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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Disney's Newsies on stage are ready for July 7-30 show by GLOBE LIVE and 9Works


When I was asked if Im interested to watch the theatrical stage of NEWSIES, I paused for a moment and told them that if LES MISERABLES converts me as a fan after watching the movie and have me the interest to watch  a live version of it, I think NEWSIES will convert me too, but I need not to see the movie first.

NEWSIES is a movie by Disney that was first launched in 1992, starring a young Christian Bale as Jack Kelly as the leader of the newspaper boys who lead the strike during the 1899 setting in New York City, the strike is about a call for improvement for compensation for newspaper boys. I heard the movie was flop back then, but on 2011, they converted the movie into a live musical stage play, it received a lot of positive reviews and it was nominated for awards 8 times at the Tony Awards.

According to the musical director of the local production of NEWSIES. He avoided to watch the film just to avoid anything that they tempt to copy. All they need to  do is produce a local version here in the Philippines by following the script and concept provided by Disney.  Executive Producer of of Globe Live, Joe Caliro said that Disney offered them the NEWSIES and the Philippines is the (2nd or 3rd) country to have a local production on stage for NEWSIES, the only rule is that what is written on the script will be followed and the local prod are not allowed to change, add or shortcut anything on the script.

In every theatrical musical production by Globe Live and 9Works, they always launch an audition to hunt for new talents and also the perfect 20 man cast for NEWSIES.  They have 500 auditions and after months of selection and filtering, they got their 20 cast members  to be actors for NEWSIES.

Globe LIVE established TRAINING GROUND, its a session and training for the NEWSIES local actors, they wil go into training everyday,  the entire day, for almost one and half month, to train how to sing, dance, acting, do gymnast training and also ballet! Majority of the cast are males and I spotted that local prod got around 4-5 females to be part of NEWSIES. ( watch their training here at

They’ve train so hard because NEWSIES requires a lot of singing, dancing, a lot of jumping, ballet and some stunts. Its the most difficult plays ever and actors and FANSIES (NEWSIES FANS ) knows it. That’s why these FANSIES are so excited about it because the entire musical story involves a lot of energy and movements.

To test us audiences if we will love what they produced, they invited us to watch a short preview of what their 20 cast can do. Playing the lead role of Jack Kelly is the recording artist, singer and actor and regular 9Works actor Gian Magdangal, together with the local newsboy, they opened the stage with a singing duo performance and later on we saw a crowded stage filled with dancers, singers on high energy and later they showed a romantic singing part where Jack Kelly is with his love interest played by Danielle Chopin (who revealed to us a FANSIES). The singing and acrobats are so DISNEY. The only voice that made me stand up on my chair when I hear Danielle Chopin sing. I dont know why, maybe because it sounded so DISNEY and I was listening and waiting for Gian Magdangal sing A WHOLE NEW WORLD. Now there’s something really special about the NEWSIES. This preview helped me decide to watch it or not, but after watching a teaser....I’ve decided that I should see the first show!  (watch Danielle singing here at  

NEWSIES will be staged at the Globe Iconic Store in Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater, Bonifacio Global City on July 7-9, 14-16, 21-23, AND 28-30, 2017, show starts at 8PM

For tickets visit or contact Ticketworld at 891-9999

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