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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Carinderia, ice crumble and running- the weekend warriors blog series 3

Day 2 in our another stay in Tagaytay, we ate our lunch again in Mahogany Market, its funny that the carinderia that we always dine in already recognize Lace’s favorite dish. As we arrive, the carinderia staff told her that they ran out of Papaitan that day, but then they suggested that they can still take our order but they will order it in a different carinderia.

We said that its okay and there’s no problem with it.

Ashton also loves munching this crispy fried tawilis fish. He wants to order the crispy crabs but we told him that the order will take much time to prepare and cook it. We’re hungry already and we want a food that are easy to prepare.

After our lunch meal, we went to the track and field oval of Tagaytay City, but it was scorching hot that day and can’t run and play under the heat of the sun, so we decided to stay under the shade of Tagaytay Sports Center, we spotted some street food vendors nearby and we bought fishballs and ice crumble.

Their version is much more tasty and sweet. This is a pandan flavored ice crumble with choco syrup and powdered milk.

price is PHP 10 per plastic cup.


Ashton is loving the ice crumble hahah.

I thought it was called ice scramble….but then it was ice crumble as it was mention on the street food vendor’s push cart.
Jump shot!
We also noticed that there’s an ongoing free medical check up inside the sports center, it’s the medical event of Mercury Drug Foundation, they offered free medical check up and medicines for the local citizens of Tagaytay City.
It’s quiet and very organized.
To check out the medical activity, me and Ashton went up to the left bleacher of the sports center.
After the ice crumble party…we went to Mushroomburger fast food to play around with their free playground. We stayed there in almost an hour, we watch Ashton play with the kids and tried that play house.
Then we went back to the track and field oval, Lace did some jogging and running, and then Ashton brought his ride on car.

and me..I just sat there and watch them circle the entire oval hahahaha.
I didn’t try jogging because I’m not wearing my running shoes, I might get an injury if ever I run with out wearing my running shoes.
It’s a 45 minutes stay at the Oval.
we watch the sunset and also the arrival of mosquitoes.. gahhhh
they just pop out from nowhere and fly over our heads. A swarm of mosquitoes just fly above us..and its so creepy.
Ashton is tired already…here he showed to me how he fell down ahhha.

I told him that’s okay.
After the end of the day, we visited another carinderia near the oval, we walked on the road with no lights, I carried Ashton and also his ride on car. I’m glad that the road are closed that day because of some pipe construction.
Here’s our fun dinner in lola’s carinderia.

we ordered adobong liver and ginataang langka.

Our day ended after partying with live music in Robinsons Summit Ridge mall area.
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