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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kultoura Philippine travel guide app to help highlight our historical and heritage sites


The Philippines has a lot of national parks, landmarks, natural wonders and monuments of famous people and shrine to commemorate important events. We've been there to have a photo op and see them every day, but few of us know about the back side story of those places and monuments.

Mobile phones with internet are the most effective tool today to search for information, we Google whenever we saw something or got curious, be interested to absorb more information. As travelers, we dont want to get lost, we use the internet to research for the best place to visit and it save our time in our itinerary during our personal tour, with the help of the internet, we can travel and visit more historical and cultural sites.

Kultoura Philippine travel guide app was developed to help tourist and students be provided by accurate information and history of the sites they visited here in the Philippines. The Kultoura app is available for FREE to download for your iOS and Android mobile devices.

The Kultoura app features information on heritage sites, historic schools and churches, nature parks, popular attractions, famous landmarks and other must-see places in various parts of the country. The app also contains colorful details of the history of selected cities and provinces, including their famous personalities, delicacies and other interesting trivia.

Kultoura app is a project of National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Department of Tourism (DOT)  in collaboration with PLDT wireless subsidiary Smart Communications and InnoPub Media.

There will be more articles and information to be uploaded soon on the app, and in the future update, there's a chat-bot feature in the app that you can talk and ask for information and travel advice, plus there will be virtual tours that you can access anytime and soon the app can let you purchase via its online marketplace

For Smart's role for the project,they will provide high speed WIFI internet for everyone located in every park, and also they will install a QR code sign and NFC chips in every markers and site, its one of the fastest way to do a QR code scan or NFC scan to pull information and be displayed right in your phone. We've seen this in Baguio City years ago and its very effective to get info about the popular tourist destination.


Kultoura App


If you have family and friends who are from abroad and want to travel around the Philippines, please suggest that they install the app on their mobile phone to help them get more details of the place they want to visit here in our country.

Kultoura on Google Play
Kultoura on Apple Store


Kultoura app was launched last June 19, 2017, the same date of birth of our national hero, Jose Rizal.


DOT USec Falconi Millar and NPDC ExcDir Penelope Belmonte


Tramvia roaming around Luneta Park


Rizal monument


The QR Code provided by Smart and InnoPub to provide fast transfer of information and history to our mobile phone after using a QR code scanner.

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