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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Infront and around Quiapo Church- Feast of the Black Nazarene 2015 part 2


After some zombie steps from Recto, it took me around 20 or maybe 30 minutes to arrive here in Quiapo Church. It was a great timing because I arrive during the start of the mass, whew!

And I always stand here iin frontand outside the church. I want to go inside but its too crowded. The weather was cloudy, and glad there’s no sun at around 12nn, but there are some chances of drizzles but I’m glad it didn't pour so hard.
I’m a bit concerned on my skin, because I got this two day old skin treatment, few days ago I visited a skin clinic and they removed my warts from my neck and now my neck is under medication with fresh wounds. I covered my neck with some shoal to prevent the sun and also not to catch any body fluids of other people. Its very hard for me this year but that’s how it is, more sacrifice just like Jesus when he got crucified.

Anyway, I’m still glad that its not scorching hot that day and the weather is fine….
plus with cold breeze. wow!



Devotees carrying their mini replica of the Black Nazarene.
Back in the 90’s, my parents asked me to carry our mini replica of the Black Nazarene. I was so pissed that I will carry it the whole day, but then I got enlightened and was happy to see people pray infront of our mini statue.


its funny that the camera man of this giant video wall is shooting a footage of the crowd.
I was there waving my hand hahaha near the balloons


It’s the iconic Mercury Drug video call in Quiapo
I just hope next time they stream the mass and not the crowd


Portalets are available here infront of Quiapo Church.
Expect long lines and also the stench


Lady devotee light up a candle for wish…prayers…good health and more money


A group of religious cult is performing some street blessing


Massage for all.


Street vendor stares at the 2015 calendar with photo of Pope Francis


Faith healers are having a big show here,
I listened to his talk and it was good.
He said that our illness will be cured if we always pray to God and Jesus.


I placed myself infront of the gate
also…a good spot for photography


You can also see another replica of the Black Nazarene inside the church


Giant video wall at the left side of the church
The video feed and stream are getting better every year


Slippery, muddy and dirty pavement around the church
I’m glad that I’m wearing my Converse chucks


I don’t know what kind of Filipino provincial dialect they used for the Hosanna song
Its bi-lingual, first was this dialect and then Tagalog


Blessing of the devotees
Thank you Senor Nazareno!


Everlasting flowers
here I also started to shoot video from my GoPro
I wear my GoPro and roam around the street


Side view of the church

will post my panoramic photo later


Carriedo market..
I took the wrong route…its super crowded here


Fresh veggies for sale





I spotted the Chicken again hahahah.


The mass ended at around 1:30pm.
I was so hungry and walked all the way from Quiapo church to Ongpin.
I ate my lunch there and my next blog post is about my walkathon in Binondo

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