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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Café Carmencita - Tagaytay holiday tripcation v.2 part 4

December 29, 2013 – We found a new café here in Tagaytay City, after we ate our lunch in Mushroomburger, we decided to have a photo walk along the highway, so we walk down going to the bulalo side of Tagaytay and right after the burger joint and bulalo stip, we found this sign “Café Carmencita” on the road and then there’s a bigger sign posted on a gate and it leads us to this café that sits at the ground floor of residential home, not sure if it’s a private home or maybe they converted the ground floor to a café.

I did some Google-fu and I found no info about Café Carmencita, but I remembered that when we have our afternoon tea there, the owners welcomed us and assisted us in our table.

here’s the small sign standing infront of their gate

and here’s the sign posted at their gate.

I think their promotion via poster is very effective, it attracted us while we are doing a photowalk.
So we took a left turn and entered the café’s area.
here’s the house that I mentioned earlier, and below is the café

here’s Café Carmencita…a newly discovered hidden gem in Tagaytay City.

they have pasta, cakes and coffee

here’s one of my target
Salted Caramel Cheese Cake

house specialty is also recommended… sayang! we’re full that time after eating our lunch at Mushroomburger, but we will go back here after New Year to check out more of their food.

The cakes are so affordable at a price of Php 105 up…my Salted Caramel Cheesecake is priced at Php 150 only.

here’s a view of their dining area.

al fresco dining…near the pond

the pond with koi fishes

opssss! wife caught doing a video blog hahaha.

We dined here at the al fresco side of Café Carmencita, because we like the green field and garden set up. Also it’s a good spot to watch for our son playing at the green field.

here’s my son exploring the garden area.


Chocolate Cake
my wife ordered this…I forgot the name of this cake.. ahahaha.

here’s my Barako coffee.

grabe!! this coffee has a strong kick…I was wide awake til 3am and its hard to get sleepy because of the caffeine kick of this Barako coffee..

I Super recommend that you try this!!

my Salted Caramel Cheesecake.
I expect that there will salty and sweet flavor on this cake, but I think the cheesy cake dominates the main taste, I like this cake because its not that sweet or even salty. It’s a perfect partner for my Barako coffee.

Ashton’s toy also enjoyed the grassy field of Café Carmencita hahaha.
now..where’s Ashton ???

We’re happy that we took a pit stop here during our photo walk

Ohh first time ever to see our his emo moments…muni muni sa isang sulok hahaha!

thanks Café Carmencita! we will go back again this weekend! sana bukas kayo.

Café Carmencita
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