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Saturday, February 08, 2014

coverage: American Idol season 13 viewing party of Star World in Prive

I forgot to post my coverage of our viewing party of the season 13 premiere of American Idol in Prive, a viewing party organized by Star World. I arrived at the Prive club so early because I joined a carpool with my wife while on the way home. But its okay to be early and tummy full because I need a lot of energy for the viewing party and expect that there will be a lot of booze for everyone. As expected, I spotted two-three media who arrived early too, and also the PR team of Star World, it was so funny that we can’t go inside the club because they are so strict and told us that the gate will open at 6pm. So we decided to sat down outside the club and chat about their awesome giveaway to all present media guest. Okay, I didn’t believe in the first place that they will give us an Android tablet as token of appreciation of our attendance for the viewing party.

After some minutes, before the clock strikes to 6pm, the club manager went outside and told us that we can go inside.

Friday, February 07, 2014

MozillaPH Social Media Series: Blogging 101 - this Feb 8 ( a good day to learn about blogging)

Tomorrow will be a good day to learn about blogging, thanks to Bob Reyes and his group - the Mozilla Philippine Community for inviting us to give a talk and share our expertise in blogging. I heard that most of the audience for tomorrow are composed of students, professionals from the tech community and also bloggers.

Krem-Top Coffee Creamer launches Change for the Better Pilipinas campaign

Krem-Top’s annual “Change for the Better” campaign has been all about making small changes to make a big impact. This year, those small changes are about to get bigger as they rally the entire country to make a change through the “Change for the Better Pilipinas” campaign which was launched last December 5, 2013 with Krem-top’s brand ambassadors Papa Jack and Richard Yap. Simulan na ang pagbabago, starting with your choice of coffee creamer! Change for the Better Pilipinas!

In photos: My Manila Hotel Tour 2014

I was at the one of a kind tour inside Manila Hotel for their MY MANILA HOTEL TOUR, its my first time to join and be part of a tour inside a hotel. Manila Hotel is a historic site because it stood and witness during the World War and it was a home to some very important people who helped our country to win the war. Not only about war, the hotel is also a site for getting the brains together of some group to organize big companies, it witness the entire rise and fall and comeback of Manila since its birth in 1909, today the hotel is now 105 years old, it’s a historical site and a hotel for everyone, as they say Manila Hotel is the only heritage hotel in the Philippines and also a true heart of the Philippines.

WD MyCloud personal storage and MyCloud EX4 launch ~ A personal cloud for everyone

by: John Bautista

A powerful gadget made to back-up files, retrieve and manage saved files wherever you go. Western Digital launches it's new powerful technology and held at The Oz Bar, Holiday Inn (roof deck) as they present to the public The MyCloud storage system.

Getting access to your files anywhere in the globe with a touch of a button. Via your laptop or your Apple or smartphones as it is designed to manage files and task retrieve and save files whenever and whenever needed.

The WD International Management was present to join the launch with the lovely hostess Caroline Hamilton and the speaker from WD Australia, Simon Whitford as he discussed and showcased the powerful features of the MyCloud series.

Here are the WD MyCloud series specifications as launched
WD MyCloud EX4

Maximum of 16 TBwith 4 drive slots that is convenient to use whatever you want as long as the maximum storage capacity is up to 16 TB.

Key features:
Full feature set for your Home or small office
2.0 GHz processor
512MB of system memory
USB 3.0
Robust metal design with easy slide drives (Change drives within 5 seconds)
Dual power and network redundancy
Optimized for WD Red drives with WD's exclusive NASware technology
Robust dashboard to manage your system anywhere
Customizable Raid 0,1,5,10; JBOD
Award winning desktop and mobile apps

WW Availability / Jan 2014 Prices.
0TB - PhP 17,990
8TB - PhP 38,490
12TB - PhP 46,090
16TB - PhP 56,190

MyCloud Personal Storage

Key features:
Dual-core processor
Gigabit ethernet
USB 3.0 expansion port
PC/MAC compatible
Free mobile apps
Free desktop file management app
DLNA 1.5 & UPnP certified
Free mobile apps
Free desktop file management app
Web-based setup UI
Control dashboard
ITunes server support
Automatic device recovery
128-bit AES encryption for cloud.

WW Availabiliity / Jan 2014

2TB - PhP 7,490
3TB - PhP 8,990
4TB - PhP11,490

This device can store from a 2 TB to a maximum of 4 TB.

#WDMyCloud series is a perfect tool for a lot of people who stores numerous personal or business files to last for years and with security at its best.

For more details on other WD MyCloud series or other WD products visit their website at









coverage: Chinese New Year at The Manila Hotel

by: John Bautista

The Grand Dame's chandeliers were lit red and gold to welcome the Lunar New Year last January 31st.
The morning was greeted by the animated performers of the famous Lion and Dragon dance as they dance to the vibrant beats of drums and cymbals. It is said to sweep away bad luck and attracts good fortune to all people who watch it dance. The Lion and Dragon dance were accompanied by a masked monk and fireworks as per tradition.

