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Saturday, February 15, 2014

4 ways to express your love and emotion to someone using WeChat this Valentine’s Day

Sending love notes or love message is just simple, but what if you will send a message that comes directly from your heart, there are times that some people feel shy on sending it because its not their natural thing to do, and this always happens every Valentines Day.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Market shop again in Mahogany Market- Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 10 END

Day 4 – This is my last blog post for our Tagaytay CNY Weekend blog series and our day ended in day 4, at around 10am, we went to Mahogany Market to buy some fresh vegetables, fruits and some beef meat, Mama was with us and she took lead in buying the items.

Carinderia adventure!–in Tower Canteen- Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 9

Day 3 – After our merienda in Sky Ranch, we walked inside the thick fog going back to Robinsons Summit Ridge, the thick fog suddenly appeared from nowhere and it engulf the entire city of Tagaytay. We walked until we reached the Tower canteen, another carinderia for everyone.

Red Engine Diner in Sky Ranch - Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 8

Day 3 – After a short downhill hike coming from Tagaytay Library and Musuem, we stop over here at Red Engine Diner in Sky Ranch to rest for a while, and also its so freaky to walk in the thick fog in Tagaytay, its hard to walk when there’s zero visibility in the road. We saw a lone line of traffic and lots of traffic enforcers on red alert, they are there to guide incoming motorist at the other side of the lane. Its dangerous too if you walk at the sidewalk at the other side and you might encounter a blinded driver due to the fog.

So we sat for a while and check out what’s good here in Red Engine Diner, Sky Ranch.

Above photo is our ordered merienda.. it’s a Margherita Pizza.
we ordered it because our son Ashton loves to eat tomatoes. Their pizza is delicious ha!

It’s a quick snack here in Red Engine Diner

Fog scene at Sky Ranch
At first I thought that fog are cold, but I felt that there’s no cold temp within the fog, but the waitress at the diner told us that we should wear our jackets and bonnets because we might catch a cold.

And then it was zero visibility in Sky Ranch
I wonder how the people there will enjoy the rides if they can’t see the view around them.

Here’s mommy Lace ordering our merienda of the day

My son, who is a bit afraid of the fog, because he can’t see anything through the thick fog. I just told him that its just a cloud that went down from the sky.

And then this reminds me of John Rojo hahaha
I’m expecting that this will be so chili..but its not.

Take out muna….
Red Engine Diner in Sky Ranch
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This blog post is part of my blog series – Tagaytay Chinese New Year weekend!

Tagaytay Library and Museum for kids - Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 7

Day 3 – We learned about this museum and library for kids after we saw a tv feature in a travel show in Channel 13, we are surprised that there’s a building with dinosaur exhibit and also library for kids in the heart of Tagaytay City. We don’t know the address or location of the museum, but I read a tip from a blog post that it is located in Baranggay Kaybagal in Tagaytay City. I also followed a Foursquare plot but it directed us to a wrong place, we landed in Memory Lane and not in The Library and Museum.

Filibeans Coffee shop - Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 6

Day 2 – We included in our itinerary in our next visit to Tagaytay to check out the Filibeans Coffee shop located inside Leslie’s restaurant in Tagaytay City. I discovered this café after searching some new resto and café online and then I just saw a blog post coming from Raffy’s blog -

Playtime in Mushroomburger playground- Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 5

Day 2 – After our lunch, we decided to go back to Mushroomburger in Tagaytay, we went there for the playground and not for the burger hahahaa. But I really want to order the lomi and their cheeseburger but my tummy is full already, I skipped on ordering the food and will visit them in the other day for a take out.

Carinderia lunch at Maui’s Canteen-Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 4

Day 2 – Its time for lunch here in Tagaytay! this time we took a break of dining to a fancy restaurant, and now we searched for the best carinderia in town here in Tagaytay City. While we are in Mendez crossing, we searched for a carinderia for our lunch, our preferred quality of a carinderia is – cheap price of food, clean dining area, clean storage of their food and clean dining area.

