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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rugged solar charger and power bank from Lifemate!


I joined in a whole day hike adventure going to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo because Its one of my dreams to try the hike and see the beautiful crater and lake of Mt Pinatubo, the volcano stays dormant after its June 15, 1991 cataclysmic explosion, Im still nervous even before the hike because anything can happen and its still a volcano up there.

Another thing that made me go with the media team is that Power Mac Center is launching a new set of rugged gadgets that are now available in their store. The rugged gadgets are from Lifemate! a producer of rugged tech items designed to withstand any weathering conditions of the mighty outdoor. They launched the Lifemate Apollo solar charger and the Lifemate Power rugged power bank on top of the crater of a volcano..grabe astig ng tech launch na ito!

So days before of the trip, I researched about some blog stories about Mt Pinatubo and read some tips on how to survive for a day of hike. Thank goodness we have reliable travel blogs to help us to be prepared.


I can say is that….its easy..all you have to do is walk, hydrate, eat, take selfies and walk again.
Im glad that Im confident that day that I can make it a fun trip. Even though that I experienced a painful leg cramp when I took a rest after the crater visit, but still, we managed to get back to the landing site and was safe…. yun lang marami swelas ng sapatos ang nabitay sa trip.


The first rugged gadget we used is the Lifemate Apollo solar charger. This thing is very useful to charge your mobile phones and gadgets while you are on a hike, camp or just outside, you can charge your gadgets here and use FREE energy from the sun. Im glad that this solar charger can full charge an iPhone or Android smartphone for hours.

Ok din ito pag blackout sa bahay mo, just go out and use the sun’s energy, Ok din ito gamitin for calamities and emergency response sa mga province.


Me, Ted and Enzo took out the solar charger out from the packaging and we attached it at the back of our back packs, so we used the sun’s ray to charge the solar charger and charge our smartphones while we are hiking for 3 hours going to the crater.


The result is….our smartphones are all charged up the entire day! ahhahah
Thanks Lifemate!

We reached the crater of Mt. Pinatubo after 3-4 hours of hike. There’s no mobile signal in the area but we can still use our smartphones to play music, play games and take many photos as we can while the phones are full charged.


Here’s our epic photo op at the crater of Mt Pinatubo
huuhuhuh.ang ganda
thanks to Rodel Flordeliz of for taking this group pic

Below are the details of the products from Lifemate, that are now available in all Power Mac Center stores.


SRP PHP 2980

15.3% converting rate of monocrystalline silicon solar cells
2 Panels
Monocrystalline silicon
Converting rate: > 15.3%
Input: solar energy
Output: DC 5V/1A (max)
Dimension: 521 (L) x 230 (W) x 21 (H)mm
specs via

Just make sure you place the solar charger direct to the sun, and then use the mini pouch to keep your smartphones inside and away from the heat of the sun.

Take note that the smartphone will overheat if you didn’t cover it or put it away from the heat of the sun.

Its very portable, and it can easily fit inside your bag. Its like a mini folder with hard shell.
LIFEMATE Power Bear Outdoor Powerbank 12,000 mAh (05)


Power Eagle (HB R06)
6000 MAH
SRP PHP 4,650

Power Bear (HB-R12)
12000 MAH
SRP PHP 6490

Lifemate Power uses Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LFP), that are the safe kind of batteries that can withstand any extreme environmental exposures. They are water resistant IPX8, can stay on the water 1.2 meters for an hour and still works, its shock proof, drop proof, dust proof and can survive any falls.


Lifemate Power in water.


Lifemate Power can survive any beating..
To see these products or have a quick hands on, just visit Power Mac Center stores.
Here are some more extra photos from our Mt Pinatubo trip


4x4 ride


Group pic at the Toblerone lahar site


Bye lahar!


Time to hike….. naka smile pa ko dito..pero after 3 hours pagod


After conquering the 2 hour walk in a desert like condition, we finally reached the greeny part of the volcano.


Infront of me is Enzo….hiking and charging his gadgets with the Lifemate Apollo solar charger.


Going up to the’s a Jurassic Park feeling.


The beautiful crater of Mt Pinatubo
It looks like Im in another country.




Going back to the 4x4 landing site…that’s another 3-4 hours hike back to camp!

RIVACASE 7560 Black

PHP 1990

Thanks to our sponsors for providing us a good back pack for this trip!
Thanks Rivacase!

And also Sandisk!!! for our media kit

kaso..sayang, I lost mine inside the bus.
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