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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Food trip in Angeles City and at 20th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta ( day 1 coverage part 4 END)

If you are at Clark Field in Angeles City, Pampanga for the 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon, don’t forget to surf around the food joints and specialties of Pampanga. Staying for one day in Pampanga can allow you enjoy 2-3 food and restaurants around the city.

If you are an adventurous person, I dare you invite your friends to Pampanga’s popular food and restaurant. I suggest that you do your research at home and plot everything in Google Maps so that you can use it as your guide in touring around the town.

We didn’t get lost when we used Google Maps for our Pampanga trip, its very helpful and reliable.

My midnight snack at around 1:30am in McDonalds Quezon Ave.
Ted and Tess met me here for our trip to Pampanga. I travel all the way from Cavite at around 12am
and I realized that its so hard to ride a taxi at that hour. Im lucky that there’s a Jasper bus passing by in Cavite.

After Ted and Tess pick me up in Quezon Ave, then we went to Meycauayan to pick up Enzo inside Jollibee. hahahaha. ayun may midnight snacks din sya

There’s a wide selection of food at the food court of the balloon fest in Clark.
I was so hungry after the end of the flight of the balloons, at around 9am, I found myself eating this yummy Pampanga tapa with rice, 2 sunny side up eggs and a tocino.

All are priced at PHP 180

Sau Tao booth also gives free taste of their noodles
try it and tell them if you like it or not.

ChekHup coffee is also available. They have a taste test too, try the coffee first before you buy a cup or a pack. I bought one cup for PHP45

I super enjoyed the dark roast coffee and it’s a good partner for my tapa breakfast

Food trip will start here at the Balloon Fest hahhahaha.
This is breakfast…so we still have lunch and a snack next.

For lunch, we ate here at Aling Lucing Sisig Queen
Aling Lucing’s sisig is the best ever in the world!

The not so oily sisig… still soft and smokey

Enzo’s caldereta

Enzo is a natural born kusinero, so I told him to help us mix the sisig and cook it with calamansi juice

PHP 180 for one sisig platter
I took home two plates that day, I want my family to taste it in Cavite.
Sarap talaga grabe.

If you are in Angeles City… don’t forget to try and visit Aling Lucing Sisig

For directions, you can find their location at Google Maps.

While we are eating our lunch, Tess Claudio then mentioned that she wants to try Razon’s halo halo. I told her that Razon’s is a bit common already and there are lots of branches available in Manila.

I told her that she should try the Kabigting’s Halo Halo, its one of the popular halo halo maker here in Pampanga.

So I pop out my Google Maps and followed the route to the nearest Kabigting’s Halo halo, which is located in Nepo Mall.

Here’s the Kabigting’s Halo halo
price: PHP 70

The difference of a Kabigting’s halo halo is that they used a beans paste and corn to sweetened the cold dessert. Unlike the halo halo in Chowking for example, the taste varies only to the ingredients available.

Enzo was challenged to compare this versus the Digman halo halo of Cavite.. after tasting Kabigting’s, he then revealed that he still loves the taste of a Digman halo halo. Same goes to Ted.

For me…I like Kabigting’s halo halo because its different and I can control the sweet intake based on the beans paste.

The winner moment here….. sobra lamig sa Nepo Mall

Thanks Nepo Mall….. we almost hoarded your CDR king store.
we took home some small gadgets that we need for our blogging.

After the dessert…… we decided to travel back to Manila, so that we can go home early and take a rest right away.

We drop Enzo at his home town in Meycauayan, then he invited us for a snack before leaving his town. He brought us here at a best maker of pancit malabon in the boundary of Meycauayan and Marilao, Bulacan.

There’s a food joint infront of the plaza called “Tetoks” and then inside is the Nelia’s pancit malabon

I can say that they serve the food so fast…beating those fast food available in the city ahahaha.

Tetok’s pancit malabon
PHP 180 good for 4 person already


Best paired with a barbeque and ice cold Coke

Ending our trip here……. thanks Enzo for the snacks
Thanks to Ted and Tess for the carpool to Pampanga
and thanks to the hot air balloon fest team for accommodating us for day 1.

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