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Thursday, October 08, 2015

From BGC to Batangas- driving smart and do more with Shell Fuel Save

Its my first time to learn from Shell about fuel efficiency, I was a driver before and all we can think about is how you can conserve more fuel when you drive your car in a long or short trip. I did get some tips from professional drivers, especially from my 1st driving instructor who taught me first on how to save fuel and how to drive the proper way, but as time goes by, many of the rules of the road and driving hacks have its own myth, there’s no real or actual study about fuel efficiency back then, and the only way to get the right knowledge are from the PROs itself.

For example, I just learned that turning off the air conditioner of your car and opening all windows of your car wont save you fuel during your journey, there are some misconceptions about it and if you learned about some science, you’ll know that the wind factor that envelopes the car while on the highway increases a lot of drag and this slows down the car.

The Shell Fuel Save – Drive Smart and Do More Campaign teaches the motorist, the old and new drivers, about saving fuel while driving and do more things after it. Saving a lot of fuel will give you more long trips and also no delays in your travel, it means no pit stop at the nearest gas station. And also it will save you more money!

Shell Fuel Save gasoline and diesel are fuels that are designed to last longer, they contain active efficiency ingredients and are designed to improve the condition of your car’s engine and its gears. They offer this now in all Shell gas stations and its best to use it during your travels and also it’s a good fuel if you have a fuel efficient car like a Mazda with SkyActiv




We tried the fuel efficiency and eco challenge of Shell Fuel Save, the challenge is that we will drive a Mazda 2 SkyActiv car from BGC up to Laiya, Batangas. With the combined fuel of a Shell Fuel Save and an efficient car like the Mazda, both car and fuel brand will show us results about fuel efficiency and how we can apply all the driving tips to save more fuel.

But even if you have the right fuel and the fuel efficient car, there’s no guarantee yet that you will save more fuel. Because the man behind the wheels is another factor. With proper knowledge in driving and fuel efficiency tips, you can hack your way in saving more fuel if you know what you are doing.

A good example was shown to us when a team of professional drivers did an eco challenge by driving a full tank car and drive around the country, from Luzon to Mindanao. The car went back to Luzon for the last leg and the winning team did an awesome feat by driving the right way to save fuel and they went around the country and back home with some fuel left.

I know its impossible, but it’s a test drive that was proven by many that you can do the same too.

For our eco challenge with Shell Fuel Save, here are some tips that I learned.

1. Plan your trip first, strategize where to start, where to stop and where to end your trip. This will save you more time during the trip.

2. Be a smart driver – Drive with air conditioning is okay, and don’t drive car on a highway with windows open, this will give more air drag to the car and it will slow down even if you are on top speed. Always monitor the cars ahead of you and also monitor traffic lights ahead. Don’t press the break yet if you know that the red light is far away from you, release the gas pedal and this will slow you down, if you catches the green light ahead of you, press the gas pedal again and drive without stopping. This will save you more fuel by taking advantage of the car’s remaining RPM.

3. Learning never stops – being a pro driver or driving with a lot of experience is not enough to be a smart driver. It is good to learn from the real PROS about the real info about fuel efficiency. Read a book, or google an info or just attend a driving event or Shell event to add more knowledge about driving.

4. Carrying a lot of weight in your car is also a factor for fuel saving. Make sure you carry the most important things and leave home the lesser items and the things you don’t need. Driving a car with a lot of load or passenger can affect your fuel efficiency.

5. Always be responsible in driving and also think about safety first – don’t text while driving, this will slow you down and its dangerous to use your phone when driving.

6. Use Shell Fuel Save in your car – its fuel ingredient is good to your car, its chemical agent can help the car’s longevity and it doesn’t give corrosions to the engine.

If you plan to travel this holiday break, make sure you use the right fuel like Shell Fuel Save and also apply the “Drive smart and do more” to have fuel efficient in your car.

Stay Safe and always eyes on the road.


At the briefing of Shell Fuel Save Drive Smart Do More Driving Challenge


My son is listening too during the briefing, he loves cars and this is his first motoring event.


Getting to know some tips and also the science behind Shell Fuel Save


That’s our Mazda 2 SkyActiv car
We will drive this from BGC to Laiya, Batangas


With my family and co blogger from the PBNET, Ian Bacungan of


We use radio to communicate with the rest of the Mazda convoy


Ian a new smart driver


The fun part…..learning from the PRO drivers.


Driving lesson on how to be a smart driver


Fuel scientist from Shell explains to us about the science behind Shell Fuel Save


Me and my son imitates the poster of Shell’s Drive Smart Do More campaign


Visiting an elementary school in San Juan, Batangas, we taught the kids on what to bring and not to bring in their bags during travel and camping trips.


Our aerial photo op with the students and also Shell team
(we are at the back)


Its our first time to join the eco challenge and we spent PHP 388 for the entire trip hahahahaha.
Our fault is that we left the car idle for hours when we did a challenge in SLEX Shell station.


Out last pit stop…and rest time here in Acuaverde in Laiya, Batangas


My work desk by the beach..
I just finished a deadline that day hahahaha


Going back to Manila.
Thank goodness that Ian will take a rest and we have a driver from Shell to drive us back to Manila.
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