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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Feast of the Black Nazarene 2017 (part 2) - Start of my journey to create a photo story in Quiapo


After two days of the Feast of the Black Nazarene this 2017, I always do a comparison, which is better, the previous year of the feast or this present year. When the Translacion moved so fast during day time, I judged it right away that the procession will end before midnight. But then hours ago, I've learned that the Translacion ended at around 3am, I just saw an Instagram post and I've talked to the person who took an birds eye view photo, and she told me that it ended at around 3am.

It's still the same like last year, after that I did some reflection from what I observed -- you followed the right path, walked quickly, but then ended up slowing down because you forgot about the same obstacles you encounter every year. Instead of avoiding it and preparing for it, You seem to miss the reminders and suddenly you get caught off guard.

I guess ok na ito for an intro of my photo story
so let's start na.


My route going to Quiapo church started here in Recto, the usually route I take ever since I'm with my family years ago. Also this blog coverage is also my 8th year.

I dont have a photo of what's in my bag
but I carry:
Nikon D5300 dslr
70-200mm lens
GoPro Hero 3+ with body mount
SJcam m20 action cam with clip mount
SJcam m20 2 extra batteries
Joby Gorillapod
black sleeve
extra shirt


Recto LRT station, so clean, so quiet, so alone when I walked to the bridge way going to Isetan mall
I also noticed that they still have the ticket machine grave yard stored in cordon on area. I wonder if they plan to recycle it and turn it into something useful.


Crossing the road from Recto LRT to Isetan mall. Its still crowded full of people and also vendors. Also this place is the noisiest because of the feast celebration.


Recto ibabaw. View of the passing LRT and the crowd


Business is still booming here in Recto-Quiapo area
I noticed that items with Nazareno prints are sold at a cheaper price


Our Manila cops are having a lunch break in Recto Manila
Thanks sir and maam for keeping us safe. You deserve a sumptuous lunch break.


There are reminders that devotees should not bring their kids with them because of the crowd in Quiapo. But this family didn't seem to bother the reminders from our authorities.


We're just taking a peak down below of a group photo op of some devotees


Replica images of the Black Nazarene started to exit the Quiapo road. Maybe they will join the Translacion at the other side of the road.


Kid vendor sells some towels with print images of Jesus
For sure, her parents are around here selling the same item too


Wow! this is new for this year. Tupig or a grilled suman is being sold here in Recto
The aroma of the burned banana leaf invited me to try it. But I need to keep walking to catch the mass in Quiapo church


Oh my favorite white rice bibingka is also sold here. I think they came from San Pablo, Laguna or Quezon. I only taste this kind of bibingka whenever I travel going to Lucena.

Its cool to see that they created a make shift oven using a folded long piece of tin metal.


I think I took the same photo of this beggar from my previous years of coverage.
(teka I'll check my photo sa blog).....

Yup. the same guy from my 2013 coveage -


Father and son watching some scenes of a passing replica of the Black Nazarene


A group of devotees inquiring the price of the printed towel


The cheapest Nazareno shirt you can get.
Just bring your own shirt. Then let the guys do a on the spot print for a price of PHP 20 only.


fishballs, squidballs, hotdogs
Very tempting to try if you are very hungry. But these are the food that I avoid when Im here in Quiapo


A group of devotees will exit the Quiapo road. Maybe they will eat lunch after attending the mass in Quiapo church


Brass painted sculpture of a Rooster and image of Christ are up for sale.
I think the item is made from plastic of paris.


The crowd started to get more thicker at the Raon st.


Men in Uniform are on stand by to observe peace and order


Men in uniforms are requesting the vendors to move away from the road. Just to give more space for people who walking to Quiapo church.


This is new. From Recto to Quiapo church, they have installed a series of small electronic billboards in the middle of the road divider. Im not sure if that will stay forever or if they planted that for the feast only. But that thing looks so expensive.




Kid vendors


Mother and child


Time to beat the heat


Waiting for the next customer


Animal poachers are selling these kinds of birds. I thought they prohibited this, especially selling of Philippine parrots and Myna birds.


This is my blog cover photo for my post. I like this one because the guy just bought an everlasting flower for his image of the Nazareno, then the flower seller helped the guy place the everlasting to the image's body.


Poster and calendars for sale


Manila cops helped the women in using the installed ladder from the road divider


There was a blockade before this photo, I got a hard time pass through it. Some guy in  black SUV with an image statue of the Nazareno tried to pass through the thick crowd near Quiapo church.
Lots of people are pissed off because cars are not allowed to pass through.

After passing that blockade. I noticed a much spacier area infront of the church.


Spotted a camera crew from UNTV doing their tv shoot


An image statue of a crucified Christ was visited by many devotees


Great to see this giant video wall. Its still working, and I can see myself on the screen from where I stand  hhahaha


Its my first time to see that they installed a metal barrier going to Plaza Miranda. One person can only fit to enter from this gap. I think its good that they use it to segregate the crowd and the vendors.


Religious group dressing up as Christ is a hot scene for photographers


End of my first journey. I made it at 1130am here in Quiapo church


It was scorching hot and everyone were at the far side near the building infront of the church. That's the only part where we can stay for a perfect shade.


Start of the blessing


Priest announces about the location of the holy communion.
Lots of rules were announced. They advise that you have to go back to your area once received the body of Christ.

Some people who kneel down infront of the altar are not allowed to stay there. Just to give way to the other people who are lining up for the communion. My wife asked me if I joined the communion. I told her its hard to get in inside the church. I always attend mass outside every year.


Sampaguita vendors will bug you even if you are in the state of worship


These people smiled infront my camera. Thanks for allowing me to take a smiley photo op.


Lady just finished attending mass


viva! viva! poon Nazareno!
shout by the crowd


Newly blessed statue of Christ


shooters spotted


I think the guy uses an Olympus OMD mirrorless camera


Another shooter captured taking a selfie

I have one more blog post - the 2nd and final of my blog coverage.
Stay tuned later for my Feast of the Black Nazarene 2017 (part 3)
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