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Thursday, July 07, 2016

New burger in town–Sweet Ecstacy at Up Town Parade BGC


Sweet Ecstacy is a burger resto brand that brings the “awesome” in our burgers. The concept was brought here in BGC after its successful launch in Cubao Expo back in 2012 and then followed by a new branch in Jupiter St in Makati in 2014. So after 2 years of waiting, Sweet Ecstacy or aka as Sweet X Manila is now here in BGC at the 2nd floor of Up Town Parade,just above Valkyrie.

Thank you for introducing me to Sweet Ecstacy, we now have a new place to visit whenever we got hungry around Up Town BGC. Burgers is my first love, so thank you Ms Gelli Victor for inviting us and congrats for the opening.

Reading the history of Sweet Ecstacy, I learned that the concept of their burger is prepared in the American way. Its real beef patty and it’s cooked fresh on the grill and served hot on your table. I also noticed that celebrities loved their burgers and they frequent to visit the Makati branch and also here in BGC.


Sweet Ecstacy is at the 2nd floor of Up Town Parade BGC, there’s a stair access right beside the entrance of Valkyrie’s gate.


Panoramic photo shot from Ted’s Ricoh Theta S.

I learned that they opened already last April 2016, but managed to have a formal launch last July 2, 2016. Buti na lang nasabihan kami, kasi sakto, this is a good spot to burn the midnight oil after attending and covering events around BGC.


Inside Sweet Ecstacy BGC

And here’s their menu
Burgers price starts at PHP 195.

Grabe next time..I will try that Double Cheeseburger.. now I can’t wait til I get back to BGC

DSC_0064 DSC_0065

DSC_0066 DSC_0067

DSC_0068 DSC_0079

so here are the burgers and food on our table.


Sweet Ecstacy Cheeseburger
PHP 195

Your bite size can go to the max level, you can’t avoid the thick and juicy beef patty of Sweet Ecstacy. Im happy with the taste and its smell. Its good..and yes..its awesome.


You can customize your burger by adding more cheese or lettuce.
Just pay for the extra add ons.

Ketchup and mustard are also available


It got an “X” mark on top of the burger bun
A traditional way for Sweet Ecstacy to brand their burgers.


Beef burger patty doesn’t go flat when you eat the burger. Compare to other burger joints, the patty is sooo soft and you can melt it right away in your mouth.

But the burgers here at Sweet Ecstacy, you need to use your teeth to much the burger patty and enjoy the explosive taste of the meat and juices of the burger.


Spiracha Lime Wings
PHP 245 (6pcs)

(on photo: sample food taste serving)
They also serve buffalo wings.
Grabe, ang sarap ng combination with a beer and a burger.

Spiracha Lime is the best seller and the crowd favorite. Its my first time to taste it and I can say that it removes me away from the common taste of a buffalo wings.


Buffalo Wings
PHP 245 (6 pcs)
(on photo: sample food taste serving)

This is the common buffalo wings – spicy and sweet.

There’s a super hot chili version – just mention this at the counter – “Naknamputcha buffalo wings”


Sweet Ecstacy’s wings


Best to enjoy it with your hand


Best drink for your burger and wings.
I suggest get a Stone ale. Medyo matamis na may kick.


Congrats Gelli Victor!!!
btw, she’s part of the store’s investor to open a new branch here in BGC


Spotted guest at the resto opening – Champ of HALE


And the lovely and smoking hot Jennylyn Mercado who went here for the afternoon opening.
Btw, during the morning opening, we spotted Marian Rivera as one of the celebs to join the ribbon cutting.


So we can’t stop doing selfies here hahah


Tara let’s eat!


#EATgetaway x #Kumagcow


With Champ

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