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Monday, January 04, 2016

Toy hunting again in Tagaytay - New Year 2016 holiday staycation part 5


10 hours after the new year celebration, we noticed that the fog is gone and also there’s no sign of any firecracker’s smog here in Tagaytay. Because 2 days ago, we were glued on our home when the fog and mist enveloped the entire city and this kept us indoors because it was freezing outside. So when the sky were clear and saw the mighty sun, I invited my son Ash for another 2nd leg of our toy hunting adventure in Tagaytay, we also invited my wife Lace to go out with us and see how we do the toy hunting adventure.

Me and Ash are so excited because we don’t know what kind of toys we will discover and also acquire for our toy collection. Our route for that day is to go to Olivares shopping arcade, then check out some thrift store, then travel to Ayala Malls Serin and then go to Robinsons Summit Ridge and then Mahogany Market.


We still wear our jacket and bonnet, because there are times that the city is covered with fog and some drizzles of rain for some hours.

We’ve arrived first here in Tagaytay Rotonda and walked our way to Olivares Plaza


Olivares Plaza is like a shopping arcade in Tagaytay, there’s a small Puregold grocery, thrift stores, cellphone stores, Uno bargain store and some canteens.

We also use this stairs located near Mang Inasal. It’s a shortcut entrance going to Olivares Plaza.


I also checked out some of the pirated DVDs sold in this area hahahah
I was checking if there are season 5 and 6 of The Walking Dead series..but too bad, its always sold out!
Now I worry myself that I will downloaded it or maybe borrow an episode collection from a friend.


Our 1st stop for the toy hunting is the Uno bargain store, they sell lots of bootlegs of brick figures and they sell it at a cheap price of PHP35 each.

I saw lots of white Stormtroopers, then I got an idea to make an army of it.
But when I went back there the next day.. some guy also got the idea to make his own Stormtrooper army and hoarded all white troopers…dang!


My son saw this Hero 6 brick figure (aka a bootleg of LEGO Hero Factory)
At first he wants a Chima bootleg, but I told him that this one looks bad ass and it can be a played together with this original LEGO Chima sets.

This Hero 6 bootleg fig is priced at PHP189

This is a good introduction of a new toy set, we will acquire next the original LEGO version soon.


I spotted this bootleg TMNT figures at a thrift store located at the other side of the street, outside Olivares Plaza. I was planning to visit all thrift store but some of them are closed because of the January 1 holiday.

The TMNT Leonardo is neat and cute…..too bad this is the only set available and no other versions are available anywhere. But its still a bootleg so I pass.

Btw the photo above is lifted from Google Images


After our first stop of toy hunting, my wife Lace spotted a store that sells some jogger pants, Its much more cheaper than the ones sold in Robinsons Summit Ridge, it was priced around PHP 250 to PHP 300 only. She bought one for her self and a set for Ashton too.

Jogger pants are easy to wear, they are comfy and it looked like you are wearing a jeans or pants, but it’s a jogger pants…. too bad mine was purchased in Cotton On, priced at PHP2000.

I hope there are available sizes for me in some bargain stores.


For our next leg of the toy hunting.
The highway experienced a massive traffic jam, so instead of riding a jeep and wasted our time for the endless traffic in Tagaytay, we decided to take that shortcut going to Ayala Malls Serin and walk our way there on foot.

We spotted also the construction of “Fora Tagaytay Rotonda” a soon to be real estate property and maybe another mall. I checked their website and I saw the plan…. there’s a plan that a part of it is a shopping mall with cinema. OMG. cinema theaters in Tagaytay!


After arriving in Ayala Malls Serin, we took a break in Serenitea and here I spotted my son Ashton so excited about this newly acquired bootleg LEGO hahahaha.

I told him that we can’t open it inside the mall, he have to wait til we get home in SM Winds.


After our break and snacks in Serenitea, we went to Toys R Us to check out some toys. I was about to purchase something.. but I can’t remember if that was a Star Wars figure or another Marvel figure

I recall that I was about to purchase that Marvel Adventures Iron Man with a motorcycle, I remember that Ashton really wants it for his toy collection of super deformed characters.


Here I spotted the last piece of a BB-8 remote controlled toy.
SRP PHP 4399. only, its much bigger than the BB8 Sphero, but this RC version lacks some SMART intelligence


Ashton spotted this TMNT mini figures – with the same scale of those Imaginext, Galactic Force and Marvel Adventures.

I told him that we should collect it next when we have a bunch of SD formed characters, as of now we have Marvel and Star Wars only.


I spotted this Jurassic World Brawlasures toy set. I was clueless at first on how this toy works, then my son educated me about it…he told me that there’s a magnet on the neck of the dinosaurs and then there’s a launcher, the two dinos will collide to each other after using the launcher and one will lose when knocked down and there’s a code under them…. so it was like a Jack En Poy game…when a code you selected is a scissor, then it can beat the opponent’s code which is a stone. Something like that..


I asked my son where did he heard about this toy…then he said.. its in Hobby Kids TV on Youtube hahahaha.


We went to Daiso store before leaving the mall, me and Ash went back there to hunt for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens pillows that was sold at PHP 88. ( there’s a photo here at )

Too bad…it was sold out!! arghhhhhhhhh

Lessons learned in toy hunting, if you spotted a rare item, then grab it without questions if you need it or not, because in the end, you will realize that you badly need it.

After our disappointed, we spotted this inflatable tray, it can be used to house the sand activity playset of kids. I was thinking again….. if ever we need this… hmmm


It rained that night and here we are….preparing to end our toy hunting adventures.
All of us went home safe and happy with our own loot of the day.


Thanks for reading my blog series….

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