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Monday, January 04, 2016

Kujaku one touch stainless steel vacuum bottle from Japan is now available in the Philippines (review)

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

I remember that I have those old vacuum bottle when I was in my kinder grade, I guess all kids who goes to school usually have this vacuum bottles and tumblers, its the only bottle that we can rely on to keep our beverage or liquid food to stay hot and cold.

In the yester-years, we usually call this in a different name,but we didn’t realize that it’s the brand we use to mention and never use the name on what it was used for. I know it may sound funny, but I still use the old name and I start to confuse myself, but for this year I will avoid mentioning it and use the word “vacuum bottles” instead.

Last December 2015, I got introduced to a modern type of stainless steel vacuum bottles that are imported, popular and heavily used in Japan.

The Kujaku stainless steel vacuum bottle or tumbler is a brand that is branded here in the Philippines, but the quality of its material are high grade that came from the manufacturing company called Peacock Vacuum Bottle Co. Ltd of Osaka, Japan. Its one of the top makers of these stainless steel bottles since 1950.

It might be called another name in Japan, but I usually see these vacuum bottles and tumblers in Japanese tv series, movies and anime. Its one of the most important household item because it keeps their hot water in hot and warm pace for the entire day, and because its much colder in Japan, they really need a good bottle that can be carried anytime and anywhere. Its good to pop up a bottle with always hot and warm water for your tea or coffee.

Here in the Philippines, we love the hot and cold beverage, with the same concept of what they do in Japan, we can do the same too here with the use of these Kujaku stainless steel vacuum bottles. We can use the Kujaku bottles for storage of cold water – it will stay cold within the day even if its hot outside, or a perfect storage for our hot water – a good partner if your area always in cold weather condition, we usually need a hot gulp to keep us get going and awake.

According to Kujaku, the heat and cold retention of drinks inside their tumbler have a guarantee of 6 hours (for warm drinks with 60C and cold drinks with 9C )

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

Kujaku has various models designed for different kinds of lifestyle.

1. The One Touch Compact Bottle – it’s the model that I’m using today, and thanks to Kujaku Philippines for sending one item that I can use during my travels. There’s a one touch knob that can open the bottle just a regular tumbler, there’s also a lock on it to avoid accidentally opening and spills.

2. One touch slim bottle – same feature but with a much slimmer size and shape

3. Slide bottle – It’s a new design from Kujaku, you have to slide the top cover to open the drinking slot and also close it

4. Slim bottle – Its an open twist cap version

5. Sports bottle – a much bigger version with a rubber grip around the bottle body.

6. Sports bottle with strap – the title says so

7. Straight drink bottle – its similar to one touch, but it has a smaller bottle body.

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

I have tried this last December during my one week stay in Tagaytay. The weather there is at 19-20C, its so cold during morning and evening, and if there are strong wind factor and fog, it can stay much cooler the entire day.

I brought my Kujaku one touch stainless steel vacuum bottle with me, just to keep my hot coffee….always hot. It was freezing for 3 straight days –as in whole day because of the non stop formation of fog, mist and wind. I enjoyed the weather but there are times that I need to warm up with a drink of a hot coffee.

Back then, I usually complain that my hot coffee becomes cold after making one, its hard to enjoy a hot coffee when it cools down so fast, but my experience last December is different because I prepared my coffee straight into the Kujaku bottle, Its my first time to do that and whenever I need a hot coffee drink, I just pour it into my mug and then cover the bottle again after using.

I did an experiment and see if the hot coffee will be hot after 6 hours….when I pop open the Kujaku, and look onto the opening, I felt a warm aroma of hot coffee still intact inside the Kujaku…that’s awesome!

Thank goodness for the tech behind the materials used for Kujaku.

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

I always bring my Kujaku with me whenever I go to Manila, it’s the only tumbler that can keep my stored cooled water and its still good to drink it after long hours kept inside my bag. I have a good supply of cold water anytime whenever I travel to Manila and go back home in Cavite.

Traffic is such an inconvenience, but I’m glad that this Kujaku bottles is very reliable to quench my thirst.

Just take note, the body of the bottle is stainless steel, its hard and durable, but just make sure you don’t damage the plastic top cover and be careful for any accidental drop or falls. The steel body can survive, but not the plastic top cover.

In cleaning the bottle, make sure you clean the surface and the silicon cover inside the top cover. Cleaning it regularly is good to keep your water safe for drinking. Clean it right away if you used flavored liquid inside the Kujaku bottle.

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

If ever Im at work…I always carry Kujaku with me and I always supply myself with cold water, if I ran out of water, I just refill it again and keep it in my bag, the new filled cold water can supply me more cold water till I get home.

For me it’s a good travel item if you are a person who wants to save more money and avoid buying lots of mineral water. ( save the planet and lets use less or zero plastic bottles when travelling)

If you are asking how much are these Kujaku, then scroll below for the price range.
SRP starts at PHP 1,099 up to PHP 2,299 depends on the size and design.

The Kujaku one touch compact bottle that I’m using is priced at PHP 1099 only.

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the PhilippinesKujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

Here’s a Kujaku bottle in my daily life…
this photo was in Starbucks in Subic

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

In BGC, I brought this with me when my family and I attended a Star Wars event.

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

Kujaku is my water bottle that supplied me cold water for the entire day during my whole day work as an events organizer…. this photo was taken at 11pm and the water I pour in was from the morning I left home.

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

In Tagaytay, I always bring it with me during the toy hunting adventures with my son. We visited all shopping stores in Tagaytay and the Kujaku bottle helped us supplied a cold water anytime.

It keep me and my kid always hydrated.

Kujaku one touch steel bottle now available in the Philippines

Kujaku stainless one touch vacuum bottle is available at

The Landmark
Trinoma and Makati branch

True Value
Magnolia, Rockwell and Shangri-la branch

Robinsons Department Store
Ermita and Galleria branch

All Home
Sta Rosa and Daang Hari branch

TS Dept. Store
Harrison and La Trinidad branch

KCC Malls
General Santos branch

Maa, Tagum, Main and Palawan branch

Colon, Ayala Cebu, Alabang and Market Market branch

Kujaku is distributed in the Philippines by Much Prosperity Trading International, Inc.

For more info about Kujakuvisit Kujaku Philippines Facebook page

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