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Friday, March 14, 2014

HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker (SRP PHP1750)

Audio fanatics! you have to check this new portable and rechargeable speaker from the HMDX audio family – the “HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker”, I have plenty of speakers here at home and I mostly use the portable speakers with rechargeable battery features, its fun to use those speakers because I can carry it and plug it on my tablet and iPhone4s in listening music or watching a movie.

Portable speakers are very useful here at home because we can carry it anywhere and anytime, with a full battery charge, we can play our music in every corner of the living room. There are Bluetooth speakers and the conventional wire cable speakers, both kind have their own disadvantage and advantage, I like the wired speakers because their battery last long, I’m surprised that HMDX still uses the wired audio, maybe because the most important thing for them for the users is the long battery life to support more power to the loudness of the speaker. That’s one of the feature I like! loudness power! Because that’s what they are built for, provide louder music and portability.

HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker body cover is made up of silicone, now we won’t get a problem if we accidentally dropped the unit on the floor, other plastic or metallic body cracks up when they fall. In HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker, there’s a rubbery protection from falls and damage, It will take a lot of punishment before the silicone tear down, just don’t throw it intentionally or soak it with water.

The HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker’s audio plug retracts, I thought that the wire is so long, but the wire stretches at around less than 10 inches. if you are finish in using the speaker, you can pull the wire again and let the HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker pull back the wire inside the speaker’s body.

The HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker is perfect for indoor and especially outdoor, a perfect gadget for this coming summer, you can bring this with you for your travel and summer outing, or just inside your room or car.

SRP: PHP 1,750.00

Available at: Rustans Store,,, Egghead and Technoholics Store.
Model: HX-P130

•Retractable 3.5mm cord
•Lets you play back music from most audio devices with a 3.5mm output.
•Rechargeable battery
•Allows you to listen to your music for up to 6 hours on a full charge.
•Rubberized, soft silicone exterior
•Provides rugged durability.
• Available in 2 colors: Blue & Black.

Exclusively distributed by: JERM Marketing Inc.

And here’s our unboxing moments with the HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker

Blister package of HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker

back of the blister pack
You can pull out the tab to remove the speaker out of the blister pack, you can put it back if you want to store your HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker in a proper package.

size comparison

The package will tease you to touch and feel the soft silicone body of the HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker

ha! I did touch it.

Time to unbox it..

HMDX packaging

unboxed!! HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker
contains – a micro usb charger and manual

I will get some info from JERM Marketing re: warrant for the Philippines

here’s the HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker
that’s the power button and the USB charge slot

Back part of HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker
the blue silicone covers one half body of the speaker.

the audio plug at the back

top view: Speaker and its bumper protection

sticker instruction on how to power on and off the HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker

Charging slot.

Let’s power it up!
blue color will light up when powered on

Just pull to retract the audio jack

The cable wire will lock after you pull it.

Then plug the audio jack to your phone or tablet and use your gadget’s volume control for your desired loudness.

Watch out for my next blog post for my review of HMDX - Burst Portable Rechargeable Speaker

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