PLDT SME Nation’s #BeTheBoss is back in search for the country’s most promising and tech-savvy entrepreneurs


PLDT SME Nation together with Rappler is back forming the crowd sourcing search for the country’s most promising and tech-savvy entrepreneurs at the #BeTheBoss Awards 2016, this is their 2nd year and expect a bigger growth of start ups and SME using technology for their business.

According to the press con that was held last week, they now have at least 250+ nominations to compete the awards for the category:

Boss for E-commerce - e-commerce champ who knows how to own the internet and its opportunities through an innovative application or an online service

Boss for Social Media - entrepreneur who knows how to maximize social media platforms and use it for growing an online community

Boss for Social Responsibility - entrepreneur who goes beyond marketability and profitability by giving back to the community

Boss for Innovative Solutions - leader who thinks outside the proverbial box and utilizes technology to offer services and ideas that cater to a broad audience.


Winners from 2015's #BeTheBoss award got a chance to fly and visit Silicon Valley to learn more on the use of digital and tech and also get to know how tech companies do the right thing using available technology.

For this year, the winners will get a chance to fly there at Silicon Valley again and they will be offered an opportunity to globalize their business while being there.

At the event, I also learned about one of the winner of 2015.

Mobkard was introduced to us, its an app that inform the users about present discounts, sales and free offers from establishments from the lifestyle, food, clothing, hotel and retail industry.

I immediately downloaded this app and will check it time to time to get the advantage of these discounts and freebie offers from participating establishments and stores.



Nominations are ongoing since June 2016 and the deadline for nomination is up to July 10, 2016 only.

There will be a panel of judges who will do a short list and later on invite the public to vote for their desired #BEtheBoss awardee.

To nominate, just visit

Who do you think is the best to nominate?