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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Inside look of Propaganda exhibit at Lopez Museum and Library


“The propaganda in our art really works”, that’s one of the comment that was shared to us from one of the guest artist at Lopez Museum and Library’s new exhibit “Propaganda” it’s a new art exhibit theme for February 6-May 30, 2015. Lopez Museum and Library partnered with Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp, to bring you a different way to view art by using their Samsung tablets, Samsung tv and other Samsung mobile devices.

These devices can stream live an augmented reality feature in some selected artworks, just point a Samsung tablet in a Juan Luna art masterpiece and see how it animates, or view the ancient books of our island discoverers with a use of Samsung mobile device and view lots of images and digital artwork that was converted with the use of state of the art restoration and displayed it to a Samsung Tv.

Art definitely have a place in any tech or gadgets, that’s why this kind of exhibit will feature the 1st tech related museum experience that will bring art closer to us.

The Propaganda exhibit brings out the art of myth-making and how it affects the people during its time and also the people of modern time. It will place us on where we will head next or if there are changes in present day that was learned from the past.

The past serves as a warning for the future, but viewing the artworks of the past gives a spine chilling feeling, because what happened during 1970+ is also happening today, there are no changes and this gives us an option to stay, move, avoid and change.

Propaganda features also the World War 2 propaganda posters, news clippings and election campaign materials. The exhibit also commemorates the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2. They also have the contemporary artist as one of their guest and featured art for the exhibit.

I like the exhibit today, because its easy to interpret, its very related on whats happening and also easy to digest.


Its is not only a themed art exhibit. But there are also scheduled talks and seminars that is quite related to Propaganda. There’s a venue inside Lopez Museum that was converted into a café where the seminars and talks are held. Free coffee offered by Gourmet Farms, (its good and I super love their coffee).

here are the schedules


Artist Talk with Nunelucio Alvarado   
February 6, 3 – 5PM 

A lecture with Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio on the Scarborough Shoal Claim of the Philippines  
February 21, 2 – 4PM 

Screening and open forum with filmmaker and artist, Alvin Yapan  
February 28, 2 - 4PM 

Lecture with historian, columnist and scholar, Dr. Ambeth Ocampo on the relationship of history and myths/myth-making  
March, 2 – 4PM *final date for confirmation 

Cartography: The art of map-making  
April,  2 – 4PM *final date for confirmation 

Screening of Dawn of Freedom, followed by an open forum  
May 2, 1 – 4PM  

Artist Talk with Joey Cobcobo and Pandy Aviado  
May 16, 2- 4PM 

For inquiries and registration, please call Tina Modrigo or Thea Garing at 6312417 or send email to


Lopez Museum and Samsung PH
They will bring a different kind of museum experience here in the Philippines


Featured guest artist for Propaganda (on photo)
1)  Nunelucio Alvarado
2)  Joey Cobcobo
3)  Alvin Yapan

(not on photo)
Don Salubayba
Santiago Bose

The Propaganda exhibit was supposed to be led by Don Salubayba since last year, but then he passed away at age 35 last March 2014. Don is popular for his shadow art play and also Anino-mation (shadow animation). While the late Santiago Bose is also popular in his mixed media art series and being co-founder of Baguio Arts Guild.

Nunelucio Alvarado is Bacolod based artist and also the founder of Concerned Artists of Negros and the Black Artists of Asia, his art and contribution for Propaganda is perfect because he witnessed the way of life during Martial Law and he is the artist who mentioned that the his art for propaganda really works.

Joey Cobcobo and Alvin Yapan are both installation artist, their art installation showed the reality of life and also the expose for the naked truth.


A Samsung tablet in Lopez Museum café – free to use, there are lots of info and details about the exhibit


Ethel Villafranca, one of the curators here in Lopez Museum, she guide the guests inside the museum and do the art talks together with her curator partner Ricky Francisco.

Its my 2nd year and 3rd time to listen to Ethel’s art talks, and I’m surprised that she will leave the museum for awhile to finish her PhD in Museum Education at the University of Melbourne in March 2015. 


This is the small café that I mentioned, the walls and tables are decorated by vintage photos from the LVN Pictures archive here in Lopez Museum and Library. The photos and stills reminded me those black and white movies that I watch in RPN 9, you know that I watch those movies during my youngling years. Me and Kathy talked about the classic films and I told her that I’m searching for this classic film that involves a woman who got telekinetic powers.


