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Thursday, January 15, 2015

My blog coverage of Pope Francis in Manila - day 1 #PopeFrancisPH #PapalVisit2015

DSC_0600 2

I promised myself that I will do a blog coverage of the Papal Visit this 2015. I even prepared since December last year, because I always prayed for the safety of Pope Francis when the time comes for his arrival here in Manila. The Sunday mass always have a prayer for the Pope at the end of each mass. Because of that, I got reminded last year that I should try and do a blog coverage.

But flashback to January 15, 2015, Pope Francis arrived in Manila at around 5:30pm, and I was still at home nursing a tummy ache and also I came back home after I ran an errand with my wife for her chest xray, I heavily monitored the news on Twitter to be informed what’s going on.

After we arrived home, I heard on the news that the Pope’s plane from Sri Lanka will arrive shortly, then Aunt Helen noticed and saw the Sir Lankan airline gliding in Cavite airspace, and then in some minutes, we saw on TV that the plane landed in NAIA safely.

I was a bit disappointed to myself that I wasn’t ready for the coverage, I already felt that I have no hope to see and take a photo of Pope Francis, I just prayed to God that maybe this is just a sign that its not the right time to go out, then when I saw that the Pope is not yet coming out from the airplane, I took a risky chance to scramble myself and insert my two DSLR camera inside an eco bag and left home right away.

I rode a jeepney from Cavite to Baclaran, and the road trip is fast, because there’s no traffic and blockade was felt after arriving in Macapagal road. I tweeted my excitement and was hopeful to arrive on time before the Pope do the motorcade. Then I read on Twitter that the Pope is still on the plane hahhaa.

I arrived on Coastal Terminal and that’s the end of the ride.

I’m surprised that the Pope is not coming out yet, it was tough luck that I arrived on time, I got excited and went to the crowded area of Roxas Blvd. and positioned myself for a quick coverage.


The crowd is just okay, I expected that I might not reach the main road for the Pope’s arrival. I waited for 30 minutes and then we noticed two survey vehicles and two cops on bike patrolled the road, and then Pope Francis arrived in front of us riding the Pope mobile.

His arrival in front of us is soooooooooooo fast, I think it lasted for 3 seconds ahhahaha.


I took some photos but failed to get a better photo. I left my external flash at home and forgot to bring it because I scrambled and in panic when I was still at home. But that’s okay, the built in flash of my Nikon D5300 will do the job for me.

Pope Francis is in front of us…waving his hand, smiling and got a 2nd chance to look back at us.

DSC_0600 2

The Pope mobile already passed by away from us, but he looked back and smiled at the crowd.

DSC_0600 3

I just wished that I got a clear photo of Pope Francis, because I noticed that he noticed my camera.
arghh, but that’s okay, there’s still day 2 and day 4 left for me to cover his presence here in Manila.

The excitement and also experience is very different. I felt a bit weird when he waved, looked at us and smiled back.

It was awesome…thank you Pope Francis and welcome here in  Manila, Philippines.

here are some other photos ----


My view when I was still at home…scrambling and on panic mode because Pope Francis already arrived and I’m still at home.


My first view when I arrived in Coastal-NAIA road


The crowd gave me a notice that Pope Francis is still at the airport


The sun starts to go out…and night time blanket all vantage point


Cops and MMDA are around, I prayed that all are ok and safe


MMDA and cops are here,, I feel a sense of safety


The Pope is here!!
the crowd shouted and then my view were blocked by hands on air with iPads and smartphones.
I guy behind my back said, that they can’t see the Pope, then his companion said, they can watch the view in someone’s iPad hahaha.


Pope mobile sighted..and here we confirmed that Pope Francis is really here in Manila!! ayaayayay!
Then the crowd went wild…..

If the weather is good and my health is okay, I will cover the day 2 of his stay here in Manila.
so see you tomorrow!

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