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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fundacion Sansó Museum Opens in San Juan, MM


I just received an email about the opening of this museum. I haven’t visited it yet, let me share here the info that was sent to me. I saw Mr. Juvenal Sansó in person, in a gallery exhibit opening of Lopez Museum, but I didn’t got a chance to check out his works, I guess this is the right place to explore and appreiciate his art pieces.

The museum address is:

Fundacion Sansó
32 V. Cruz St., San Juan City


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details from my inbox:

Lovers of Philippine art will be thrilled to know that a new art museum has opened in San Juan City last November 26, 2014. Known as Fundacion Sansó, the museum houses the artworks and archives of internationally renowned artist Juvenal Sansó, whose art career spans over 65 years. Sansó, who grew up in Manila, has been awarded in three countries for his contributions in art. He received the Cross of Isabella from the King of Spain, the Order of Chevalier medal from the government of France, and the Presidential Medal of Merit from his beloved Philippines.

His works have been collected by prestigious museums around the world such as the Musee d Art Moderne, Paris; Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid; the Smithsonian Institution, Washington; the Metropolitan Museum, New York; Museum of Modern Art, New York, Chicago Art Institute; San Francisco Museum among many others. In our country, his works are in the National Museum, Ateneo Art Gallery, the Lopez Museum and CCP, and in many respected private collections.

The inaugural exhibition attempts to trace the connections in the many media he has excelled in, which are represented in his personal collection. Causality and influence are the themes this exhibition explores. Focusing on how one practice, such as drawing or photography, affects the way he paints; or how a big event such as the war or moving to a new country becomes the inspiration for a new body of work, are what the exhibition attempts to elucidate. More than 120 works are shown in the exhibit, including the award-winning "Incubus" (1951, gouache on board), his oils on canvas, sketches, drawings, and beloved prints and acrylic paintings. It also has a significant collection of his little known works such as his textile designs, opera set and costume designs, as well as his personal archive.

Fundacion Sansó is open Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. For inquiries, please call 952 1568 or email us at
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