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Thursday, July 07, 2016

I am now part of Paymaya’s #NowNation


This is my PayMaya prepaid card, I got it from the PayMaya event weeks ago, I was introduce to this prepaid card service which is formerly known as Smart Money. The best feature of this PayMaya is that it can be your Beep card too, you can preload your MRT funds here and use the card to tap to pay for your MRT and LRT fare, but I’ve learned that PayMaya uses an exclusive separate account for Beep, so it means it uses Beep’s prepaid and not entirely from PayMaya.

The event that was held in 12 Monkeys is an event that launches PayMaya’s campaign called #NowNation, its a campaign that aims to inspire and enable the millennials to seize the day and pursue their passions be it in sports, music, fashion, gaming, and travel.

A campaign also for youngsters to try and use PayMaya for different lifestyles.

Im not part of the millennial age, but Im very happy that I have PayMaya too, for me to use it on online purchase and also pay for app purchase.


If you have PayMaya, it means you are part of their #NowNation


The coolest part for PayMaya is that you can preload your card by depositing some funds through these store and bank networks.

Good job for getting 7 Eleven and Mini Stop as a loading station --- its open for 24 hours and no more worries to deposit a load even if the banks are closed.


The good news from PayMaya is that they are the 1st to acquire the trust of Uber.
Now you can use PayMaya prepaid card to pay for your Uber ride.

Good job PayMaya!


After activating my PayMaya card through sms ( I also got my card at the event, which was prepared for 3 months already hahaha, sorry busy kasi ako at di ko ma claim noon)

I downloaded the PayMaya app and then registered my separate virtual prepaid card account number ---which can be used for online purchases.

Awesome feature!! – on site purchases through swipe will use the number in your actual card, but for online purchases, you will use the number displayed in the app – that’s your virtual number and card.


There’s my virtual card – they share in one unified account operated by PayMaya, the only concern here is that – don’t lose your phone and your SIM number. Because that’s the key to open everything from your PayMaya app.

PayaMaya is powered by VISA, so it works normal like a debit and credit card.


I’m so ready for travel and shopping!
With my PayMaya prepaid card, Im now a part of the #NowNation


At the #NowNation launch of PayMaya, they also introduced their ambassadors covering different lifestyles from fashion, sports, shopping, travel and food.


To apply a PayMaya prepaid card, go visit
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