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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Star Wars Force Band controller for Sphero BB8 #CES2016

Star Wars Force Band for Sphero BB8

The CES 2016 starts to heats up as the trade show floor opens today (USA time), and its funny that PR and Youtube videos are starting to pop up first before the trade show opened. The internet is now the window of these gadgets and tech innovations that will debut first at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, , Nevada. USA. We don’t have any correspondent there yet, but next year, I will ask my sister to apply for a media ID so that we have live coverage hahahah. yeah bring it on! kaya mo yan Misyel.
CES 2016 will bring the best of the best tech and gadget items that will be offered soon to us consumers. Its manufacturers and tech brands is now on the race to bring the first of its kind, the better version of its kind, or can be the worst tech ideas. But we start to embrace them inch by inch and see that we really need them…and shout “just shut up and take my money”

Okay..for our 1st feature is the new wireless controller for the Sphero BB8. We have acquired a BB8 Sphero toy last Christmas its like our pet here at home, my son plays with it and sometimes when he is not around, I play with it. We use our Android tablets (a Kata T4 tablet and a Sony Xperia Z4 tablet ) and an Apple iPad mini in controlling the movements thanks to its BB8 app.

This time, Sphero unveiled the latest tech addition for the Sphero BB8.
You can now control the BB8 smart toy robot with the Star Wars Force Band wearable.

Star Wars Force Band for Sphero BB8

Its like a regular smart watch, but it can do control the BB8 wireless by using hand gestures.
I’ve seen this tech already in a Star Wars toys, just check the Star Wars Command playset, where you can control a Millennium Falcon or a Super Star Destroyer ship by hand gesture and wearing a gadget wrist band via wireless connectivity.

Star Wars Force Band for Sphero BB8

For the Sphero Star Wars Force Band, Im sure its waterproof, because we need it to be splash proof at least just like the BB8.

The wearer of the Force Band can do hand gesture command for the BB8.
Waving the hand forward will make BB8 run away (just like doing a Jedi force push)
Waving the hand backward will command BB8 to come at you

Star Wars Force Band for Sphero BB8
I hope there are some commands like to say No, Yes and do Patrol
just like what they have on the voice recognition command.

Or it should have a “FOLLOW ME ALWAYS” command, so that BB8 can follow you where ever you go.

Star Wars Force Band for Sphero BB8

My son already saw this gadget and we will wait for it to be available here in Manila.
Im sure other Sphero BB8 owners are excited as well for the Philippine release of the Force Band.

Star Wars Force Band for Sphero BB8

I first saw this feature at Cnet when they published a story about it and with video demo from Youtube.

You can watch the teaser here at

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CES 2016 coverage at Azrael’s Merryland Blog is my 1st 2016 blog project. Main agenda is to bring this awesome tech and gadget news reach Filipino readers and tech fans.

to know more about CES 2016, just visit the official site at
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