Test and try this CAT B15Q 1.3ghz quad core hardhat smartphone


A local distributor of some top brand of smartphone and gadgets here in the Philippines contacted me via phone and then email, they want to feature their other products here in my blog and then I learned that some of my blogger friends were contacted too, and I didn’t get a schedule of meeting with them because I live outside Manila, but I’m glad that my friend Raffy Pedrajita of www.Digitalspidey.com got also this new smartphone from Caterpillar or CAT, it’s a smartphone for the hard hat people.

According to him it’s a phone with super hard case that can survive in any fall and this comes with a hard Gorilla glass to protect the screen from scratches and also from breaking.

When we met few days ago…he showed me the phone and then he threw away from us…6 feet high and 20 feet away from us ahahahh

I told Raffy that he is crazy..but that’s the only way to prove that this CAT B15Q smartphone is a tough phone.

here’s a sneak peak of Caterpillar’s own smartphone line


The phone is a hulk in size, a bit heavy but looks durable.


Here’s a CAT logo…. if you remember. CAT are the company behind those heavy machineries for constructions, yup! they build bulldozer and stuff.


Lots of bolts and hard metal around the smartphone.



Ahahahha..camera with flash!!! wow!!


Close up look… I don’t know the SRP of this phone
but with a 1.3ghz quad core processor…it seems that it fits on my ideal specs.


size comparison – my Kata i3s, CAT phone and my iPhone4s


Its handy and also heavy….but the design assures you super protection from any falls or drop.

I also learned that his phone is waterproof, Raffy showed to me a photo of this CAT phone submerged in the beach of Corregidor. I think the phone can survive for an hour under water.


I also did a drop test ahhahaha..

I’m excited to have a review unit of this CAT B15Q smartphone. I’ll meet the distributor tomorrow lunch time.
check out Raffy’s post at http://www.digitalspidey.com/2014/11/cat-b15q-unboxing-and-first-impressions/