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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A carinderia lunch at Mahogany Market –Tagaytay holiday tripcation v.2 part 1

December 28, 2013 – We went back to Tagaytay after spending Christmas at home in Cavite and this will be our holiday tripcation before the coming of new year 2014. Let’s dub this new blog series the Tagaytay tripcation v.2 (or version 2).

We’re a bit unprepared again when we went to Tagaytay City, we don’t know where to eat our lunch and then we heard of Mahogany Market from travel sites and blogs online that we should try it and its one of the most visited place for food here in Tagaytay City. I also read that the best bulalo in town is in there and freshest veggies and fruits are also sold in Mahogany Market, so at around 11:30am, we went outside and rode one jeepney going to Mahogany Market.

We just rode the Mendez bound jeepney and they will drop you off infront of Mahogany Market.

The jeepney we rode went right turn before reaching Sky Ranch and there’s a street that will transport you directly to Mahogany Avenue.

After a few minutes, we arrived in Mahogany Market.

Mahogany Market

There’s lot of traffic build here every weekend and during the holidays, people come here to eat their lunch or dinner, so if you plan to eat here, I suggest you go early just to get a nice table, parking for your car and less people around the market.

At the back of the main Mahogany Market, you’ll see lots of carinderia.

There are lots of carinderia in Mahogany Market and its hard to choose which is the best, but I read from internet reviews that there’s a carinderia here that offers unlimited banana fruit for their guest.

I looked around and its hard to spot the main clue

I also read that Alegre Canteen serves a special bulalo, its one of our target to dine here in Mahogany Market

But since we’re already infront of Betchay nd Vic Canteen, we decided to settle down and just eat our lunch here. The canteen staff are very accommodating and they will assist you for your table needs.

Then we noticed that they have a banana on the table ahahaha
this is the carinderia that we are looking for.

there’s the unlimited senyorita banana…free for dining guest

here’s my son Ashton….nahingi na ng banana… we ate some while we are waiting for the food to arrive.

Kalderetang Baka

my double rice

Crispy Tawilis


the bulalo set up has a burner under it, so that the bulalo will be hot during our dining moments

they’re papaitan is the best!!!! grabe!!! my wife is looking for the yummiest papaitan and this one got straight into our heart… we super love their papaitan…its perfect and tastes good.

Bone marrow galore!
ha! the dad of the day gets the bone marrow from the bulalo pan

I super love bone marrows…I can eat this everyday hahahahah.

here’s our thumbs up for the awesome luncheon at Betchay’s in Mahogany Market.

its funny that it reminds me the street dining in Malaysia, if ever they extend the dining outside the covered market, it will be like Jalan Alor at night.

here’s a close up look of their best seller food here in Mahogany Market…

Crispy tawilis

caldero galore!!!!

Dining area.

They have lots of vendors here in Mahogany Market, they will offer you different kinds of food and products coming from Taal and Tagaytay City, sometimes they gave free taste test of their food items, its okay to try it but make sure you will buy one, they appear from different corners of the market and they will call your attention and will offer their products and they will never leave you until you buy an item.

If they approached you and you are not interested, just let them know – that you are not buying, or just say NO

Also.. you have to look after your belongings and don’t place your items on the table or at the back of your chair. It’s a public dining market and there’s no one that can look after for your items and belongings.

Here are some photos after our lunch here in Mahogany.

I spotted this owner type jeepney, unloading some fresh harvested pineapples.

Here’s the meat section market at Mahogany Market
it’s a bit smelly when you pass by infront

I wonder what’s that tower is made for.


The landmark going to Mahogany Market is this Hall of Justice building. You’ll never miss this if you are going to Mahogany market, because it sit right next to it.

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