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Monday, July 04, 2016

Get free flights faster with GetGo Unionbank VISA debit and credit card


Frequent flyers and travelers should get this debit and credit card launched by GetGo and Union Bank, because it’s the first of its kind that can let you earn more points in a fast and easiest way when you use your debit or credit card.

The perfect marriage of the company for this promotional offer will let you enjoy booking free flights with Cebu Pacific to any local or foreign destinations. If you use this GetGo Union Bank cards in your every day shopping and online purchases, you can acquire some points automatically and it will be recorded in your GetGo account, which you can use the accumulated points to get FREE FLIGHTS to anywhere you want.


We saw first the birth of Get Go card last year, when they launched their Get Go lifestyle rewards program to the public, the Get Go membership card will enable the member score points in every successful booked flight from the past and also current bookings. They also launched a contest where they can pitch a graphic design or photo for their membership card.

Above is the winning design that was used for their new Get Go membership card.

you can read about it here in my past blog post at

DEBIT-Front-Design- (1)

One year later, Get Go announces their partnership with Union Bank and VISA to offer a much more convenient way to earn more points.

First they introduces the colored Blue card aka Get Go Union Bank VISA debit card, it’s a debit card that you lets you earn 1 point for every PHP 88 swipe of this debit card

Card owners who applied for a debit card or credit card at Get Go Union Bank will be enable to transfer their points automatically to their Get Go membership account in every purchase. But if they don’t have yet an account, they will be assisted through an online process to get both – Get Go membership and Get Go Union Bank card application.

2nd is the gold card aka the Get Go Union Bank VISA gold credit card. Users of this card will enable them to get 1 points for ever PHP 30 of swipe and online purchases transaction.

Same thing, points are transferred automatically to their Get Go account.


The last is the black card aka the Get Go Union Bank VISA Platinum credit card. This card will enable the user to earn 1 point for every PHP 30 purchases through swipe or online transactions.

Plus platinum card holders can get exclusive benefits of having a priorty check-in at selected airport terminals, get additional 5kg baggage allowance, get access to complimentary airport lounges like the Skyview Lounge at NAIA Terminal 3 and MIASCOR Lounge in Davao International Airport. And also platinum card holders get free travel insurance from Cebu Pacific.

More benefits includes a Visa Platinum rewards and privileges- Visa Concierge, 24-hour services which range from flight reservations to restaurant recommendations
-Global Customer Assistance, in the event of card loss, account can be blocked and a replacement card will be sent along with emergency cash
- discounts from hotel booking to car rental to dining
- All Visa cardholders also benefit from extensive global acceptance and access to ATM cash withdrawal.

here's a sample on how many points you can get
Sample expenses:
Coffee - PHP 600
Food - PHP 4000
Transpo - PHP 2000
Clothes - PHP 4000

Total of PHP 10,600
120 Get Go Points (for blue card)
1,440 Get Go Points (for gold and platinum card)

To apply


#FlyForFreeFaster. Turn everyday transactions into rewarding experiences with the newest fleet of debit and credit cards, powered by Cebu Pacific GetGo, VISA, and UnionBank.


The new offerings of the Get Go cards that are powered by Union Bank and VISA, is that you can use your points to shop with their partners like:
- Robinsons Department Sore
- Robinsons Supermarket
- and many more

More ways to get more points with Get Go Union Bank VISA card.


Here’s my experience in using the Get Go Union Bank VISA debit card.
At the test site, they loaded our debit card with shopping money, and we are here at ROX in BGC to shop for our travel items.


Im so excited and so pumped up because I will be shopping for new travel gears.


Jeman pointed me that he saw a nice hard case bag to house his gadgets when he travel.
Im intereted to grab one, but the price tag will max out my shopping limit.


My Get Go Union Bank VISA debit card at the counter of ROX


And here are my shopping haul of the day!

- DC Shoes skateboard bag
- GO PRO battery bac
- travel polo shirt
- and a USB charging hub

And here are some of our photos after the shopping spree with Get Go










Thanks for reading my feature of Get Go’s new offerings.

Now my next move is to transfer my funds from my old Union Bank EON card to my new Get Go Union Bank VISA debit card.

New card….new ways to earn FREE flights…

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