Enervon Prime: more years and better lives + you are invited at the Senior Prom 50’s Flashback in Dusit Hotel


I don’t know the feeling when my old body suffer muscle loss, and fat continues to cover my body, In an experiment that I participated,I felt the uneasy, annoying, uncomfy of opening the cover of this jar with a foamy pot holder on my hands. But before that, we raised our hands for 3 minutes and then we started our struggle to open this jar. Among the group who did this old age simulation, I was the only one who failed to open it quickly.

According Dr. Cheridine Oro-Josef, chair of the Geriatrics Committee of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP). That’s how old people moves when muscles depleted and taken over by fat, the gradual and progressive loss of muscle for old people is a health condition known as Sarcopenia.

When you have Sarcopenia, you loss the ability to move fast, walk properly, carry bags, climb stairs and maintain balance. Most over 50 years old people experienced this kind of health condition. Sarcopenia is a shocker to me and this is the only event that I learned something that is very important. My age is 37 and I don’t want to be a weakling when I go older.

The solution here is to have a high nutritional intake of protein and vitamin 5, plus regular exercise that can help make our muscles healthy.
To continue on what we love and what we do everyday, its better to power up the old body and drink Enervon Prime, as suggested by a rep. from Enervon and also approved by the resident doctor at the seminar that I attended. Accdg to the label, Enervon Prime is a nutritionally balanced milk supplement with high quality protein and vitamin D.

I also learned that if its good for the old people, then its also good for the young adults like me. I guess drinking Enervon is not a problem, but I have to do more exercise just to kick out these fats in my body and replace it with good muscles.

Enervon Prime didn’t stop in promoting the health and wellness of our old people, this month of October, they organized a Senior’s Prom event and then on December, they will launch the Senior’s Productivity Fair. This event will help adults develop and continue an active and productive lifestyle and improve their muscle health.

If our lolo and lola or parents are starting to get bored at home. Enervon Prime invites them to be part of their Flashback 50’s prom night. Its an event designed for them to enjoy their youngling times in a throwback setting.

Enervon Prime '50s Flashback Prom Invite
This is on Oct 24 at RJ Bistro in Dusit Thani Hotel

The Seniors Prom is a series of decade-themed prom nights one Friday every month starting October until January 2015. Guests can relive their younger years while they sing and dance to their favorite songs from the ‘50s to the ‘80s. This will kick off with the Prime Time Seniors Prom: 50’s Flashback on October 24, 2014 at the RJ Bistro in Dusit Hotel, Makati.

Ticket prices are at Php 1,000 per person inclusive of entrance to the party, dinner, and participation in fun games and activities plus gift packs from Enervon Prime. Tickets are available at RJ Bistro and RJ Guitar Stores.


“We at Enervon Prime are excited to be part of the next chapter of our consumers’ lives. We understand the physical, mental and emotional effects and limitations that may come when you hit 50 and more so after retirement. But we also know that this is their ‘prime time’ to pursue their passions and fulfill their bucket lists as they reap the fruits of their labor and enjoy the rest of their lives. We believe that through proper nutrition, we can help our consumers stay stronger for longer and equip them with the strength to do what’s next,“ said Raine Romero-Calma, assistant product manager.