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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Knorr Tapa Fiesta sets record for serving 100 tapa dishes + National tapa day this January 29th buy one take one promo

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016

Im sure that every Filipino in the Philippines already tried eating a “tapa” or a “tapsilog” for lunch, breakfast and dinner. It’s a local food that we grew up with and then as time goes by, many tapa concept were made to add more for our taste, flavor and pleasure.

I learned that the “tapa” came from a Sanskrit word “tapas”, which means ‘heat”. It’s an ancient way and pre-Hispanic practice of drying a boar or deer meat under the heat of the sun to preserve them.

In modern age, we use beef meat as our tapa, and we Filipinos learned to marinade the meat with soy sauce and other seasonings to add more flavor to satisfy our adventurous taste buds. For me, beef tapa with fried rice and sunny side up egg were the popular tapa dish ever, I became an instant fan during my
high school years and I just discovered it when a local tapsilog joint sells these near our school.

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016

So what’s the buzz with the Knorr Tapa Fiesta?

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016

Knorr Tapa Fiesta is a record breaking event that is hosted by Uniliver Food Solutions (UFS) Philippines, its the company that makes Lady's choice, Best Foods, Lipson and the Knorr Liquid Seasoning, the cook's partner for marinating and seasoning dishes.

Knorr invited 10 chefs for the Knorr Tapa Fiesta, their agenda is to make 10 kinds of tapa and if you add all the recipes, you get 100 kinds of tapa created by 10 chefs.

The record breaking event that happened last week is a kick off for the NATIONAL TAPA DAY in the Philippines that will happen on January 29, 2016. The big buzz is that our top tapsilog fast food joints in the Philippines will offer a buy one-take one promo for their tapsilog on that date. More details below.

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016

The feat of producing 100 kinds of tapa and serving them all in one day is a record setting in the world. The world record was officiated by representative of www.MakeHistory.Ph of History Channel. It’s a community effort that can help break a certain record and it involves everyone, I mean all Filipinos to join and work together to reach the record and make history!

They are also the same people who organizes the world breaking events last year 2015 -- Largest tricycle parade, largest motorcycle burnout, largest reunion of people born at the same hospital, most people using mouthwash, fastest time to east a 12" pizza and largest serving of balut.

This 2016, the Knorr Tapa Fiesta is the 1st event for the 6 world breaking event for this year. And I was surprised that all of us media and bloggers were included in the success of this world breaking event, yeah, we just ate, tasted and tried all 100 kinds of dishes during the Knorr Tapa Fiesta.

Congratulations to Knorr, Make History and the 10 chefs with their team for setting our country as stage for another world breaking event.

Head over to for some recipes of these tapa.


Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016

Minced tapa pork roll in beancurd skin
by chef Sabrina Gan

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
by chef Sabrina Gan

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Grilled Knorr liquid seasoning marinated portabello mushroom tapa
by Chef Monica Dechavez

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Ox tongue tapa with picked radish
by Chef Monica Dechavez

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Watermelon and grilled tapa salad
by Chef Mikel Francis Zaguirre

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Prawn tap-chi rice
by Chef Mikel Francis Zaguirre

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Charlie chan chicken tapa special
by Chef Mikel Francis Zaguirre

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Vietnamese spring roll
salmon tapa with rice noodles, carrots, lettuce, water chestnuts, mint and basil rolled in rice paper
by Chef Sonny Mariano

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Tofu steak
US beef tapa, crispy silken tofu, truffled mushroom, leeks and sesame seeds
by Chef Sonny Mariano

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Angus beef tapa and gruyere quiche, tomato, vanilla bean salsa, soft boiled quail egg, cilantro
by Chef Sonny Mariano

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Native chicken tapa mofongo, chicken skin, honey and garlic reduction
by Chef Sonny Mariano

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Tapa Bacon on poached egg and kimchi rice
by Chef Tim Abejuela

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Tapa chimichanga with salted egg salsa
by Chef Tim Abejuela

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Tuna tapa roll
by Chef Tim Abejuela

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Wood ear mushroom tapa
by Chef Kit Carpio

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Tapa bangers and mash
by Chef April Martinez Aluning

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Baked tapa mussels
by Chef April Martinez Aluning

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Braised beef tapa short ribs
by Chef April Martinez Aluning

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Tapa croquettes
by Chef J.A. Ventura

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
by Chef J.A. Ventura

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Pancit Tapa Patong
by Chef J.A. Ventura

