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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Fly for free via “Get Go” lifestyle rewards program from Cebu Pacific

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

Traveling around our country and around the world will be more fun for this year because Cebu Pacific just recently launched their 1st ever lifestyle rewards program, its far more different from others and this will guarantee you to fly for free with no hassle. The GET GO lifestyle rewards program can let you earn points that you can use in getting a free flight, add ons for your flight like seat reservation, baggage, meals and many more, you can also use the points in purchasing items from the GET GO website and also earn more points by purchasing via partners of GET GO.

The frequent you fly with Cebu Pacific network, you can earn many points and redeem your fly for free tickets to any local and international destinations.

The most unique benefit of GET GO is that you can purchase flight via points, purchase an item via points, purchase an add on via points, transfer points to a friend or group, you can also earn via group membership, and you can top up points with cash for your flight.

Its like a rewards card that you can shop anything related to CEB airline. The more frequent you fly, the more points you earn via Cebu Pacific’s GET GO

GET GO CIRCLE OR GROUPThe best feature of the GET GO lifestyle rewards program is that you can create a group or circle composed of friends or family members. In a joint group connection, one GET GO member can transfer points to any member of their circle, and also its faster and easier to earn more points if one of the team member is a frequent flyer. Collaboration with your team mates can help another member to fly for free.

According to the e-flyer at GET GO website, 1 points is equals to a PHP5, so if you purchase a PHP3,500 Cebu Pacific air fare, then you can get a 700 points.

I saw from the presentation of GET GO (during its bloggers preview in Cebu), One free flight can cost 5000 points, but for other schedules, you can get as low as 3,000 points, depending on the flight schedule. (sample flight Cebu to Manila.) I got a tip that GET GO will launch a promo flight in their website, the points needed for free flight is up to 800 points or less or maybe more.

Thank goodness…. GET GO points do no expire as long as you use your GET GO card to earn points at least once a year.

You can earn more points and get some exclusive offers when you purchase your ticket via the GET GO and CEBU PACIFIC partners.

1. Metrobank Card Robinsons-Cebu Pacific MasterCard
2. CEB Citibank
3. Citi Rewards
4. Citi PremierMiles
5. ZAP
6. Ring Rob Concierge
Visit the GET GO website for more details of the exclusive offers

According to Cebu Pacific, they already serviced 17 M passengers last 2014, and they are indeed the largest Philippine carrier and best low cost carrier in Asia last 2014. The CEB Club members in their database is a total of 1.4 M CEB passengers and travelers, with 60% who is actively purchasing 3 trips on average per member.

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

1. First just register and log on to
2. Make sure you enter your complete and full details (real name, address and etc.)
3. You can also link up your existing Cebu Pacific Club membership to Get Go,
4. After registering, apply your GET GO card, just fill up the application form and agree to pay the PHP 150 membership fee.
5. The GET GO card will be mailed to your home in 20 working days
6. If you have a recent flight with Cebu Pacific network, just log on to GET GO and go to and then enter the departure date, flight number, and ticket number – with this, you can redeem your points even before your register to GET GO
7. For family and circle of friends, you can create a CIRCLE where you can earn points together, you can also transfer points to any circle members of your group, just go to
8. Hot tip – always check out the PROMOS at GET GO for affordable flights via paying it with points

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

I’m excited to get a free flight to Palawan, Davao and Gen San.
I’m new with this GET GO , but expect a follow up blog post report after I purchase my first free flight.

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific AirGet Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

GET GO is available in three kinds of GET GO cards, you can select one design when you register via the GET GO website. It will be a personalized card with your name and card number. The GET GO team told us that they will launch a new batch of design for the GET GO card. I told them that they should use photos of our own destinations and attractions, like photo of a nice beach in Palawan, or the fruits in Davao or maybe the food and churches of Iloilo City.

I chose the vintage camera SLR design because it resembles my personality as a photographer and a blogger.

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

I finally registered my GET GO card… and now the long wait starts…
I should fly again with CEBU PACIFIC to get more points in my account.

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

Heads up!!
Check out the newly body design of the Cebu Pacific airplane, I’ve spotted this plane when we went to Cebu few weeks ago.

I’m not sure if it’s the maiden flight, we boarded this from MNL to CEB and back.

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

I got some extra GET GO cards…I will give it away soon here in my blog.
so always check my blog ha.

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air
Nik Laming, GetGo general manager

“In the coming months, some of the country’s leading retail, banking and service brands will join our growing network of partners to offer more opportunities for millions of Filipinos to earn rewards points and fly with Cebu Pacific for free,” said Nik Laming, GetGo general manager. “With this exciting lifestyle rewards scheme, all you need to do is fly, shop, dine and get ready to go places.” GetGo current anchor partner are Citibank and Metrobank credit cardholders can convert their rewards to GetGo points and start flying for free. Other partners include ZAP and RingRob Concierge.

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

Thanks to Cebu Pacific for the low cost rate, every Juans in the Philippines are now a frequent flyer and thanks for putting up a rewards program for us…its about time to give back to loyal juans and juanas.

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

And because of this..I want to go back to Cebu and stay again in Moevenpick Resort.. Its my 1st time to stay in a good resort in Cebu, and this will magnet me back… Now im hoping for a free flight soon at GET GO.

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

Get Go PH loyalty rewards program from Cebu Pacific Air

Time to get going with GET GO

Thanks to Cebu Pacific team for inviting me to preview the GET GO service and launch!

For more information on memberships and partners, visit , or call +632 71-GETGO (43846). The latest updates are also on GetGoPH's official pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

GET GO Facebook -
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