Noceda Bakery in Mendez crossing - Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 2

Day 2 – Good morning to all! our day 2 adventure started here in the heart of Mendez crossing, our agenda that day is to visit Noceda bakery, we went there via riding a jeep going to Mendez, and then we dropped off to “crossing”, it’s an intersection road going to Tagaytay-Nasugbu and Tagaytay-Mendez, at the middle of the intersection, we saw the Noceda Bakery signage, my wife is a big fan of their bread and that Jacobina cookies, I was surprised that the bakery is just there, she requested from me before to visit Noceda bakery when I went to Calatagan last year, but then I told her that its too far from where I am in Calatagan, but I didn’t know that the van while pass by infront when I went back home to Cavite.

Dinner at RSM Binalot sa Dahon and Hot Pot restaurant - Tagaytay CNY 2014 weekend part 1

Day 1 - Here’s another start of my new blog series here in Azrael’s Merryland. My wife planned for another weekend trip in Tagaytay City for the Chinese New Year holidays, yes it’s a holiday!!! and people who work 5x a week are very happy that their Fridays are blocked off for another weekend staycation. For us, we went back to Tagaytay for another food and travel adventure, when we arrived there the night of January 31, 2014, we experience the massive coldness of the city at 17C, it was crazy and felt that it was not Tagaytay City.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

7107 International Music Festival - Philippines’ Biggest Music Event of the Year (Feb 22-23, 2014 in Clark, Pampanga)

Music events, concerts and festival will never be the same ever again after this upcoming new international festival that is organized by our locals, the difference is that the music festival like the 7107 International Music Festival is not about money making, but also about promoting our country’s tourism , and give a hand to #YolandaPH, and also a part were we can showcase our pinoy culture and talent of our best artist in this age, according to festival producer Tina Herrera, it’s a way to show how music can move and change the world.

Wechat 5.1 update and 3 new game app Philippines launch

For being a techie and up to date to the latest messaging apps, I have to test it all and see which will be the busiest messaging app in my phone. I carry different kinds of messaging apps because a lot of my friends, family and people in my circle are available in those different apps, its like a sim card that some of them stick to Globe but others are available in Smart, then there are those people like me who carry two sim cards just to keep connected to my people, like a messaging app, you will discover here that I carry 8 messaging apps in my iPhone, and one of it is WeChat.

I have WeChat in my phone when the first IM (instant messaging) app rose from nowhere, thanks to social media and the tv ads, I got curious and got a time to install Wechat, its my 4th IM app that connects to my other circle of friends, but I noticed that among the 8 IM app that I have, WeChat is the most busiest IM app in my phone, it means that people in my circle, with my same age or could be around my age are using Wechat, there’s also a friend who sent me a message and told me that I can contact him there, but when I started to surf around the app, I spotted that there’s a social stream, called “Moments”, people post their status with photos and everyone can view it, comment it and even like it, its like Facebook wearing a different dress.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My experience in swimming with stingrays and sharks in Manila Ocean Park

When I learned that Manila Ocean Park will open a new attraction last year, I started to place it on top of my bucket list that I should try swimming with the stingrays and sharks, at first I thought that I’ll go inside the cage and be dropped inside the giant aquarium filled with stingrays and sharks, but then I saw a blog post and the blogger narrated their story that there’s this 5 feet sea water pool filled with stingrays and sharks. I was also invited to try it before during the launch, but I didn’t make it because of my busy schedule, but when I got invited again, I didn’t hesitated and agreed to join the short swim with these marine creatures. I even bought my own snorkel in a mall just to make sure that I’ll enjoy this moment swimming with the deadly stingrays.

So what’s the catch?

Monster Energy: The Bloodrush ~ Ken Block's Japan Experience (contest: win a trip to Japan!)

by: John Bautista

Monster drinks Full
To all monster Fans out there. A new and exciting promotion has been set, to meet and greet a famous
person up-close and personal. The Japan Experience with Ken Block. A grand experience
to be one of the passenger for the car race event and exhibition.
Ken Block competed in many action packed and thrilling sports events which are skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross, a professional rally driver, one of the co-founders of DC Shoes and a certified Monster member.

