The Pope, the people, the cops and the wave - my blog coverage of Pope Francis in Manila day 2

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I went to SM MOA complex to get a another chance to photo image Pope Francis with my camera, but the area of Macapagal blvd is super crowded and its hard to get a descent photo shot of our Pope. I went there around 3:30pm and I walked from McDo Aseana area going to Blue Wave. My idea is to stay at other side of the road for me to enjoy some drinks in Mcdonalds and Starbucks. But….

I discovered that the intersection at Blue Wave is already closed and there’s no other way to go there, you can only cross the road if you go around Roxas or SM MOA. Its too far, but I observed that the crowd there is much lesser than our place which is the road going to Baclaran and not to SM MOA side.

So I positioned myself there and waited for the Pope to arrive for 1 1/2 hours. I brought my plastic folding chair with me so that I can sit in a relaxing position. I sat there with lots of people who are there to see and welcome Pope Francis.

We got bored waiting, but then people around me starting to have a conversation with each other. I talked to this girl and some gay guys waiting for the Pope, then there’s an old mom with her teenage daughter infront of me, People started to cheer whenever there’s a vehicle coming to the Pope’s route, I stand on my chair and see the incoming vehicle, but the police said that its just a military truck, we got tips from the cops that if there are helicopters roaming around the sky, it means that the Pope is coming.

For me, the only sign is that Smart signal is dead on my iPhone and that’s the main signal that the Pope is already coming, when I confirmed that Smart signal is now dead, that’s exactly 5PM when the Pope starts to roll from his local home Apostolic Nunciature in Taft-Quirino, Manila going to SM MOA Arena here in Pasay City.

A woman who is watching the news on her smartphone with TV (I have to own this, its much more convenient than a bulky AM radio that overheats), she said that the Pope is already near our area. The people went wild as we saw some cops on big bike arrived and then we saw the convoy.

Its hard to take a photo of the Pope because lots of people trying to capture it too using their iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones, LG phones, Cherry and etc.

But I’m thankful that he finished the mass and met the families in MOA Arena, it was an awesome day again with the Pope, and its cool to see him for two times. I wish that I can take another photo of him on day 4. Well. let’s try again.

Day 3 – Pope Francis is now in Tacloban, to meet the families who are affected by Typhoon Yolanda. He will come back to Manila this Jan. 18 and last visit is in UST Church.

While I wait for the Pope to arrive, I took some photo shots of the crowd and the people here in Macapagal Blvd.




First crowd that I saw in Macapagal


Never give up… see the Pope


Police watch tower in Macapagal Blvd.


Families arrived to see the Pope
I think they are going to MOA Arena


Selfie muna, to immortalize your welcome to the Pope

SM MOA is sooo crowded on that day


A Brother talks on his megaphone advising that the MOA Arena gate will close at 3pm.


Thank you…they have portalets


Cops on stand by


My view of the fly over and Heritage Hotel


The crowd to my left


waiting for the arrival of the Pope


Kid waves his hand…practice lang


my view when I stand up on top of my small plastic chair


Everyone are taking photo of an incoming military truck hahaha


the long wait…


Lots of chopper flyby circle the main route of the Pope


Mr. Pulis….attention attention


Cops allows small kids to sit and stay infront of the barricade, for a good view to see the Pope


Pope is near.


A local vendor sells Sto Nino and Pope St. John Paul II poster
oh man..I super miss Pope John Paull II


A guy with a camera beside me is praying


the funny moment….a bored killer
a wave from side to side

then the crowd shouted “ang pulis naman!”
we requested that the cops infront of us do the wave thing too hahahahah. its funnny


Pope’s convoy is here


Yey!! Pope Francis is infront of us..lots of cheers, waves, scream and everyone are thankful that Pope Francis is here with us