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Friday, April 11, 2014

Strawberry harvesting in La Trinidad, Benguet - Azalea Residences Baguio family vacation part 10

March 30, 2013 – For our 3rd stay in Baguio City, our friend brought us in La Trinidad, Benguet, it’s the only location in town that can grow strawberries and vegetables, because of the special altitude and very cold weather in La Trinidad, it’s a best spot to grow strawberry and other leafy veggies. My first time to be here was in 2009, thanks to our same friend who brought us here, and also I experience last year the strawberry picking activity.

I’m glad that it was not crowded when we visited the strawberry farm last March 30. I’m sure this holy week, it will be crowded by lots of tourist and bakasyonista from Manila.

The price for the strawberry picking is PHP300 per kilo. Its much expensive when your pick and buy the fruits here inside the farm, but if you don’t want to do some harvesting, you can buy the strawberry at a nearby store stall outside the farm and within the mini market area here in La Trinidad.

Lace bought PHP 50 of a half kilo of strawberry in Wright Park, but I’m not sure if its fresh, but here in La Trinidad Strawberry Farm, all fruits and veggies are guaranteed fresh from the farm.
Here’s the gateway to the strawberry farm.
You have to register your name..and I’m not sure if there’s an entrance fee, because our friend fixed the activity for us, there’s a person waiting at the registration area, they will offer their strawberry farm for your harvesting activity.

I suggest choose the farm with a covered holding area, you can sit there if ever you got tired of filling up that basket of 1 kilos of strawberries.

Strawberry galore!!!!!
My son loves strawberries, his eyes are in hyper mode when he saw that pulpy red berries.

It was sunny that day at around 10am. The last time I was here in year 2013, the entire farm was engulfed by a fog and cold breeze. This March 2014, it was so sunny hot, I’m glad that I brought my shoal and lend my hat to my son just to beat the sun, my wife Lace bought a PHP100 wooven hat at a nearby store hahaha. Just to prevent some sunburn in our face.

Our friend, Vincent Tabor of shared some tips on how to pick the strawberry
1. Check if the fruit is ripe
2. If its red, then the strawberry is ripe already, you can pick the big and small berries.
3. Small berries = sweet, big berries= good for munching it
4. Don’t eat the berries, because you have to clean it with water first before consuming it
5. Pick the strawberry via its stem after the leaf, don’t pull the plant away from the soil.
6. Squat and look below, check if the strawberry are healthy, don’t pick the rotten fruit
7. Fill up the basket with 1 kilos of strawberry

Here we are at the strawberry farm..its so sunny and there’s no cloud to shade us

Mommy Lace and baby Ashton
Okay guys..time to work!

Mommy Lace pretending to be a scarecrow

Mommy Lace found some lettuce growing

Guys,, here’s the basket for the harvest strawberry.

Its fun to see my son enjoying the strawberry picking activity
There are times that he got tempted to eat one fruit hahaha. I’m glad that we are monitoring his every move.

The other team of bloggers are busy at the other side of the farm, I told Lace to just concentrate on 4 garden of strawberry.

Busy mommy and baby.. we wish that we have a farm like this at home.

I just stood there hahahaha.
Because I’m so big and its hard to walk on the dirt.

Edel shows her lucky strawberry pick

Mommy Lace showed her basket of strawberry nearly full to 1 kilo.

Photo op time! hahahah that;s me..parang si Aling Maliit…

More photos for the strawberry picking in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Okay! we’re done!! time to get out of the sunny heat.

here’s our loot of the day!!
Mommy Lace got a total of 1 kilos in one swoop!! good job!

Baby Ashton photo op time with his favorite lettuce plant.

Team Wahpinas

Team Wahpinas and Team Vivamanilena

Welcome to Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet.
Take note, the strawberries grows here and not in Baguio City.

Oh so finally.I have a photo at last with my wife hhahahaa.

Peace yo! Ashton with Team Vivamanilena

here are the Manila blogger team – Team Wahpinas, Team Merryland, Team Lifestylebucket, Team VivaManilena and Team Seatsfortwo

actually..this was a jump shot, but nobody dare to jump because there’s a watery canal below them hahahaha.

Pop na Pop po ang strawberry farm!

Tita Edel carries baby Ashton.

At the market side of strawberry farm, we spotted the Villagonzalo boys slupring some cold strawberry ice cream.

meow!!! I just saw a pretty lady looking at my camera.

P3300305 P3300306P3300307 P3300309
Time to go back to Azalea Residences Baguio..I need to take a bath after this session hahaha
ang init kasi!


Mommy Lace’s shopping haul of the day in Strawberry farm
strawberry wines!!

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