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Friday, January 01, 2016

Foggy new year in Tagaytay - New Year 2016 holiday staycation part 3


Its so foggy and cold here in Tagaytay City, and this is our weather condition and also blurry view for three days already. I wont complain, because it’s the weather that I really like even if I hated the freezing temperature, but I still love to have it experienced during the holidays. We only encounter this fog more during the –Ber months up to February, where it gets more cooler during January and early February.

I got bored yesterday because we stayed indoors, the fog was accompanied by a cold mist (not a rain), that made everything wet for the entire day. So I decided to visit a 7 Eleven store below our home and decided to eat a hot jumbo bola bola siopao. I just want to eat a good siopao that day because I hated the taste of a siopao in Mini Stop, I tried one few days on my way to Tagaytay and I so regret it.


so here’s my view every morning here in Tagaytay
hahahahaha.. its all whiteout.


The view on the grounds….still foggy

I was about to leave and then my wife Lace told me that I should check out the grocery and buy BBQ sauce for her sirloin steak. It’s a long walk going to Robinsons Summit Ridge, so I armed myself with a folding umbrella just to cover myself from the mist.

But first, I need to grab my hot jumbo bola bola siopao in 7 Eleven


I covered myself with a jacket and a bonnet just to warm me up
I was planning to wear the heat tech jacket but its too heavy, and I only use it when sleeping


Inside 7 Eleven
ahhhhhh my hot jumbo bola bola siopao is the best here!!!!
If I will have a siopao food fight, lets say --- Family Mart vs. Mini Stop vs. 7 Eleven
I find the siopao in 7 Eleven the best among the rest.

Family Mart’s siopao is so expensive…at around PHP 64, at hindi masarap.


After eating my siopao, I started to walk in the middle of the fog and I got worried because the strong winds in Tagaytay almost destroyed my folding umbrella.

ok note to self, never use a folding umbrella during strong wind conditions.
Just use a bigger umbrella


Thanks to Asus Zenfone Selfie for capturing my self on the photo, I thought that it will give blurry photos because its so almost zero visibility here in Tagaytay (btw this is around 5pm)


Robinsons Summit Ridge hotel is covered with fog
Parang naging haunted house na sya..adding a creepy Silent Hill vibe. Its funny that this reminds me of Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City.


Starbucks Summit Ridge is so alive here….jam packed with customers.
Last night, I heard that their coffee machine broke down. I hope they repaired it right away.


Finally, inside the Robinsons Summit Ridge grocery.
I saw this Hunt’s Original BBQ, there are no other brands available, I look around and I don’t see other brands like Uncle Bob’s and etc.

I grabbed this and place it in my shopping cart


I want some chili kick in this cold weather… so my steak will be chillified by this UFC Hot sauce.
Tabasco sauce is okay, but I prefer a not so super chili taste.


On my way up to our room, I saw this elevator staff carries some take out food. I think its for their New Year’s dinner. He greeted me a Happy New Year and I told him the same.


And here’s my morning view of January 1, 2016
hahahaha..Its still foggy but minus the mist

Yey! It means that we can go out now

Happy New Year to all!

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