered by Spotify

btw, the speaker is louder in this set up.


17. AR interactive games

They installed some AR games in every tech booth, it’s a gamefication type where you can also learn about the product


18. Ancient tech artifacts

Ahhh….there are throwback moments inside this store. I spotted some old Mac machines and also floppy diskettes

(photo by Ross Capili )


19. Customers room

I haven’t seen the actual room because the store is very crowded during its launch. But I saw this photo from Ross Capili’s photo album, and it looks like a private room for a customer service rep and a Globe customer. I think the room can be used for a customer with lots of inquiries.

(photo by Ross Capili )


20. Artworks by our pinoy artist

There are some artwork installations posted inside the store…too bad I didn’t spotted this

(photo by Ross Capili )


Bonus.... 21. Globe Gen 3 store lobby ambassadors

Not the actual store lobby ambassadors, but they are models who welcomed us inside the store. The real store ambassadors are always there in a different uniform. They can help you and provide a solution to any problems encountered, when it comes to tech, apps and Globe stuff.

(photo by Ross Capili )

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