I remembered that they used the same table and wall during last years’ Articles of Disagreement exhibit. They dressed up the walls and tables by sticking the reproduced photos of LVN artist.


A Samsung TV displays a slideshow of LVN photos, I just hope that they can stream an old movie and instead of photos


Nunelucio Alvarado and his mixed media art installation titled “Wala” tiles art.
He printed his hand drawn art and converted it as a tile for his Propaganda.


“Rompagon ang mga sakon!!!” a Bacolod local words for “Tirahin ang mga sakim”, or  “Let’s attack the greedy”


Also the exhibit features the masterpiece of our national artist Jose Joya. We have a large sized painting here at home made by Joya, all are colorful with thick brushes of paint, but this version is not too colorful but strikes a strong emotional output.


I’ve been to Lopez museum for several times and every time they have an exhibit they always surprised me by showing more artworks from their archives, here’s an awesome painting study….. yes…it’s a study and I thought its already the final art of  "Allegory of a Farce", oil on canvas by Romulo Galicano


This part is a bit disturbing….go figure.


I super love the comic art and editorial cartoons of the 70’s, there they show an editorial cartoon that is perfect for our upcoming 2016 election. I even posted a campaign in my Facebook mentioning that we need more of this editorial and propaganda cartoon. Its just a cartoon, but the message on it really convinced us about the reality.


Here’s another cartoon that amazes me. The artist predicted the lives of pinoys in Manila in a not so distant future… yup, the flooding is already happening and we’re now inventing amphibious vehicles to cross the flood in the metro.


Museum curator Ethel showed to us the Samsung mobile device where we can read more about the displayed artworks.


Our museum experience is now leveling up here in Lopez Museum. Thanks to Samsung for the technology partnership.


Propaganda guest artist Alvin Yapan showed to us his video installation. It shows a video loop and unlimited flow of grains of rice. I didn’t get the story behind this, but Alvin said that the rice came from a real “rice problem or issue” from a town  here in the Philippines.


Propaganda guest artist Joey Cobcobo featured to us his art installation titled “Tahanang walang hagdanan”, the house without a stair. We learned here that Joey used a real make shift ladder owned by a poor person, then he used his own money to buy them a new ladder as his donation.


There’s a fun factor here in Joey’s art installation, everyone in the room can be part of the art. You have to wear those bakya or wooden sandals and you step on a ladder with ink and then take a step in the floor canvas to stamp on the etched message on the wooden sandals


sample finished art collab with the artist and audience


Pasyon and rebolusyon, an art installation taken from the original art with the same title by Santiago Bose, the art first appeared in the 80’s, but today it was reinstalled and brought back by Kawayan de Guia for the Propaganda exhibit.

It’s a beautiful art installation, and it also reflects an eerie effect. I can’t breathe properly because the setting gives a small amount of shock content.


the creepy part of this art..
there’s something weird in this mail box


and the real skull….gives a spooky vide.


Juan Luna’s Espana y’ Filipinas got the first Samsung augmented reality art. We used a Samsung tablet to see an ultra violet version of the painting and also reveals the hidden messages in Juan Luna’s art.


Don Salubayba’s award winning shadow animation called Anino-mation. His shadow animation short titled “The Legend of the Philippines”, revealed to us the origin of our country and its people coming from his own imagination.

You can watch the full video of it here in Lopez Museum.


There’s a room filled with World War II propaganda posters and news clippings, here you can browse the posters and also go back in time when people uses art to entice the public about the success of their war against another country.


Here’s a propaganda poster from Japan during the World War 2


When public opinion can hide and secretly expose themselves in a propaganda cartoon manner.


Here’s the iconic propaganda poster by Rey Manuel Isip, a Fil-Am artist who interpreted the Fighting Filipinos in this 1943 poster.

This poster also got a Samsung augmented reality treatment. Aim a Samsung tab and you’ll see that the entire poster will go animated.

Thank you to all our bloggers who joined with us for the preview and tour here in Lopez Museum


Lopez Museum and Library

Address: G/F Benpres Bldg. Exchange Road Corner Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig

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