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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Live, learn, work, play and worship in Lancaster New City in Cavite (my photo tour blog post)


I joined a tour in Lancaster New City in Cavite, it’s a new land of 1,400 hectares that cover parts of Kawit, Gen Trias and Imus, Cavite. The Lancaster New City is developed by Property Company of Friends, Inc. or simply PRO-FRIENDS, they are popular today because they have a tv reality show called “I DO” that airs every weekend in ABS CBN. The venue of the reality-get-married show is located inside the I DO village right in the heart of Lancaster New City.

Pro-Friends is already here many years ago developing different kinds of community and townships, their latest project now is to fill up that 1,400 hectares of land and convert it into a township community. They build not only homes or club houses, they build also churches, schools, market, hospitals and many more. Not just houses and structures, their specialty is building a community.

Townships are the new trend today, because people love to live in a place that they don’t need to go away from their homes. The developers like Pro-Friends put up a series of community structures that can help the community grows.


Deeply rooted in understanding the needs of the Filipino family, PRO-FRIENDS dared to make a difference by envisioning a one-of-a kind township community near the Metro that would enable the family to completely bond with each other. Starting with its first phase in 2007, Lancaster has quickly evolved into a master-planned community that spans to more than 1,400 hectares that covers Kawit, Gen. Trias, and Imus Cavite. Situated near the Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX),families may now have an option to own reasonably priced homes in a unique township near Metro Manila that focuses in providing families with the most important aspect of their lives…to LIVE, LEARN, WORK, PLAY, and WORSHIP.


This is Lancaster New City, a constantly evolving township in Cavite that aims to provide the Filipino family with a complete community. At the heart of Lancaster New City is a development for the family….where the family is completely sure.
For more information about Lancaster New City, you may visit our website at or call us at 491-7700.
The place is big!!! Its like triple of the size of the village where I live today, going to Lancaster New City is one jeepney away from my home. I went there alone and meet the PR and members of the media to join the tour.
Pro-Friends is popular because they sell low cost homes too. I’ve learned that you can buy a three storey homes for a PHP 1.9M, and a two bedroom home for a PHP800k.

I haven’t googled it yet, but when I visit an online market place that sells homes here in Lancaster New City, I can say that its very tempting to pour money on it.


Here’s the community pool located at Leighton Hall here in Lancaster New City

Model homes on display for the tour

Two storey homes

Model houses

Homes are perfect for the starting family

here’s a three storey home that is worth PHP1.9M
Much more convenient than buying a studio type condo

Another model home


Community playground


Our first model houses to visit – Chessa

(FA: 90 sq.m. LA: 100 sq.m.)
For a family who values their space, Chessa is a peaceful home with two sizable bedrooms on the second floor with their very own bathrooms.
GOPR0564 GOPR0565 GOPR0568 GOPR0570

Inside Chessa

GOPR0571 GOPR0572 GOPR0573 GOPR0574

Rooms at the 2nd floor

GOPR0575 GOPR0576 GOPR0578 GOPR0579GOPR0580 GOPR0581

I think 5 person can live here. The house is perfect for one family.


I’m glad that Lancaster New City is a skateboard friendly community. No guards approached me when I skate around the city.


I just skate going from point A to point B. just simple.


Here’s Enzo of trying the hover board style hahaha.

Our next visit is the community learning center. I guess they bring all visitors here to know more about Lancaster New City

GOPR0608 GOPR0609
DSC_0075 DSC_0076

They told us that they are building a mall and marketplace within the new city.

DSC_0079 DSC_0080 DSC_0086

They also have a computing machine that can help you compute your money and salary, your earnings can match you a perfect home. For this test the machine told me that I can afford to buy a Briana and Alexandra model house.

DSC_0088 DSC_0089 DSC_0090 DSC_0091

and also an I.T. park

DSC_0092 DSC_0093DSC_0094DSC_0095

Just hanging out at the freedom wall. And here’s my message to Pro-Friends…pls Go Green!


Next model home to visit is Mabelle, it’s a three storey home worth PHP1.9 M

(FA: 85 sq.m. LA : 60 sq.m.)
The first three-storey townhouse inside Lancaster New City has four bedrooms and a family area that is adjacent to the balcony.
GOPR0611 GOPR0613 GOPR0614 GOPR0615

Inside Mabelle

GOPR0616 GOPR0617 GOPR0618 GOPR0619

Its impressive that this three storey home is much better than the two storey.

GOPR0620GOPR0621 GOPR0622 GOPR0624

I just wished I can live here now!


Selfie with the mirrored version


Met an old blogger named JonJon, he now works at Pro-Friends.

Next activity: shopping in Wellcome grocery!
The best thing ever inside a township community is that they have their own grocery. No need to go out of the new city. Just drive your car and then drop off here in just minutes.

DSC_0109 DSC_0110DSC_0111 DSC_0112DSC_0113 DSC_0114

Ha! I hoarded some SPAM canned goods.

Up next..we rode the tour bus and went through the heart of Lancaster New City, here we learned that the location of the I DO village is very remote!

lots of model houses everywhere and its like their building a new empire here in Cavite. We were in the vicinity of Kawit during the first tour, and then after some drive, we arrived here in the area of Imus Cavite. There’s a quick short cut here going to Gen Trias and to that open canal that connects the road to Daang Hari road in Imus.


I am now at the star of Lancaster New City--- the I DO Village!

DSC_0123 DSC_0124GOPR0629 GOPR0631

We just did some photo ops infront of the big gate, we are not allowed to enter the village, but I managed my Go Pro to peak from the top hahaha. I posted a message on Facebook and tagged one of the I DO reality show contestant – Kring Elenzano, I told her that I knocked many times but there was no answer, then Kring told me that they are not inside the village at that time hahaha. ok

GOPR0633 GOPR0635

Outside the I DO Village are small model houses…. ang dami sobra!


At the last stop of the tour, we visited the St. Edwards Integrated School


While they are busy talking at the lobby, I took a peek and saw the corridor of the school.
Its quite, but I saw some students walking in and out of their classrooms.

DSC_0137 DSC_0138

Some of the students said hello and wave at me.. they are very friendly.. thanks guys for accepting this photo op
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