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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chicago Comic Con 2014 Wizard World Convention

When you see people walking down the streets wearing costumes, you probably think that there is Superheroes party in Rosemont! Actually, it's the Annual Comic Convention held in Chicago (the longest running convention in the city!). Most of them are easily be recognized because they are dressed up based from the comics or movie inspired characters. And many of them are dressed up as Batman, Joker, Star Wars casts, Anime cosplayers, game characters and Walking Dead or characters from Dr Who.

Exhibit halls are jampacked with a-must-haves comic books, rare collectibles, souvenir shirts and FunKo - yup, these vinyl toys from POP! are really in demand. You can see them in each corners of the exhibit hall. As I check what's in store in each aisle, I saw artists' booth and their creations; huge space for comic enthusiasts, and frenzy shirts or costume accessories that will complete your impersonation.

More excitement inside if you have plenty of $$$ and purchased the VIP badge (which gives you access to all opportunities like reserve seat on programs and entrance to all days of the event) or meet and greet or photo op session with your favorite stars (that's ranging from $300 above each artists -crazy!!!).

As I read on the program schedule guide, good thing that "Gotham" is having an exclusive screening courtesy of Fox 32 Chicago (airing its first episode). I am a great fan of Batman, so I would love to watch this show. Funny thing on that day you will see all Batman fanatics (including me) are in one room. Some are on their Batman and Joker costumes (seating together) which are awesome to see!

The casts of Gotham arrived and introduced themselves. Taking photos inside the venue or video recording is strictly prohibited and I only managed to take a wall screen shot before the screening.

casts of Gotham

I won't give any spoilers, see it for yourself. Gotham is a story of different people who live on that place.

Another good opportunity I had that day is when I waited for the casts of "The Guardians of the Galaxy" to arrive on the program room (Dave "Batista" Bautista & Michael Rooker) and they have answered some Questions from the audience.

I only attended the Saturday event because of work schedules. Maybe next year, I'll save $$$ to experience a photo op or meet and greet :) My day is not complete without buying something from the convention. This shirt is really awesome. I am Superhero, yes, I am!

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