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Friday, February 14, 2014

Tagaytay Library and Museum for kids - Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 7

Day 3 – We learned about this museum and library for kids after we saw a tv feature in a travel show in Channel 13, we are surprised that there’s a building with dinosaur exhibit and also library for kids in the heart of Tagaytay City. We don’t know the address or location of the museum, but I read a tip from a blog post that it is located in Baranggay Kaybagal in Tagaytay City. I also followed a Foursquare plot but it directed us to a wrong place, we landed in Memory Lane and not in The Library and Museum.

On our day 3, we searched the internet for the directions and address but there’s no complete info where it is located. I also asked a tricycle driver in Magallanes Ave, but they didn’t know about the library and museum, but I got a direction from them that I should go to NBI in Mahogany Ave. There a trike driver took me to TICC – Tagaytay International Convention Center, they told me that the museum and library might be located there.

Then we arrived in a crowdy place, and we noticed that there’s this outdoor convention for Iglesia ni Cristo, we scout the area and then stop over in a corner to eat some fishballs and then we continued to walk. There we saw the building finally!!

So if you want to go here and want to bring your kids for a play time or reading time.. The Library and Museum in Tagaytay City is located infront of SKY RANCH!!!!

yes…SKY RANCH!!! infront of the giant ferris wheel, at the other side of the street, you’ll see the road that goes to TICC.

hello The Library and Museum of Tagaytay City!!
but… when we arrived here…we learned that the library is closed that day, but the librarian said that they are open everyday 8am-5pm

the library is closed because there’s a group of performers who are rehearsing for the INC program.

Here’s our scene when we learned that there’s an INC fair happening around the grounds

see that Sky Ranch ferris wheel?

Inside The Library and Museum of Tagaytay City
Kids can play pretend here and use this ice cream sorbetero in playing.

Government papers…for transparency for the citizen of Tagaytay

Librarian corner
Its nice to see that they have elevators inside The Library and Museum of Tagaytay City

Thanks to Mayor Tolentino for putting up a FREE library, museum and playground for kids here in Tagaytay.

The museum at the ground floor features the Dinosaur life size statues
Behind me is a replica of a T-Rex skeleton

Mommy Lace and Baby Ashton standing with a life size statue of a Stegosaurus

Dinosaur diorama are available for viewing here


Dinosaur mini toys

That’s my boy!!!

The dinosaur exhibit is just a handful, I want to suggest that they should put more interactive dioramas and exhibit.

More dinosaur diorama

mommy Triceratops and baby

Here we explain to Ashton that dinosaurs have mommies too!

Replica of a dinosaur baby in an egg hatchling

Velociraptors are on the loose!! watch out for those sharp teeth of the dino!

Ashton meets a dino skeleton ahahah!

Some info about the age of dinosaurs

Raptor photo op!

Outside the The Library and Museum of Tagaytay City, we also found more giant size dinosaur statues

Other giant statues were blocked by the INC set up, so we decided to visit The Library and Museum of Tagaytay City in other day.

Ashton saw a tank here at the field ground of The Library and Museum of Tagaytay City

Spotted this funny café! ahhahaaha Jebs café in The Library and Museum of Tagaytay City

While we exit the area..we noticed that the fog started to go thick.
It became zero visibility in just minutes.

There’s TICC

Photo with the ambulance

You are viewing the Sky Ranch’s ferris wheel….it was gone and was covered by thick fog in Tagaytay City

Tagaytay Library and Museum for kids
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