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Saturday, January 10, 2015

On my way to Quiapo Church–Feast of the Black Nazarene 2015 part 1


Its another time of the year, its the 1st feast for the entire year and I’m glad its here in Manila, I was prepared for this, but then I realized I’m not fully prepared. I left home so late and arrived here in Recto, Manila at around 11:30am, compare to my regular visit in Quiapo Church, I usually arrive at around 9am and attend mass at an early schedule.

But my story started when cameras are low batt, I woke up early and started doing some morning chores with my son and then I got the time to charge my gadgets and get updated on what’s going on at the procession of the Black Nazarene.
As usual, I will gear up and cover it here in my blog, I don’t usually blog about it, but since I’m there and I see the action, its best for me to take a pic, shoot a video and share a story here in my blog.


Here’s my view of the part of the MRT
I arrived in D. Jose LRT station and took the Recto route going to Quiapo Church. Its much more easy to go there and I’m very familiar with the place.


MRT lobby is deserted as I arrive, because every took the Carriedo station, much more nearer to the church.


Here I test my camera and prepared myself to gear up
Nikon D5300 strapped to my Black Rapid strap
and then a GoPro Hero 3+ attached to my strap


Lone guard….watching the crowd below the MRT


Back view….


my old tambayan during my College years hahaha.
Isetan was cool during the 90s


Grocery staff push a cart back to their grocery here in Isetan


Spotted some devotees sleeping outside the mall


A devotee and her child… waiting for someone


Kids enjoyed watching a vendor showing off his paper toy


My road to Quiapo Church starts here….


Spotted some shirts of Jesus sold by local vendors


My first view of the Black Nazarene replica here in Recto
Actually I was clueless about the whereabouts of the procession. I logged into my Twitter checking the updates of all news center


arrival of another replica at the other side of the Recto ibabaw


more shirts for sale.
priced at around PHP 100 to PHP 150


Lady vendor sells their home made shirts for the feast


A kid carries his take home maya bird


”Ama ko”
means.. my Father
This lady is selling a silk screen print to your shirt for PHP 20 only


Oh… my first sighting of a merchandise of Pope Francis papal visit


Picture taking….


Buko vendor…


These shirts designs looks cool
I like the Sto Nino shirt


The most awesome shirt is a Manny Pacquiao shirt!


Puto you want ?
All street food looks good. But I avoid eating one


Lady devotee ask for some directions from our Manila Police
awesome!! good job sir


Silk screen print business is now open!
get a print for only PHP 20.
Bring your own shirt


hahahaha China made toys…


Statue of the Black Nazarene sold as souvenir or your own image at home


This guy is giving away free bottled water
I was surprised that he do that, maybe he’s a business owner of a local shop in Raon st.


Approaching…Raon st.


Spike hair guy arrives carrying a case of Coca Cola.
Ohhh…I want to drink an ice cold after my trip here.


Devotees arrived and walking away from the church


Poor birds..
those African lovebirds are priced at PHP 380 for pairs


I spotted a fellow shooter


The crowd starts to swell
it means I’m near Quiapo church


Its my first time to spot this new foot bridge before the Quiapo Church.
I saw this on TV and the priest stood there to bless all the statues and replica of the Black Nazarene.

next blog post…. scene around Quiapo church
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