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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Lunch in Mushroomburger - Tagaytay holiday tripcation v.2 part 3

December 29, 2013 – Hello!! and welcome to our part 3 of our Tagaytay holiday tripcation version 2. This is my 2nd blog series of our pre-New year vacation here in Tagaytay City. I rarely go to Tagaytay because we live 1 hour away from the city, its not our special place because its too common already for us to go there, but after this holiday tripcation, I realized that there’s a lot of things need to discover and re-discover here in Tagaytay, the place is starting to bring more new resto, new attractions and also place to stay, that’s why I created this new blog series, just o re-visit the old place and also discover new spots here in Tagaytay.

For the 1st time, I posted here about our lunch in Mushroom Burger, its my 2nd time here in their main branch in Tagaytay City and I think that this burger joint is starting to get better and better. The last time I was here was with GF Lace and we went there in Tagaytay for a weekend getaway, basta naalala ko, nagkayaaan kami pumunta bigla ng Tagaytay.

So before I take you to Mushroom Burger via this blog post, let’s say hello to Taal Volcano, we have this awesome view from the place where we stay here in Tagaytay City.

We ate our breakfast in our place and then took a rest for the day and then we set a plan to eat our lunch in Mushroom Burger.

But going there is a problem, because we have to ride a public jeepney going to Mushroom Burger, we have to ride a Nasugbu bound jeepney that passes infront of Robinsons Summit Ridge, but the problem is that the jeep are so rare to pass by, so we rode the jeep with Mendez sign and we drop off to Sky Ranch.

There’s a tricycle station before Sky Ranch, we rode the tricycle and I paid Php 30 for the three of us passengers.

The trike passes by Sky Ranch, the casino, the McDonalds and then in a few minutes, we arrived in Mushroom Burger. the only burger joint in Tagaytay that serves mushroom and beef in their burgers.

Mushroom Burger

after I saw the sign…the spelling is should be Mushroomburger hahahaha.

Many diners arrived that lunch time.. so I lined up at the counter ordered our food.

Be sure you tag them on Twitter when you checked in or having a food selfie here in Mushroomburger

Now they have rice meals.

here are the price of their mushroom burgers, it’s a bit lower that those fast food burgers
I want to order the King burger, but its too big for me, and then I decided to order Royal burger na lang.

Dining area in Mushroomburger, they also expanded and added more dining at the right side.

spotted!!! noddles and lomi

they also offer desserts

they also have a culture mushroom on display here at their restaurant, but they have their own mushroom farm located somewhere here in Tagaytay City.

a close up look of a mushroom

I super love their lomi!, its funny that I’m the only person that ordered this lomi, as soon as I picked this up at the counter, everyone started to stare at my lomi.

French fries

mushroom cheese burger

inside the mushroom cheese burger

here’s my Royal mushroom cheese burger


It’s a double patty mushroom beef burger, I’m glad that I ordered this.. and not the King, because its quite the same minus the bun divider at the middle of the two patties.

The best freebie here in Mushroomburger is the kids playground.

Everyone can use this playground…dining customer or not.

we went here in Mushroomburger for the burgers and this kids playground

Mommy Lace and baby Ashton…..its play time!

Mommy Lace on a swing

Ashton started to climb this ladder by its own.. I’m glad that he is confident now to climb up


Lace and Ate M at the swing area for adults hehehehe.

Ashton found a wishing well!
just drop a coin and make a wish.

awesome moments caught in cam! - me and Ashton enjoying the swing!

hahahaha! Ate M got scared when I did this stunt

Outside Mushroomburger, they have al fresco dining..I didn’t notice this when I entered hahhaha.
This is a best spot to eat your burger at night or in the morning…. you’ll enjoy your food, the view and also the cold weather of Tagaytay City.

Going back to our place..we just rode a jeepney with Olivarez terminal sign

Mushroom Burger
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