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Tapang kabute kropek
by Chef Demerlito Tulaylay

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Tapang Maki-sig
by Chef Demerlito Tulaylay

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Yamang Dagay Curry-Kare tapa style
by Chef Demerlito Tulaylay

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016
Ensaladang tapang bangus
by Chef Chris Bautista


Chef Chef Abigail Martinez-Aluning
Chef Instructor, PACE
Braised Beef Tapa Short Ribs with Mixed Pickled Vegetables and Annatto Garlic Rice
Tapa Bangers and Mash
Chicken Tapatori
Tagalog Style Tapa Wings
Baked Tapa Mussels
Shrimp Tapa in Filo Pastry
Jicama and Tofu Vegetable Tapa in Fresh Spring Roll
Beef Tapa Flakes in Soft Tortilla Cone with Oriental Dressing
Tofu Tapa Steak with Assorted Vegetables
Duck Tapa Arancini with Lime Aioli

Chef Christian Carpio
Executive Chef, St. Luke’s Medical Center - Bonifacio Global City

SLMC BGC Beef Sirloin Tapa
Crispy Black Pepper Tapa
Chicken Tapa Iberian Style
Duck Floss Tapa
Tinapa na Bangus
Yemas Curadas Gambas Tapas
Beef Tapa Shawarma Pita Pocket
Dried Wood Ear Mushroom Tapa
Mother in Law Beef Tapa
Gluten Tapa

Chef Christopher Alarilla Bautista
Director of Culinary Institute, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite
Chicken Fried Tapa Steak
Chicken Tapa Hash
Ensaladang Tapang Bangus
LS Tapa Flavored Poached Tofu
Pork Tapsilog Roll
Tapa Flavored Chicken Leg Confit
Tapa Flavored Crevettes
Tapa Seasoned Ratatouille
Unilever Tapa Cheese Steak

Chef Demerlito Tulaylay
Food & Beverage Manager and Executive Chef, Victoria Court, Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila, Hotel La Corona De Lipa and Sohotel
Chef Instructor, Far Easter University and St. Jude College
Pork Tapyoza
Tapang Kabute Kropeck
Chicken Tapzadilla
Yamang Dagat Curry-Kare
Grilled Marinated Veggie Tapa Lasagna
Crispy Seafood Sliders with Kani Coleslaw and Gabi Chips
Squid Taparelleno
Tapang Maki-sig

Chef Joseph Ventura
Executive Chef/Consultant, Red Crab Group of Restaurants
Pork Tapa Buns
Unagi Style Fish Tapa Nigiri
Pancit Tapa Patong (Batil Patong Style)
Beef Tapa Chips
Tapa n Mac n Cheese
Tapa Croquettes
Tapa Flakes Sandwich

Chef Monicca Nocido-Dechavez
Chef Instructor & ProServ Consultant, Professional Academy for Culinary Education
Lamb Tapa Kebab
Ox Tongue Tapa
Smoked Tuna Cheek Tapa in Rice Paper Wrapper
Portabello Mushroom Tapa
Black Silky Chicken-Oriental Tapa
Grilled Jerk Chicken Tapa Skewers
Shrimp Tapa in Oil with Grilled Herbed Bread
Beef Tapa-brie and Emmenthal Cheesesteak Sandwich
Duck Tapa and Mango Salad with Asian Style KLS-Citrus Dressing
Spicy Tapa and Cream Cheese Empanaditas

Chef Sabrina Chu Gan
Adjunct Chef Instructor, De La Salle-College of St. Benilde
Double-Fried Spicy Pork Tapa Spareribs
Stir-fired Tapa Duck and Turnip on Lettuce Cup
Baked Sticky Tapa-marinated Wings with Saffron Aioli
Spicy Shrimp Pasta with Butter-Tapa Sauce
Fish Tapa-quitos Cups with Pico de Gallo and Sriracha Mayonnaise
Spinach, Mushroom and Tofu Tapa Dumpling with Soy-Ginger and Rice Vinegar Dipping Sauce
Minced Tapa Pork Roll in Beancurd Skin
Tapa-style Tofu Salpicao
Chicken Tapsilog Sushi

