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Friday, March 14, 2014

Unboxing: Nokia X dual sim (Nokia x Android) smartphone (SRP PHP5990)

It’s been ages since the last time I touch and hold a Nokia phone, I stayed away from the device for awhile because I targeted other smartphone brand, because I prefer the Android and iOS OS for phones, but then when I read on the net that Nokia will launch their own version of smartphone with a soul of a Nokia X OS that can run Android apps, my reaction was “whoaaaaa” they can do the impossible possible. Nokia started a new trend for launching a new Nokia model called “Nokia X”, its their take in delivering the most affordable smartphone in the market. According to their sales report, many people are still buying the basic and feature Nokia phones and even if we have the high tech smartphones and regular version low end smartphones, Nokia is still the number 1 here in the Philippines in selling most phones, thanks to the basic and feature phone, it is much more affordable for us pinoys, and I can’t still believe that you can buy a Nokia basic phone start PHP500- PHP1000, I believe that I saw a cheap unit sold in airports with a bundle sim, it’s a basic phone for tourist and also OFW who want to use a cheapo phones for a short period of time.

Okay, let’s jump in now to Nokia X, if you look at the body, it will remind you of the Lumia and Asha, the body and UI for Nokia X is adapted from the Lumia, from the body up to the UI, but the difference is that there are no front camera, there’s the 3 MP rear camera, I just learned about it when my wife tried to do a selfie and she noticed that there’s no front camera. Then I read some info on the net that there will be another Nokia X model with a bigger screen and 5MP rear camera, the Nokia XLis big brother of Nokia X, I’m not sure when it will be available, it is much more bigger than the Nokia X and its little brother X+.

The best ever for Nokia X is the dual sim feature. We waited for years for a smartphone to have dual sim, I’m not sure if the PH consumers are the mover of the dual sim revolution and then later adapted by other users in different countries. I thought that we are the only people in the planet the carries two or three phones, but now, the Americans also carry two phones, but its not the dual sim trend, but because of the smartphone and OS trend hhahaaa.I wonder who are the people here carries a Nokia, an Android and iOS phone.

Nokia just gave birth for another smartphone revolution and with an affordable price.

SRP price of Nokia X is PHP 5990

Here’s the specs:
OS: Nokia X Software Platform
• 4’’ capacitive touchscreen
• 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Dual Core Processor
• 512MB RAM
• 3MP camera
• Dual SIM
• Up to 32GB expandable memory
• 1500 mAH battery
• Satellite GPS
• Accelerometer
• Available colors: Bright Green, Bright Red, Black and White
-Compatible with Android apps
- Get apps from Nokia store, 3rd party app stores or sideloading
- Flow freely between apps with Fastlane
-Exclusive Nokia services - HERE MAps and Mix Radio
- up to 32GB microSD card support
- pre installed apps - Skype, Onedrive, Facebook, Wechat, and some games

Nokia is promoting heavily their new features of Nokia X, one of them is the Fastlane, it’s a panel that appears by swiping it on the screen of Nokia X, it’s a timeline activity of the user with their apps, with the timeline like feature of Fastlane, you can operate apps so easily because you can track down which was the last app you used. The HERE Maps is very impressive when they showed to us a demo during the Nokia X launch, I will go back at it again and test it. The tiles of apps can be moved easily and you can arrange your own apps list on the phone’s UI.

For installing Android apps, you can download the APK and install it to the phone via sideloading, you can just import the APK file using your laptop and a data cable,then you can install it thru the phone. My friend posted a tutorial in his blog on how you can install it properly. -

This will be the unboxing post of Nokia X, let’s check out what’s inside the box and under the hood.
Watch out for my next post for the review of Nokia X. (actually my wife is now using it )

Thanks to Nokia for the unit giveaway!

The Box

Side view of the box

ohhh 12 months warranty in the Philippines.

Specs posted at the back of the box.


Unboxing the coffin like box hahhaha

The accessories and manual
Sad to see that their charger is the normal Nokia charger….there’s no data cable, you have to buy your own data cable if you want to transfer files to your laptop.

let’s check out the Nokia X phone.
I got the green color

Bottom is the micro usb slot for charging and data transfer

Right side is the power button and volume

Top side is the earphone plug

Back of Nokia X is the speaker slot and main camera (not rear camera because there’s no front camera)

Opening the shell via pressing the middle and peeling the poly carbonate shell

I just removed the battery..geez the battery is big

closer look of the dual sim slot and camera

turning it on… just press the power button and you’ll hear the traditional Nokia sound


UI screen after boot up

The size is perfect, the screen is much bigger than my iPhone4s

Touch screen is very responsive and the browsing is fast.

All apps are located in one screen, swipe it to see the Fast lane timeline feature

Camera test

Camera settings with ISO control

More camera setting

Astro – I haven’t tried this yet

The Fastlane timeline

You can customize your Fastlane timeline

The apps in an organized manner

Okay that’s the Nokia X

Next blog post will be my review
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