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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The rise of the 1st necro tourism site at Centennial Garden Memorial Park, Sta. Rosa, Laguna


My blog post for today is a bit weird, but its very different among the destinations I feature. For the 1st time ever, Im featuring a memorial park aka cemetery. But the most awesome part of this feature is that the memorial park is the state of the art memorial park located in Southern Luzon.

Its more than just a memorial park, Centennial Garden Memorial Park of Sta. Rosa, Laguna offers also a leisure park, a place for jogging and also they plan to put up the 1st necro tourism site at the end of 2016.

Centennial Garden Memorial Park also provides a chapel and crematory service under the company of Phoenix Memorial Chapel and Crematory, the entire complex is an all you need service for funeral, burial, mausoleum and cremation services.

Today they are celebrating their 17th year and they want to voice out that they offer services that are investment worthy.

The Park

Centennial Garden Memorial Park features ancient Greece-theme set up, each crematory building are named from Greek mythos, their set up are so beautiful and you won't feel any sadness when you appreciate the memories of a departed loved ones, because this memorial park offers 24/7 security, all aircon operated crematory and a place for kids to hang out and get out the fear from them about visit a memorial park or cemetery.


Funeral and memorial services are offered by Phoenix, they can take care of everything you need and want for a price of PHP25,000. No worries when you are under the state of mourning, Phoenix can handle everything under your approval.

(see photos at the end of my feature for the facilities of Phoenix)


Olympus, an aircon operated crematory building that features a neat and quiet place for prayers and place for a departed loved one, the serene calmness of the water fountain will greet you upon entering the place, it will give you good vibes and also help taking away any sadness.

At the top level of the Olympus is a small chapel were you can do mass and prayer venue to commemorate your departed loved one.


Today, Centennial Garden Memorial Park is now developing the 1st ever necro tourism site in the country, not sure if this is a first in the world, but this is my first time to hear that a memorial park will house a small museum and educational center about the old and traditional memorial and funeral of our ancestors.

The photo above is only a replica, its a mummified body of the old people who lived in Sagada, you can find the real ones by visiting the hanging coffins of Sagada.

The necro tourism site will also feature more of the ways of the funeral of old times in the Philippines and also of other country.

There are no info yet if they will place entrance fee to visit the museum, but we will update you once we got first dibs from Centennial Garden Memorial Park.

We're expecting this to happen before the year ends.

Playground 08

The most fun part here at Centennial Garden Memorial Park is that they have a big open playground for kids. I've checked the facilities and they are very well maintained.

They also have indoor party venue for kids, its for everyone who wants to organize a party for a departed loved on or someone who wants to celebrate a party for commemoration.

I love this concept because kids wont get scared when their parents will take them to visit a cemetery or memorial park site. All of the kids can think is that they can vent out and have fun at the playground and go hyper while their guardians are busy with the memorial itineraries.


The Acropolis is the biggest and beautiful place for funeral viewing and mass. They can separate the two mid section of the place to host two different kinds of funerals.


Inside, they have a bedroom, complete with kitchen, living room and comfort room. This is a place were the family and organizers of the funeral can stay while waiting for the time of bringing their departed loved one to the final resting place.

It looks like a hotel when you are inside. All are air conditioned and quiet.


Inside Olympus, they house 100+ urns


Phoenix also have a service were they can help you gather all the memorial items of a departed loved one. They can exhibit it during the funeral viewing and help you in creating a nice memorial tribute for them and for the visitors to see.


We arrived here at night time.
I felt some spook, but then I started to feel comfy and well after seeing the full moon.

Im not scared of any ghost or dead, I felt secured because there are lots of security guards roaming around to keep you safe and well guided when inside the Centennial Garden Memorial Park.


It looks like the well from that movie -- The Ring
but dont be scared, because this place is a water shed were people stay to rest and do picnics.


Mausoleum with different style and structure.


This Mausoleum features a castle theme structure, we learned that a 7 year old kid is buried there.


At the show room of Phoenix Memorial Chapel and Crematory.
They offer metal and wooden urns.


Here we met the guy who's career is to embalm the dead before the funeral rites. We learned that he is also the guy who embalm the late actor Fernando Poe Jr.

Yes, we are inside the morgue at that time when we met him.
Its the first and last place to visit, I wont go there again hahaha, but the place is clean and the morgue features an anti bacteria killing technology at the vent that eliminates bad microbes.


Casket showroom.
I just can't believed that caskets are so expensive. Each metal casket are priced from PHP100k to PHP 250k

the cheaper ones are priced at PHP 90k

Ecumenical Chapel 02

All Saints Day is near, From the tour we attended,  I now understand why Centennial Garden Memorial Park is a state of the art memorial park in the south. Im not sure if they are the best ever in the Philippines, because they offer the not so traditional services that are not present in other memorial park.

State-of-the-Art Interment Facilities

Overlooking view of the whole park through the view deck of the Administration Building
Underground electrical system which guarantees uninterrupted power supply
Ten-meter width concrete roadway
High-Pressure Sodium Lights which illuminate and highlights the beauty of the park
Water Plaza and Water Fountain which enhances the beauty of the park
Ecumenical Chapel which can accommodate 300 people
Clean and modern rest rooms
Neatly-landscaped lawns lined with Royal and Dates Palm trees
Park sheds and modern playground
Round-the-clock security that includes surveillance cameras
Spacious parking area
Innovative Centralized Sound System
Efficient Drainage System

Im happy that they are venturing to necro tourism, its a way of sharing knowledge to the public about honoring the dead in many ways during the past, present and maybe for the future.

Centennial Garden Memorial Park

National Highway, Macabling, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

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