The momentous tradition were held at the lobby to accommodate the guests and public viewer for the Blessing of Hong Kong Based, Feng Shui Master Vittorio Chau.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

In Photos: Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2014

It was another time of the year for Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2014,the party event was held in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall last January 24, 2014, and as usual, the place is packed with lots of party people, musicians, and also bottles of Hennessy.

The mixing of music and also mixing of Hennessy with your selected flavored drink happened again in one venue, the event was supposed to be last November 2013, but the organizers postponed the party event to lend a hand for the relief effort of #YolandaPH.

I went there with my blogger friends and for me, this is the best Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo event ever!

A coffee meeting and talks about new tech in banking with BPI 24/7

Our friends at BPI marketing team invited us for a meeting over coffee and snacks in their BPI office, I’m a bit clueless on what’s the meeting all about, but I suspect in the first place that they might be sharing some new info about their BPI bank here in the Philippines.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

IMAX Theatre and Director’s Club Cinema now open in Mega Fashion Hall-SM Megamall

The latest IMAX Theater that we have here in the Philippines is now in SM Megamall. A lot of SM Megamall fans are so happy when I posted an Instagram about the launch of IMAX Theater in SM Megamall, so there’s no more plan in going to SM MOA and SM North EDSA, because the mid city of Manila got its own IMAX Theater.

SM Bowling Center revamp and launch at the 4th floor of Mega Fashion Hall-SM Megamall

I didn’t expected that SM Bowling Center will have new revamp too, just like the SM Ice Skating Rink in SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall, both leisure activity center for bowling and ice skating is located at the new building, but the SM Bowling Center is located at the 4th level of the Mega Fashion Hall.

The old bowling center which is located at the basement of Bldg A resides next to SM Megamall’s admin office, but I think it was removed too during the year 2009 together with the SM Ice Skating to expand the Toy Kingdom store and also accommodate more space for the event center at the basement of SM Megamall.

SM Ice Skating Rink is back in SM Megamall–launch in Mega Fashion Hall

The SM Ice Skating Rink is back to its original home in SM Megamall, today its located at the 5th floor of SM Megamall’s new building – Mega Fashion Hall also known as Mega Bldg D. Back in 1992 we tasted the first ever winter wonderland inside the ground floor of SM Megamall, the ice skating back then was our first ever and then followed by two more branches in other SM Supermalls.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Crumpler end of season sale!! 30% to 80% off in all branches! - extended to Feb 15, 2014

Crumpler branches are going on sale and the sale event is extended til Feb 15, 2014, take the advantage of massive price drop and discounts from 30% up to 80% off…

geez… my hands are getting itchy now and want to grab some new camera bags and back ups at Crumpler.

for more details of the sale, visit their FB page at

let's check out some Crumpler items...

Oh crap!! Paper - the best app ever for Facebook is not yet availablein the PH

I went to my app store to install the new Facebook app called Paper, its a Flipboard clone that integrates visual flipping through my network.

Its awesome because it brought a new Fb experience and also communication, the new app also teaches us a new way of being an online content creator. You can post content inside the app and publish it.

The app is not viewable inside the app store and the only way you can get the app is via google fu!! Yeah i googled facebook app and then after one search and then i finally got the link

But the app is viewable if you are set in US app store, so i switched to US just to view it, but you cant install it

The app is not yet available here in PH

Monday, February 03, 2014

Transformers bots appearance in Age of Extinction- Superbowl trailer

Snapshot 2 (2-3-2014 11-49 AM)
The 1st trailer for Transformers 4: Age of Extinction was supposed to aired during the presentation of a new TV with Michael Bay as one of the presenter at CES 2014 event, but it didn’t happen because of that wonky teleprompter that left director Michael Bay clueless and then he walked out just to save himself from embarrassment, now I know what I would do if ever my powerpoint goes wonky during my presentation hahaha.

The trailer was shown today via Youtube by Paramount Pictures and it was a great breakfast moment for me because it gave me a big WOW and OMG reaction while I sip my hot coffee and watch the trailer online. That's one awesome Geekgasm moment after a month watching the The Hobbit 2.

I'm excited super!!! and this movie will air this mid 2014 in all theaters, my big guess is on June 2014.

We also saw some Transformers bots in the trailer, some are familiar and others are new…okay, I’m not a TF expert but I did a quick research and I finally identified the names of the Transformers Autobot and Decepticon bots who teased us a little action for this 4th installment.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

press con coverage: Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concert 2: The Ultimate Fan Treat

by: Andrea Sagragao
Feb 2, 2014

A-JAX (5)
I was invited to attend the press conference for the Dream K-Pop Fantasy Concert 2 at the Crowne Plaza Manila yesterday where up and coming Korean boybands A-Jax and Block-B geared up for a short interview.

It was obvious both bands were nervous but excited to perform along with Super Junior M, A-Prince. BtoB, and BAP at the Smart Araneta Coliseum later tonight. It will be, after all, their first time performing in the country and for quite a large crowd.

Fans from all over the country, and other countries as well, are reported to be attending tonight’s concert.

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