Monster Energy supports the platform in building the young generation to be the next Pros, the scene,
athletes, bands and the like as they promote concerts and thrilling events. Moreover, Monster isn't there just to give jackets, shirts and apparels but the wild experience of parties and exciting events that can be made possible.

Expedition: Danajon Bank photo exhibit in Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is currently hosting the photo exhibit about the conservation awareness for Danajon Bank, a 90 mile reef system located in Bohol. The Danajon Bank is starting to be damaged by over fishing and also water pollution by people who live infront of the bank. The reef is very rich on coral reefs and also populated with lots of marine creatures. Danajon Bank is also the most important marine ecosystem in the Philippines, because evolution of marine creatures still continues here and according to expert this is the center of center of marine biodiversity (source)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bone and Barrel Bistro–a steak and shank redemption in City walk 2, Eastwood City

Yihaaaa!! Cowboy! there’s a new restaurant in the central plaza of Eastwood City, yeah that central plaza with a fountain at the center and around it is a strip of restaurants that offers a booze venue for you and a parking site for your taste buds, when you arrive there, its hard to choose which resto is for you, but don’t worry, here’s a new restaurant that will make you shout like a cowboy, The Bone and Barrel Bistro is here to offer you not only booze, but also mouth watering steak, bulalo, sisig and pasta with a slight twist of cowboy style.

Construction vehicle toys in Landmark

My 3 year old son, Ashton, loves to play and also collect construction vehicle toys, we bought some of his favorite construction vehicles, his first is the Caterpillar dulldozer with back hoe, and then after a week I bought him small construction vehicle box set of Caterpillar just to add it to his Tomica and Hot Wheels play set, then Lace bought that Tonka small dump truck, and then after a month, Joni and Mama bought him a Bruder crane toy—the expensive toy ever, bought in the US. Tonka, Caterpillar, and Bruders are so expensive, so we did a cease fire on buying new construction toys for Ashton.

CBTL Bistro food that helps me to walk on two foot

Why the title ??? because I felt tipsy after attending that event in Prive and I’m glad that Raffy Pekson invited us to have a short break before going home, because some of us drank too much during the party, I’m glad that there’s a CBTL at the other side of the street, we stop by there and took a rest before heading home. It was around 12am already and we want to make sure that all our senses are back to normal, Its funny that they alcohol kick started to run through my nerve and I felt a bit light weight.

I told them that I just need something heavy just to push all those liquid in my tummy and digest something that is a real food.

Amber restaurant in Bacoor, Cavite now open!

We’re happy here in Cavite that our favorite food take out resto service is finally here in our town, I first tried this when I met Lace during 2004 and she shared to me this barbeque and pichi pichi she bought from Amber in Makati. Then I noticed that her family always order food in Amber Makati, sometimes we drop by there to order food for a birthday celebration here at home.

hello and welcome Amber in Cavite!!!

Manfrotto new 190 series and Be Free tripod

The new 190 series of Manfrotto is now a big dream to own for a pro and hobby photography, the design is much more better than the old tripod and with its new feature – 90° centre column mechanism, that can adjust the tripod to vertical-horizontal setting in order for the photographer to perform limitless creativity.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Walking Dead season 4 episode 9 continues in FOX this Feb 10 at 11:35am and 8:55pm (same US premiere)

I picked up the remaining eps 2-8 of the season 4 of The Walking Dead this Sunday,I just need to watch the whole half of the season before watching the other half of it that will premiere this Monday Feb 10, 2014 here on FOX, also the new episode that will air in the US will get the same schedule of airing here on FOX, so if you have the FOX channel in your cable tv, then don’t miss the mid-season’s answer to all those riddles that left us for almost two months.
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