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Saturday, February 14, 2015

BURP! Flame-Grilled Burger– finally! a new taste for burgers is here! (located in Angeles City, Pampanga)


Its not a burger joint with twist, but I can say that it’s the burger joint that brings new taste for burgers. After eons of burger eating in my entire life, I finally discovered a new taste here in Burp! Flame-Grilled Burger, a burger joint located in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Burp! burgers surprised us when we tried the last burger, the BBC Burger. I think it’s their flag ship burger, because there’s something unique on it and it brings a new kind of taste the beats other flame grilled burger.

BURP means “BUrgers RE-invented for Perfection”

When my friend suggested that we visit this in Pampanga, my mind keeps telling me that it might be the same taste with Burger King or maybe tastier than Tropical Hut or Wendys. But I let my taste buds decide to judge when it comes to taste.

I know it’s a home grown product, so I will remove myself out of the fast food concept (in terms of speed of service and interior design of the resto), my focus here is to eat a burger and see if I will reach nirvana in no time.
The location is near Clark area, you have to make a U turn in order to enter the service road to the other side of Angeles City. I suggest you use a WAZE app in order to reach it with no problems.


Burp! Burgers is small, they have one table for the al fresco dining and some tables inside that can fit 12 people.


We ordered the regulars and the best sellers here.
While we wait, we entertained ourselves with some DVD marathon…. I got hooked on watching this Perfect Pitch movie..its nice pala..I will watch this when I get back home ahhaha.


The burger store is small, and you can see here that I’m sitting in front of the kitchen.
According to the Burp! staff named Joy, most of their customers are foreigners who lived in nearby hotels around the street. But she said that there are also lots of pinoys who also visit to eat some burgers.

We learned that Burp! opened last month January 2015.


Here’s their menu
very affordable naman.

shucks..I will order next time that one pound burger.

here’s what we ordered yesterday.

Burp! Cheese Burger
PHP 140

We learned that they don't use oil in grilling their burger, they use the natural oil from the beef patty to cooked it self when its on the flame.

Burp! Monster
PHP 160

It’s a burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and onion.

BBC Burger
PHP 150

My favorite is the BBC Burger, this burger contains so simple burger inserts – BBQ bacon, cheese, burger patty and caramelized onions.

Its better than the rest of the burger here in Burp! there’s a special sauce that made this burger much more tastier and added with caramelized onions, it’s a battle of sweet and smokey flavor, something that I can’t tell what it is but its good, yummy and a new taste for me.

two thumbs up for the BBC burger!


Yeah, they serve it this way, so that you can see the burger inserts.

Post by BURP.

Next time.... My mission is to eat this two burgers of BURP!


Here’s mommy Myrns, our mommy of the day…preparing our burgers ahahah


Ted enjoys the last few bites of the Burp! Monster burger


Here’s the BBC Burger!!


nomnomnomnomnom!!! After this bite, we immediately comment that its good and the taste that we are looking for is present in the BBC Burger.

A taste that is new and different. Wow!! thanks Burp!! you finally got us here.



address: 154 Stall D. Narciso St., Angeles City, Pampanga (street near Eurotel, the burger joint is near Near TIGER Hotel)
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