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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The 7th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2016 - happening tonight in SM Mall of Asia by the bay


After the flight of colorful balloons in the northern part of Luzon, here at the southern part the night sky will be treated with lots of colorful lights, explosions, sparkles in sync with music.

Food trip in Angeles City and at 20th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta ( day 1 coverage part 4 END)

If you are at Clark Field in Angeles City, Pampanga for the 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon, don’t forget to surf around the food joints and specialties of Pampanga. Staying for one day in Pampanga can allow you enjoy 2-3 food and restaurants around the city.

Our behind the scenes at 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta ( day 1 coverage part 3)

This photo section contains the behind the scenes at 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

I took some photos of the scenes, the people, our selfies and happenings inside the balloon fest.

Things you can do inside the 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016 ( day 1 coverage part 2)

You can do many things while at the 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark Field, Pampanga. After watching the flight of the balloons, you have many options that you can do around the venue, you can do a food trip, try visit the activity booths, shopping at the bazaar area and get a close encounter with the members of the air force and army.

Friday, February 12, 2016

The flight of colorful balloons at 20th Philippine-International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016 (day 1 coverage)

The flight of colorful balloons started yesterday at the 1st day of the 20th Philippine-International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. We went there to cover and also get another wow moments viewing the inflation and flight of these colorful hot air balloons that came from different parts of the world.

Mister Donut’s Belgian Love Bites this Valentines Day 2016

Lover boys and girls! check out the Belgian Love Bites from Mister Donut, this will be available for a limited time just for the celebration of Valentines Day. Mister Donut do this every year and Im happy that they have a much more cute product in time for the month of love.

Belgian Love bites is a moist choco donuts with delicious filling of Belgian chocolate inside and with coating of chocolate on the outiside.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Share Different– Veeming your message, comments and opinion in a different way #ShareDifferent #HugotYourHeartOut

Social media is a evolved social communication platform that existed in the monochrome monitor days, before it wasn’t called social media, but back then we call it BBS, bulletin board, and forums. That was the earliest form of social media, and the users are invited to post freely their ideas, comments, opinions and messages, it was a haven  for people who are afraid to talk, they can hide their identities through usernames and handles, the exchange of words were non stop, those words can be helpful, entertaining and can also be hurtful.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 in Chinatown, Binondo, Manila (my photo story )

Hi everyone, Im happy to share here my photo walk snapshots of the festivities of Chinese New Year 2016 or the Lunar New Year celebrating the start of the Year of the Fire Monkey. The main venue of the celebration happens here in the heart of Chinatown located in Binondo, Manila.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

My 7 hours itinerary in Binondo, Manila for the Chinese New Year 2016

This is my 7 hours itinerary tour in Binondo, Manila. I made this itinerary just in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year 2016 this Feb 7-8, 2016. My first plan was to make a 12 hours itinerary, this is for people who want to tour around Binondo and the Chinatown area for one day, it’s a promising itinerary project, but I’ve learned from my 1st trial that its hard to complete a 12 hours itinerary especially if you started at around 11pm or 12nn. Also, at night time, some establishments closes so early and its hard to take photos of the view at night.
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