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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mag Aso Falls - Kabankalan City trip part 5

Day 1 – Mag-Aso Falls is my 7th falls that I encountered in my life. One of my goals in life is to visit and see many water falls around the country, whenever I see one, I just want to sit and stare the water falls all day and enjoy the beautiful product of mother nature. I didn’t expected that we will visit a falls that day when we went to Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, all I know is that we were there to cover the Sinulog de Kabankalan and tour around, the city is rich of beautiful nature scenery and also a good spot for eco tourism, Alfredo our guide that day told us that there are more eco tourism park in their city and he will take us there to check it out and also get a chance to promote it here in my blog.

If ever I knew that our next agenda is to go Mag Aso falls, I should have brought with me my swimming gear and my water proof case for my iPhone. The road from the town proper going to Mag Aso falls will take you around 30-45 minute or 1 hour, it depends if your driver knows the direction, you will reach the falls at around 30 minutes only. You can check the map here via Foursquare at

Mag Aso falls is located in Barangay Oringao, you can ride a motorcycle or a tricycle going to the falls area, which is on top of a mountain. We went there via van and accdg to our guide, you can rent a motorcycle and driver going there for PHP200. Mag Aso falls got its name from the Visayan word “mag aso” that means “smoke. I think the town locals named it after the falls can produce water mist when water falls into the stream like a smoke.

There’s an entrance fee of PHP 20 for visitors, you can sped the time here enjoying the nature scenes at the Mag Aso falls, there’s also a room accommodation for rent at a price of PHP 1000, good for an overnight stay. There’s a sari sari store in front of the sign of the Mag Aso falls, they sell some soft drinks, bottled water and some snacks, but there’s no rice meal or viands for your lunch, so I suggest that you bring your own food supplies if you plan to visit the falls for a short time or overnight stay.

The beauty of Mag Aso falls can be seen here in my photos, the limestone under the river glows in blue color as the sun ray’s shine over it, the illumination of the water adds more beauty to the color and you’ll mistaken that the Mag Aso falls’ water is color blue or greenish blue.

I can say that this is the most beautiful water falls that I have seen because of its colorful water streams and greenish surroundings, its like a paradise!

Mag Aso Falls signage

You have to take the stairs and go down the mountain in order to see the Mag Aso falls, but before you enter the falls area, you’ll see this swimming pool as a basin of water that comes from the top of the mountain, its fresh water from nature!



They created a man made stream on top of the mountain and maybe they created a water canal that distribute water to this pool.

Bathroom area

more shower area

Below the pool…more man made stream

Cottages that you can rent for PHP 200 if you want a day tour here in Mag Aso falls

Man made mini falls below the pool, the water comes from the pool and it flows down to the stream where the Mag Aso falls is located

Cottage house that you can rent for an overnight stay at a price of PHP 1000

I was surprised to see a long stairs leading to the bottom of the mountain hahahaah. I’m excited to see the falls below, and also I accepted the reality that going up from where we came from will be a tough obstacle for me hahahaha. I have encountered this before and I know that visiting a water falls site will require more leg and foot power.

I spotted some visitors who are resting at the balcony of the water falls viewing area

My view after a few steps from the end of the stairs… I can hear the noisy water falls and the cold breeze of air with mist. I’m happy that this site is well maintained and taken care of.

I just want to jump into the water and swim! the colorful stream is very inviting, it channels a good positive energy to us and I’m glad that the weather cooperates in that day, it was cloudy in Visayas due to a typhoon in Mindanao.

Its like a paradise!

Selfie time!!
Actually I’m not satisfied yet with my view, so I went down the viewing area and went near the falls.

I climbed up a big rock that sits infront of the falls, I’m the only guy in our group who went there and stay for a few minutes, climbing up to the big rock is so hard, I climbed using my two feet and two hands and a big reward is this awesome view of the Mag Aso falls. its so beautiful!

Its nice to know you Mag Aso falls!!

My next challenge is to go down the big rock hahhahah.
I was lucky that I didn’t slip over the muddy and wet rock, I calculated my landing because I need to jumped after sliding down the rock…its dangerous…but I got lucky that I landed on two foot.

P1183988 P1183991P1183997 P1184010

We went up back to the starting line of the trail and we took a rest infront of the sari sari store, while I enjoy my nice cold drinks, I watched a group of kids playing “piko” , they scratch the ground and then they played barefoot. I remember that time that I used to play “piko” during my elementary years, I’m happy to see that these kids are enjoying the game.

P1184013 P1184021
P1184024 P1184027
I want to join the piko game..but I’m so super lowbatt and I need to rest my legs after the trail climb

There’s a pond here in Mag Aso falls site

A big koi fish lives here
hahahaha! I was surprised that this big koi went to the surface of the pond.


Thanks Mag Aso falls!!! its nice to meet you! I hope I can go back here again and take a nice dip in to your colorful water streams.


Kabankalan City provincial government website :

Kabankalan City tourism page:

Sinulog de Kabankalan Facebook page:

Thanks and credits

*** Many thanks to Mr. Tootsie and Pie Zayco for inviting us here in Kabankalan City. Thanks also to Mr. Alfredo Otea, Kabankalan City tourism officer, for touring us around the city, you may contact him at +63 946 2832510 if you want some info or tour around the city.

Thanks also to my travel blogger mates Raffy of and Ron of for being the best company in every travel and gimmicks…and also nice to meet and thanks to Belle and Renz of and Nikka of . and last.. thanks to Mika, our PR contact for arranging and coordinating with us for this trip.
ts nice to meet you Kabankalan City!!! see you in our next visit.
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