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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Bakood Festival 2014 and Musiko 2014 photo coverage

A total of 54 marching bands that came from different city and town in the Philippines participated and competed for the annual Bakood Festival 2014 here in Bacoor City, Cavite. The Bakood Festival is an annual event that celebrates the 343rd founding anniversary of Bacoor and also celebrating its 2nd year as a “city” in June 2012.

Rumbling sounds from lyres, trumpets, flute, drums and marching band instruments rock the whole town of Bacoor city. The 54 marching bands paraded their routine and performance all the way from Mabolo up to Talaba. They closed down the entire Mabolo and Evangelista st. just to make way for the annual parade of marching bands, which I know is the biggest and largest gathering of marching bands here in the Philippines, last year it was declared that Bacoor City is the capital of marching bands of the country.

I’m very happy that I went there to cover the festival and took my Nikon D5300 dslr camera for its first spin, I’m still tinkering with the camera and Its my 2nd time to use it in covering events.

The event started at around 2:30pm and ended at around 7pm, the event was followed by a fireworks display and some stage show. Its awesome to see that they converted a parking space near Shakeys into an event center. It accommodated hundreds of people who watches the parade of marching bands and also witness the routine performance which was prepared for this festival.

I don’t have yet the details on who won the contest, all I can hear is that many people are in favor of the marching bands of Bicol. I will update this post if ever I get the right info.

check out my short photo diary below and my complete photo coverage.


I arrived at around 2:30pm here in Evangelita st. and it was in the nick of time before the start of the parade


The sun scorches so high and you can see that marching band members didn’t mind the heat of the sun, they play their music non stop


Kudos to all marching bands members who carries the bigger instruments


The crowd favorites in every marching bands are the lovely muse and majorettes.


With colorful costumes and with all smiles.

DSC_0081 copy

They smile whenever they see big crowd infront of them and also people with cameras


Their marching band leader is at the front leading the whole group


there are times that they stop for a break but then they continue the music and marching when the road is clear


Trumpets and trombones….


The stage and performance area in Talaba


City of Bacoor officials and the town folks are here to watch the routine performance of the marching bands


Marching continues…


Getting ready….


One of the marching band member took a rest.. he almost fainted but still continues to play that big instrument


With flags and batons add more color to the marching bands


They never stop walking even if I’m in front of them hahaha, they never break their line and march
make way for them when they approaches.


photogs in action.


Shiny brass instruments

DSC_0209 copy

I’m glad that the sky is clear that day…. last year was bad because it rained.


Here’s the marching band from Tanza, Cavite.


The Bacoor City officials, including our Mayor Strike Revilla, his first lady and Congresswoman Lani Mercado-Revilla is here to watch the parade of colors, music and pinoy pride.


They also hand over a copy of Bacoor Magazine.


Here’s a marching band from Rizal


met a fellow Bacoor blogger


Town folks posing a photo with their Kapitan


Napoleon is that you???


Marching band members photo op while resting on top of a fire truck


Oh wait..let me take a selfie


Lovely muse and majorettes


The trophy for the grand champion of Musiko 2014


Thanks everyone for reading my blog coverage, feel free to save a photo if you a want a copy of it

here are my photo coverage as captured by me and my Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm VR II kit lens

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