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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Market Master Erwan–an Android game app by Xeleb

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

Fans and celebrity are now connected virtually, thanks to Xeleb, a game dev company, for releasing a series of Android game app based on a pinoy celebrity. The game concept is related to the pinoy celeb’s career and personality. Fans can now interact with them via playing the game, win a placement on a leader score board, win a real prize item and have a chance to meet them in person.

That’s one cool concept of a game that extends from the virtual world up to the real world. One of the good example here is the Android game based on restaurateur Erwan Heussaff, the title of the game is MARKET MASTER ERWAN.

The concept of MARKET MASTER ERWAN is just simple, you will help the animated Erwan Heussaff shop for ingredients that are needed for his recipe. Each successful game play will award the player with some coins, score and also a spot to the leader score board.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

MARKET MASTER ERWAN Android based game app is FREE to download at the Google Play.

You can download it here

The game requires you to register your self and use only Globe and TM network. Its an exclusive to the two mobile network and also for Android only

But here’s the catch --- the game will entitle you a free download, and a free 24 hours of FREE PLAY. On the next day, you are required to subscribe to the game by sending an SMS and pay PHP5 for another 24 hours FREE PLAY. First time subscriber gets an automatic FREE 3 days of play and later on auto deduct PHP5 after the 3 days period. You can unsubscribe anytime to end your game subscription.


I downloaded the game and I noticed that the game is very kid friendly.
The concept of the game is that you need to swipe those grocery items down to the shopping cart. There’s a guide on the middle for you to see how many grocery items are needed. If you saw an obstruction at the middle of the grocery floor, just swipe it to kick it away.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

Erwan Heussaff’s voice was used for the game so you’ll hear him saying “Bravo” if you got the right ingredients for his recipe. Words like “Not that One”, “time is running out”, “focus focus!”, “that’s terrible!” are all voiced by Erwan. It feels like he’s really there in the game with you.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

I also learned that these recipes are real.
They are real concept recipes done by Erwan Heussaff, and they are not fake recipes. I learned about it when Erwan did a MARKET MASTER ERWAN COOK OFF event for their gamers and he served these food that came straight out from the game.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

I’m advancing to the next level.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

I just finished Level 1.
I need to get more STARS in order to advance to the next level.
It means that I should complete all STARS and play the level again and again until I get a perfect STAR score.

For subscribing with the game. You need to text ERWAN and send 2600. You will receive an sms notification and receive 30 coins score, free play for the 1st 3 days and then be charge with PHP 5 on each day.

IF you don’t want to be charge and want to quit the game after it, you can text STOP ERWAN and send to 2600. To cut off the PHP 5 deduction, but you can subscribe again if you want to play the game.

I think the first 3 days FREE PLAY is for first time gamers, and then you will be charged PHP5 after consuming the FREE PLAY.

Its like an arcade game that you are required to insert a token before playing. But for this game, the PHP5 is good for unlimited gaming for 24 hours. Plus, you have a chance to win some REAL prizes whenever there are game events announced in their Facebook Page.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

Here’s me and Erwan Heussaff in the real world.
I just met him during the MARKET MASTER ERWAN COOK OFF, it’s a game event for top scorers and also a chance for them to meet Erwan in person.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app
Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

I learned that Erwan really loves to cook, and its his passion since he was a kid. Erwan aka the Fat Boy Inside, is also a blogger that shares his recipe and food adventure online. Erwan placed a name in the foodie world because of his healthy recipes and food concepts, he put up a series of restaurants that embeds his recipe and sometimes he go there to cook for the guest.

Xeleb stepped in and made a game about him, and his friends. Xeleb is a game developer company that produces mobile game apps based on celebrities. They also have a game for Sarah Geronimo, Isabel Daza, Kuya Kim and Anne Curtis-Smith.

MARKET MASTER ERWAN is the latest game last October 2015 made and released by Xeleb.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

At the cook off event, Erwan displays his cooking skills in front of us. I’m very impressed to see him prepare and cook our food. He is quiet and sometimes talks to his guest. I didn’t disturbed him, and I just sat on the counter and wait for him to finish cooking.

Here are the food that he prepared
I noticed that these are the food from the MARKET MASTER ERWAN game.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

Ceviche and Chicharon
- the appetizer is so heavy in my tummy. Im happy with this but Im so prepared in the next course.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

Steak and Kimchee Rice
- it’s the most tastiest and delicious steak and kimchee rice ever….. it’s the food that me and Chuckie talks about it all night hahaha. Also the a kind of salt, or maybe it’s a gourmet salt was used to add more glorious flavor.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

Orange Leche Flan
- It’s the biggest leche flan that I ever finished, added with caramel pop corn. It has an orange fruit flavor and its not too sweet. Its an Erwan Heusaff recipe and I love this leche flan version.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

I heard that a fan said that it will be her first time to eat beef. Then Erwan said “hindi ka naka kain ng bulalo?” But I guess the girl means that it will be her first time to eat a steak.

Watching the interaction of Erwan and his fans are really cute hahaha.

Market Master Erwan Huesaff - Android game app

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