Chef Sonny Mariano
Corporate Chef Consultant/Executive Chef for Banzai, Sumosam Group
Tapa and Tofu
Lamb Tapa “Sundae”
Duck Tapa Puff Pastry
Chicken Tapa Mofongo
Squid Ink and Salmon Tapa Croquette
Eggplant Tapa Tacos
Bangus Tapa Pizza
Beef Tapa Quiche
Salmon Tapa Roll
Roasted Pepper and Beef Tapa Cheesecake

Chef Timothy Neil Abejuela
Executive Chef/Operations Manager, Max’s Group Inc.
Pork Belly Tapa on Poached Egg & Kimchi Fried Rice (Seoul Flavored
Grilled Sirloin Steak Tapa with Grilled Corn and Tangy Potato Salad (Steak Tapa a la Andres)
Chicken Tapa Salad (White Tapa Salad)
Seared Duck Breast served with Tapa Sauce Reduction (French Style Duck with Tapa Sauce)
Tuna Tapa Roll
Sun Dried Bangus Tapa
Duo of Shitake and Oyster Mushroom Tapa with Garlic
Tapa Chimichanga with Salted Egg and Tomato Salsa
Tofu Tapa Bibimbap
Duck Tapa Confit

Chef Mikel Francis Zaguirre
Executive Food Producer/Executive Chef, Junior Master Chef Philippines/Master Chef Philippines
Culinary Instructor, De La Salle-College of St. Benilde and Lyceum of the Philippines
Pork Tapa “Sam-Gyup-sal”
Beef Tapa on Toast
Chicken Tapa Kebab Rice
Tapa Wings
Tapa Unaju Roll
Prawn Tap-chi Rice
Tagedashi Tofu
Bacon Tapa Jam Flammenkeuche
Watermelon & Grilled Tapa Salad
Charlie Chan Chicken Tapa Special

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016

I think I have tried 20 kinds of tapa on that day, its hard to fill my tummy with the rest of the 80 more dishes haahah. The tapa dishes are good and tasty, but my taste buds are kind of a traitor when tasting the tapas. There are food that doesn’t look like a tapa, but when you taste it, you’ll buds will activate and recognize it as a tapa. But there are some food that are beef tapa, but when you ate it, you wont even get the tapa taste.

My brain and taste buds are fighting each other when tasting the tapa dishes, I then crave for a the real tapsilog, I found one perfect taste—I think that’s the Ox tongue by Chef Monica. My wife also got her own favorite, read her story here at

Knorr National Tapa Day Logo

For the Knorr National Tapa Day, we pinoys are invited to celebrate and enjoy a one day nationwide promotion of anything tapsilog.

UFS and its tapa and tapsilog producers and sellers, such as Tapa King, Rufo’s, Countryside Steakhouse, Merzci Bakeshop & Restaurant, Floyd’s, and Taps, will launch a BUY ONE TAKE ONE promo in just one day in observance of the Knorr National Tapa Day this January 29.

The promo is offered to 1st 100 dine in customers from opening to closing of the restaurant, they are entitled for a buy 1 take 1 promo. The promo applies only to all ala carte tapsilog meals.

Knorr National Tapa Day

Filipinos can visit the following TAPArtners on Knorr National Tapa Day:

P&N Countryside Steakhouse – Robinson’s Mall, Imus City; Covelianda Road, Binakayan, Kawit; PMI Student Center, Brgy. Burol Main, Dasmarinas City
Countryside Sizzling House – Centralmall, Salitran Dasmarinas City; Molino
Taps – MTS, Bolton, Duterte, Palma Gil, Damosa
Floyd’s – Delgado, Atrium, Nelly’s, Ayala, Plazuela
Tapa King – Boni, Carpark, Chino, Cubao, E. Rodriguez, G.A. Tower, Jupiter, Link, Taft, Mega, NetPlaza, Pioneer, RCBC, Uni-oil Monumento, Tutuban, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Banawe, Harrison, Santana Grove, SMDC Welcome Rotonda, Naga Road, Las Pinas, Katipunan, La Union, Antipolo
Rufo’s – A. Venue, Paseo Center, BF Homes, Pearl Plaza, Shaw, St. Benilde, UST, McKinley Hill, Market! Market!, SM Mezza, Eastwood, UP-Ayaland Technohub, Timog, Telus Cubao, Robinsons Galleria, Star Mall Las Pinas
Merzci Bakeshop and Restaurant – Luzuriaga, Silay, Bago, La Carlota, Sagay

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016

Knorr Tapa Fiesta 2016

Back to Knorr Tapa Fiesta

Congratulations again to Knorr and its partners!
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