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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Nature Discovery Camp–Tagaytay holiday tripcation v.2 part 2

December 28, 2013 – I have no idea that my wife will brought us here in Nature Discovery Camp in Tagaytay City, it’s a camp site and nature tripping venue located right after Picnic Grove. She told me to check out the some photos and stories from blog post so that I can get an idea what’s the review about Nature Discovery Camp. In some blogs, I saw that many teens and young professionals spend time here with their friends during weekends, just to relax and enjoy the nature side and also fresh air here in Tagaytay City. They also set up their tent and stayed overnight, there’s also a swimming pool and clean separate shower room and bathrooms for male and female.

At first I thought that this is another Picnic Grove style or Peoples Park style, but as we enter the main gate, I realized that it is downhill slope with cottages and the good part here is that the entire property is protected by a fence and there’s a security guard at the front gate. I think this is a good spot for an overnight camping.

On the way to the other side of Tagaytay City, we were smacked by this heavy traffic along the highway. It was around past 2pm when we decided to go to Nature Discovery Camp.

btw, my wife already call and placed a cottage reservation at 2pm, she contacted the admin of the camp venue the other day, so when we arrived there at Nature Discovery Camp, the admin already expected us to arrive at 2pm.

Its best to set up your reservation a day before . Cottage rental for the entire day is PHP 500
and entrance fee – PHP 50 per person and free entrance for toddlers below 3 feet.

just passing by…

here we are inside Nature Discovery Camp.
sorry.I don’t have pics of the main gate.

they have a secure car park area before this green field.

there’s the downhill slope camp site of Nature Discovery Camp

one of the small cottages at Nature Discovery Camp

bigger cottage at Nature Discovery Camp.

you can bring your food here or you can cook your barbeque by using the grilling section in every cottage.

There are no store inside the camp, and you have to bring your own food and water.

for shower, bring your own shampoo, towel and soap.

here’s what we rented for the whole day..a PhP 500 cottage. its windy that day, but there’s a roll up tarpaulin that you can use to cover your cottage, at past 2pm, the temperature in Tagaytay starts to drop down.

Mountain view at the left side and the Taal volcano at the right side.

here’s my boy…

Ate M checking out the mountain and using my binoculars

The Coladilla family at Nature Discovery Camp in Tagaytay City

Pogi Ashton saw me taking photos

Then he ran towards me and tried to grab my camera hahaha.

bubbles with mommy
binoculars viewing with baby
and photo shoot with daddy.

Ashton brought his construction toys and played on the grassy field of Nature Discovery Camp

He also met a new playmate , named AJ, one of the guest here at Nature Discovery Camp


my wife took this pic ahhahaha.. and I’m wearing the wrong shirt

with Lace Llanora

Ashton and AJ are so busy playing the construction vehicle toys

okay…daddy mode…

Ashton runs around and rolls around the green field

AJ pops out his Android tablet and showed Ashton some games

Ashton approaches some kids and invite them to play with him

More kids joining in at Ashton’s little play ground

While the kids are busy.. it was time for me to relax and enjoy the nature and fresh air here in Tagaytay.

Next time..I’ll bring a tent and also a kite

There’s also a playground here in Nature Discovery Camp
Kids can use it anytime

they have 3 swings and one slide play set up
We super enjoyed staying here in Nature Discovery Camp, now the crazy plans is to have an overnight stay in our next visit, my next step is to buy a big tent for the three of us and set up a camp here on February 2014. I think my wife Lace wants to celebrate her birthday here at Nature Discovery Camp.

I told her its okay, but we need to buy a good quality tent for the three of us.

We left the venue at around 5pm, because its getting cold already.
This is just a try out visit and on our next visit, we will stay here longer.

here’s Lace in her emo mode setting.




thanks and see you soon! Nature Discovery Camp in Tagaytay City.

Nature Discovery Camp
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