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Monday, September 29, 2014

My test on #SmartFREEInternet –before and after expiration of free internet

After 4 days of the launch of free 30MB internet by Smart, many people ask questions if this is some kind of trap and scam to their prepaid subscribers in order to steal their text loads via the free internet promo of Smart. Others are afraid to try the free promo because they think that Smart might trick them by paying more without your knowledge when your free internet connection has expired.

I’m also concerned about it, because I’m a prepaid user and I’m starting to love this free internet promo, because I’m using this in posting social media updates, live mobile blog and use Facebook. I don’t want for Smart do snooping behind my back and steals a single pesos from my load.

my question – Will you lose more text load money after the expiration of the Smart free internet ?

My answer is: NO
I did some test and you can see my proof below

take note: I’m not a Smart blogger ambassadors, I’m doing this to inform everyone on how things work within the Smart Free Internet promo

also..this is not a paid advertisement.


First: I checked my load before doing the first test, you can see that I have PHP506 load left


I went to my message history and I saw the time that I applied a Smart free internet promo. I applied yesterday and the notification message from Smart said that I have free 30MB internet, this was sent at 2:10pm yesterday.

my wish list: I hope they can inform that you receive free 30MB internet

The 2:10pm is my expiration time for the next day, if you saw the clock time on my iPhone4s, I have 50 minutes left before the expiration of my free internet


at 2:10pm, I’, already at the time of expiration for my free internet, as you can see that I can still surf the web, receive email messages, post photos in Instagram and surf Facebook


Beyond the expiration time --- I’m now trying to surf the web at around 2:12pm, I tried to post a photo in Instagram and it seems that I can’t upload it. The reason is that I can no longer use the free internet because it expired already at 2:10pm.


I went to my browser and reload my blog and I was directed to Smart PowerApp website.
Here I was informed that I’m no longer subscribed to any package.

The free 30MB internet is also considered a package, because you avail it for free and it will expire within 24 hours.

If you consumed the entire 30MB free internet in one day, this PowerApp website will be activated automatically, it informs you that your Smart packages has ended or expired.

my wish list: I hope that Smart Free Internet promo can SMS to inform you that your 30MB free internet is already consumed or EXPIRED.

I hope they can add info via the ?1515 prepaid load balance inquiry to inform you how many MB is left to consume.

But if you want to continue and want to avail some packages, you can still use the PHP 5 free 15min web surfing (you can use this to watch Youtube and download content)

OR activate the PHP 5 promo for FREE Facebook surf.

Or…you can activate your FREE Internet again – you are qualified if you are out of the 24 hour period.
The free internet will not work if you consumed the FREE 30MB in less than 24 hours. You have to wait for next day in order to avail the free promo.


I’m worried that my load might be deducted because I tried surfing after the expiration of the free internet.

I texted ?1515 to 214 for a load balance inquiry, and here they texted me that my PHP 506 load is still there.

Internet was not activated after the free internet promo, it will only be activated if ever I chose the PHP5 per 15 minute internet time at PowerApp website.


at 2:14pm, I applied for my new SMART Free internet, and here they texted a notification and told me that my free 30MB is refreshed for another 24 hour period.

oh yeah!!!


After that…I uploaded the photo in my Instagram with no hassle.


I also surf my other Instagram post


I went to my browser and surf some blogs and it loads okay


I clicked on a new post in Philippine Bloggers Network blog and the content loads normal.


I checked my balance again and I saw that there’s no changes…its still PHP506


My test is a success and this proves that prepaid users won’t be scammed by SMART.

I also discussed this to 4 tech journalist during the the launch of Smart Free Internet, I told them that you can activate the internet even if you have PHP1, because that’s the main requirement for the free internet, all you have to do is send a text – FREE to 9999, for the activation.

I told them that Smart will lock off the internet connection if you are in regular prepaid and out of the free internet promo, The PowerApp website will appear automatically if you surf the web, the PowerApp website is free and it will not charge you anything. Smart will give you an option if you want to avail the PHP 5 for 15 minutes internet OR the PHP 5 for the Facebook unlimited a day.

To see other promo bundles just visit (can be accessed by mobile only and for prepaid users only)

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