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Friday, November 20, 2015

Taste and try with the Chowking Chunky Asado Siopao #‎BuksanParaMalaman‬


In the world of food news, I heard that Chowking is introducing an all new, all chunky Asado siopao. Im not sure if its the same Asado siopao that they offer, but its my 1st time to hear the word “chunky” included in the name of an Asado siopao. Will this beat the siopao offered by other fast food and convenience store? hmmmm…

Check out my story below and learn what’s going on about Chowking’s siopao.

PR photo

I think its really a new version of a siopao in Chowking. Here’s a promo image of their Chowking Chunky Asado Siopao.

Today, we can eat a siopao from Chowking, that is jam packed with lots of asado beef inside. Steamy, hot and toasted siopao, prepared by the Chowking way.

And to kick off their new release of asado siopao, they conducted a nationwide Chunky Asado Siopao taste test and free sampling in selected Chowking branches around the Philippines. The last remaining leg for the free sampling will be tomorrow November 21 in SM Dasmariñas and SM Cagayan De Oro.

Just visit that Chowking branches and receive a free Chunky Asado Siopao.


#‎BuksanParaMalaman‬ – in order to see what’s inside the siopao, you are required to take a peak and see the chunky asado inside your siopao.

During their free sampling in Chowking, their customers mentioned that the Chunky Asado Siopao is "siksik sa laman" "malasa at masarap" "hindi tipid sa laman at malambot pa ang bun" and "lasang asado talaga"

Chowking will have more sampling in selected Chowking branches this November 28, it’s a surprise for all, and if you spotted one, you are welcome to taste and try it.

***** I also learned that they call this sioplets aka mini siopao ( it’s a mini version of siopao)


At home… Chowking sent over the Chunky Asado Siopao for us to taste and try it.
I sent a Facebook message to my family and told them that our merienda is here on the table hahaha.
I was so excited and also got hungry when I saw the siopao smoking hot inside the box.
Thanks Chowking..


The box label on the side has a mini trivia for all siopao lovers.


Here’s a three Chunky Asado sioplets.
I super love the top bun..they are so cute because they are so soft hahaha.
I always heat them in our oven and I love to eat it all brownish on top during breakfast.


#BuksanParaMalaman -- so I opened the mid part of the siopao to see the chunky asado meat.


My review
The asado meat is good as usual, you really don’t need to put more sauce because Chowking added already an asado sauce inside the siopao. But using an extra siopao sauce adds a lot of sweet flavor to your siopao.

For my preference, I still want a red hot sauce on my siopao, but Chowking never offer the hot sauce, so I suggest you have a stock of a small bottle of hot sauce to kick up more flavors.

But the Chunky Asado Siopao satisfied my crave and hunger, and I was done eating one bun over a hot coffee. And yes, it was chunky…the meat is sliced in big part but not in chunk or in square slice as I expected.

I haven’t seen any price list yet, but the sioplets might be below PHP 60.

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