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Friday, June 24, 2016

Getting to know Jollibee’s 2016 Yumbassadors


Last month, Jollibee introduced to the public their new batch of brand ambassadors, calling them the Jollibee Yumbassadors, borrowing the “Yum” from Jollibee’s iconic Burger Yum (and not from the term “yummy”).

I was there and witnessed the big unveiling, the launching event is like a variety show, so colorful and there’s an over flowing of Burger Yum offered to all guest. I super enjoyed it, I just sat and never left my seat because I want to watch the show and see who are these Yumbassadors.

According to Jollibee, they are the Yumbassadors that are performing awesome in their respective fields and also a perfect role model for this Generation Y ( generation Y? or maybe Generation Yum). Their face and personality are the best candidate to inspire many Filipino millennial to become the next Filipino achievers like the Yumbassadors.

“This year’s batch of Yumbassadors are proof of how millennials are – passionate, driven and determined, and always going for the best. This generation, the Gen Y or #ProudGenYum, are impressive individuals and each of them are out to change the world”- Jollibee Philippines Head of Marketing and Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer Francis Flores

So let’s get to know our Yumbassadors


Real life celebrity couples James and Nadine are one of the most popular teen celebrity of this generation. The two revealed that they are a couple after the last episode of their TV series in ABS CBN. James and Nadine are doing well in the fields of acting, modeling, singing, dancing and as brand and commercial endorser. Lots of millennials follow their foot steps and many believe that the couple’s life shown on and off screen shows that Filipino values still exist. I’ve met them in person and they are so cute…

Marlon is the 1st pinoy to win in a European formula race. I also met him before during his Globe Slipstream exhibition in BGC, and I can say that he is the only person in this country who have the crown to turn the road of BGC into a Formula 1 race track. Because of his achievement as a pro race driver, many kids look up to him and wants to be a pro race driver of the future. Today, Marlon is now racing with the Team ISR for the 2016 MS Blancplain GT Series

Rachel is a 23 year old Com Sci student, she used her knowledge in tech to improve the lives of farmers via her startup company - Cropital. Her company helps farmers access to scalable and sustainable financing from investors. Cropital is supported by global org and institutions from US, Netherlands, Malaysia and also the Philippines.

She's a record breaking runner from Davao Del Sur's Capatangan National High School. 16 year old Mea's name came out after winning the finish line of the 2016 Palarong Pambansa girl's 3000-meter run. She broke the record of 36 yr old Rosalinda Catulong from the 1980 National Open by 5.6 seconds, now she's considered to be one of the fastest woman in the fields of running. That’s one of the amazing feat, now I wish she can be an Olympiad.

Girls started to giggle when Jairus went on stage, he is a 25 year old Model and Agri Entrep from Bukidnon. Jairus joined the Yumbassadors roster because his company Pronic Foods is a proof for being a successful young entrepreneur in the fields of agriculture. Pronic Foods was put up as a channel for logistic and distribution of agri products and their product Cenyu Probiotic Chicken, also his company helps the distribution and production of Bukidnon’s premium coffee to an urban market they created.

Juan, a 27 year old poet and spoken word artist is so popular to our youngsters, especially to those who watches teleserye like "On the wings of Love" were he was first seen doing love-stricken poem and words. The "hugot" generation really pick up the emotional words of Juan Miguel thus helps the youth to become strong, be emotionally sensitive and responsible when it comes to having a relationship at a young age.

Angelo is a 16 year old young scholar and inventor from DLSU, I remembered his name when I read a news about him on inventing a kind of shoes that uses kinetic energy to charge your mobile phones. His invention broke the news online after it was accepted at the 2014 science fair organized by Google. Then I didn't know that he was the same guy who created a BB-8 droid, with a life size scale, and purely made from scratch. Astig!

Chris is a 20 year old summa cum laude of FEU. He studied Psychology as his pre med course. His dream is to be a doctor, but then he realized that his family can't fund his studies, instead of dropping out or shifting to a new course, Chirs got a bright idea to do the funding by selling custom made tshirts to his friends, classmates and employees of some companies.

Kelsey is so beautiful, she's a 19 year old model that caught the eyes of the audience of the event. I was surprised to see her in person, because I know her only in Instagram and I didnt know that she's here in Manila. She's very active in the modeling scene and also as a cover glossy image model, but the thing that is different from her is she works professionally, and she refuses anything that can blind a model just to be famous. Now I wonder what are those offers.

The girl group 4th Impact surprised us at the event, they are also part of the Yumbassadors roster. I immediately sent a message to my friend Raffy Pekson, because he is a big fan. 4th Impact became the big news after they joined the talent contest of the British X Factor. They immediately loved by the British fans, then the Filipinos and then the world. Their videos on Youtube always go viral every time they perform live on TV, also their old videos surfaced when they joined a talent contest in South Korea. These girls -- Almira (28), Irene (26), Mylene (24), and Celina (20) Cercado are all sisters, they didn't stop conquering their dreams, they tried all their best til they won.


So that’s all folks!!! I hope you learned something about our Yumbassadors. We will be seeing them more in this year as they will be represented as role models to our youngsters.


Here’s a photo of me with Kelsey Merritt. grabe I melted at this moment..
Thanks Ted for the photo op.


At the event, there’s this giant screen that projects our Instagram post with hashtag #ProudGenYum.
On screen is a captured moment of my Instagram post featuring me and my wife ahhaha. I copied the collage photo of James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s promo IG post of this event hahaha.


If there’s a Yumbassadors, so then we are the Yumeaters.
Kumakain lang ng Yum burgers any time and any where. hahaha


Event aftermath…..sugod sa stage to have photo op!!!


I lost my photo with Jollibee mascot… pero oks lang. Im happy na with a photo op with Cat Trivino
yay! Congrats Cat!
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