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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Deactivate my Facebook today, because I got victimized by a Facebook worm -- here's my findings

It kinda sucks that this Facebook virus is doing an auto post to some Facebook groups, the bad thing is that it post on my behalf and I didnt even know it.

Okay here's what happened?

at 7:18pm

I noticed something weird...

so I post a status message on my wall

"Oh crap. How on earth i got infected by those facebook phishing worms.
It posted auto messages to some fb groups. If you read and receive one, pls disregard it, just dont click the link
Pls tagged me so that i can delete it"

Then at 11:20pm

I posted this ---- My FB is still infected by a worm that auto post porn and comes with a link
Pls dont click the link, if you spotted a post, pls tag me so that I can delete it

Then at 11:51pm

Here's my findings.

I suspect that the OBJ file that was shared unintentional in a group chat is a facebook worm or virus. It can be seen only via mobile through the Messenger app. That OBJ file is a computer script or program.
We questioned why it sudden appear in our chat group. Then after some minutes I learned about that fake auto post in a FB group, After discovering the auto FB post by the virus under my username. (of course I deleted it).....I went back to the chat...and tried clicking the OBJ again to test it... after some hours, another auto FB group post was detected, posted minutes ago
The FB group post -- is a fake post done by the virus, worm or computer program -- it mentioned Miss Universe Philippines sex scandal and it adds an active link to a website -- that can steal your information and also spread the virus to others.
To resolve this, I change my password log in details, then informed my chat group mates to abandon that group chat and dont ever click or view the OBJ attachment.
The OBJ launches when "seen" in your FB messenger. Click it or not, it will still launch (maybe for one time), but clicking the OBJ can re-launch the virus and do an attack on your FB wall or FB group.

So that's my resolution....

Now Im worried that the virus might operate or do some post while I sleep
so As of now, I will deactivate my Facebook for the mean time and will reactivate it when I wake up, so that I can monitor it.

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