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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Picnic, track and field and view of pyro musical in Tagaytay- the weekend warriors blog series 4

Picnic time!!! this is our first time to hunt for a free picnic spot here in Tagaytay, we found a good spot with nice shade of a tree, clean green field with a nice breeze of cold air. Tagaytay starts to heat up this summer and for the first time ever, I can feel that its no longer that cold during daytime and night time, but there are times that its windy and cold at night.

We found the grassy spot infront of the Tagaytay Library and Museum, since we are there already for a library visit, we decided to eat our packed lunch infront and instead of going to Picnic grove or any picnic spots with entrance fee here in Tagaytay.

well…our plan works..and its fun!

we brought that “banig” with us and then Lace prepared the packed lunch ( and also dinner) for our weekend trip.

Our neighbor goat is infront of us..eating his lunch too.

I’m glad that the shade of the tree helped us to cool down under the heat of 12nn in Tagaytay.

Mommy Lace is nomnomnoming the spaghetti hahaha.

Next time..I’ll buy a tent
Our plan is to set up a camp in Tagaytay and sleep with the outdoors.

After our picnic, we want back to fetch Ashton’s scooter.
Here you can see him pedaling his way on a small road. I’m glad that the roads are closed because of pipe repairs.

Its our first time to see Ashton rule the street.

The track and field oval in Tagaytay City.
Lace did two or three laps of running and jogging, me..I did 5 laps sitting in one place in the oval hahhah.

Then Ashton ran with his mom…and did two laps..

Time to hydrate!

Now the sun is out…. time for me to stand up and play some soccer with my son.

Here’s Ashton doing some foot ball expedition
btw, that’s a baby soccer soft ball. I’ll buy a real soccer ball next time.

Now Ashton approaches the goal getting ready to score!
btw, there are some Indian guys playing softball at the other side of the field.
Not sure if its softball or cricket.

What a kick!!!! he will score definitely hahha.

And there’s the lazy goalie hahahaha. appeared from nowhere.

It was a fun nature trip and also sports during our weekend getaway last March 1-2
We’re planning to go back here and bring lots of outdoor gear. I’ll wear my running shoes next time..promise.

At night..we ate our dinner and enjoyed the view of the Pyromusical competition. I can’t believe that we can see the fireworks of SM MOA all the way here in Tagaytay City.

Awesome view…
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