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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Unlock your travel goals and answer Air Asia’s question why you want to fly


According to Mao Tse Tung - A toad inside the well thinks that the sky is big as the top of the well, but if the toad surfaced out of the well, it will realize that the sky is much bigger and have an entirely different view.

That quote hit me, and it means that the world is big! and we need to travel, explore and apply what we learn from the different place, country or world around us.

Air Asia just launched a social media campaign that ask everyone #WhyIFly
Its an online campaign that seeks to drive more people to pursue their travel goals and spread the love of storytelling through beautiful photos posted online.


They challenged everyone to post their stories why they fly or why they travel. They are asked to answer the question with a hashtag #WhyIFly and tag 5 people in their Instagram. Then tag 5 more people to do the same and answer the question.

The lucky #WhyIFly challenger will get a chance to win a free flight from Air Asia. That’s two seats for a travel going to these destinations: Bohol, Palawan, Tacloban, and Kalibo.

Promo starts form June 24 up to September 30, 2016.


To increase the awareness of #WhyIFly, Air Asia partnered with social media influencers and rockstars of Instagram in the field of travel, lifestyle and backpacking.

Where To Next, Sino Pinas, Free Spirits and Patrick Martin produced an epic video about the local destinations that Air Asia wants to promote. The influencers armed with their video and photography skills got all the freedom to create a window for us to see the other side beauty of our country.

You can check out the video here at


At the #WhyIFly launch, Air Asia introduced to us the Kayak Asia, an initiative that promotes environmentally friendly tourism through kayak-based expeditions. The advocacy is working to preserve the mangroves along Abatan River in Bohol, a precautionary step in avoiding damage caused by big motor boats that are sued to ferry tourist.


A rep. from Kayak Asia was there who flew all the way from Bohol, just to share a story about the damage of the mangroves along Abatan river. He said that the damage might destroy the eco system of the river and creatures around the river and if that happen, tourism will be affected too.


Back to the #WhyIFly launch, the event features the beautiful Instagram snapshots of Air Asia’s chosen influencers.




For more details of #WhyIFly challenge, we suggest you visit Air Asia’s Facebook for the contest mechanics and updates at

Or go here at
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